A story of a big mattress and lil' bassinet

Holy almost 32 weeks of pregnancy, y'all.

Time is seriously flying by and our lil' gal will be here before we know it! In some ways, I'm still in the whole "it's too early to do blah blah blah..." mindset, but now, I'm realizing that with less than 2 months left until it's go time, we need to get crackin'. So we decided to go ahead and give our little gal a little space of her own in our bedroom. 

I mean let's just be honest, she'll probably be all over the bed, the bassinet, and everywhere else, but I'd like for her to get used to sleeping in her little bassinet for her first several months.  Something about seeing this little sweet bassinet all set-up in our bedroom really got to me (shocking... I'm a little emotional these days) and really made everything seem even more real.  It's the Baby Bjorn cradle and it's pretty awesome.  We looked at a lot of different bassinets and I researched them like crazy and this one seemed like the best fit for us. I like that it's made of breathable mesh on the sides and doesn't have a ton of plush coverings or pieces that make it feel enclosed. The best part about it is that it is lightweight, yet feels really sturdy. I wasn't crazy about the idea of a rock-able bassinet on a carpeted area. I didn't want it to get knocked over or feel wobbly. This one is very stable, but has a natural rocking motion caused by tension within the stand. So if baby wakes up and startles herself, the cradle moves a bit with her movements and *hopefully* (ha) soothes the baby back to sleep. You can also rock it yourself a bit by gently nudging the sides of it. 
I guess the true test will happen when baby is actually here, so I'll be sure to update you guys then if you are curious about this one!

But until our little bit decides to make her appearance, the bassinet has a nice little out of the way spot...

So speaking of updates, we're going to get into something that has been pretty life-changing. Months back, I posted a pregnancy vlog where I mentioned our new mattress. As promised, I wanted to come back and give you guys some real details on not only the mattress itself, but our experience with it since living with it for a few months now.
I had mentioned my back pain and back issues in a lot of my pregnancy vlogs prior to that one, so I was so thrilled when Beautyrest reached out to me and offered up a mattress of our choice from their Beautyrest Black line. 
Our previous mattress was approaching 9 years old and had some issues. It was sagging in the middle and was something we had talked about replacing for years. I had also suspected that it wasn't doing my scoliosis and sciatica any favors.
So off to Macy's we went, and selected the perfect one, just as if we were purchasing it ourselves. Now, mattresses are a very personal thing. It's not something that someone else can pick out for you. It's also something that may not always work after you get it home. I was really open with them about us not only being able to select the exact one we wanted (if we liked any of them at all), but that it was also something that I would have to actually sleep on for a while before giving my final thoughts on.  
This isn't just a company sending you some makeup or beauty products to review... this is something HUGE that we would sleep on every. single. night. And my back issues make it even more important to find a good one.

We tried all of them and the second we tried the Lexi Luxury Firm Pillowtop (Macy's calls it the Montebello), we both were like, "THIS IS THE ONE."  I could tell it was supporting my belly (no more shoving a pillow underneath it to sleep) and my back, which was huge.  When it came, it was like Christmas morning. We were so happy to see our old mattress go! But we were SHOCKED at how large the new one was!! I don't know if you can tell, but it's pretty tall. I feel like the Princess and the Pea sleeping on this thing!

But, wow. I've never slept so good in my life, even being now 8 months pregnant. I even ditched my Snoogle (my pregnancy pillow) when we got this mattress, it's so good. I know everyone likes something different in a mattress, but I feel like the entire Beautyrest Black line has a little something for everyone.  
We ultimately chose this one because it has the firmness and support of a memory foam mattress, yet is plush and snuggly like a pillowtop innerspring mattress. These really are like a mash-up of both.

While mattresses are for sure an investment, I feel like these are totally worth it. Many of us have no problem investing in certain beauty products, nice homes, cars we like, clothing, etc, but a lot of times we don't give mattresses the importance they deserve. We spend a lot of time there, after all! These come with a 25 year (!) warranty, which is freakin' huge, considering the average mattress lasts maybe 8 years. They also have some absolutely crazy features (hello, cooling diamond dust in a mattress...) that after sleeping on for months now, we can actually say really works.

So you can tell I obviously love it because at this point I'm just gushing (I think Brad may be more obsessed with it than I am), but seriously my final thoughts on this is that it's just awesome. To be this far along in my pregnancy and able to sleep through the night without a pregnancy pillow is amazing. Whenever we are out of town or have to sleep on another mattress, we FEEL it. This mattress has totally spoiled us. 

For more info on these, you can check out the Beautyrest Black website here.

Because I'm a pretty skeptical person and honestly don't trust too many people or reviews online myself,  I've made it a point over the years to not only be myself and honest, but to always be transparent about these sorts of things.  Basically, I would have purchased this exact one myself (we were actually shopping for a new mattress anyway).  I seriously would purchase this again and again. Beautyrest did not pay me for a positive review or require me to say positive things at all. I made sure they knew I would share this in my own way in my own time and completely honestly. I just really am excited to share something great with you all and share our experience.

But seriously, our bedroom just feels so much better. I like our bedroom to feel like a calming sanctuary. Comfortable, calm, clean, relaxing... It's a place we look forward to going every single night. With the new mattress, we've been spending a lot more time in there. We've even started to hang out up there for movie nights (yes, we are "tv in the bedroom" people), instead of hanging out in the family room or even in the media room. We're just so comfortable up there. 
The little bassinet in there just makes it that much better. ...Seeing our little baby girl in it will make it complete.  :)

**Post contains affiliate link (to cradle). Mattress provided for consideration by Simmons Beautyrest (detailed throughout post). Post contains my genuine recommendations and opinions.


  1. I'm clearly behind -- by 7 months or so -- I didn't know you were expecting! How exciting! Congratulations. :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. We just bought a Simmons Beautyrest this weekend. We bought an adjustable bed split so we each have our own remote. My bed was around 8 years old and I was having terrible back pain. No more!


  3. The bassinet looks great. Enjoy the rest of the pregnancy :-)

  4. Timely post for me and my DH. Our mattress is starting to show its eight years. I love the tallness of this bed!

    BTW - we are TV people in the bedroom as well! I like falling asleep every night watching a little Tivo'd Bewitched. Samantha Steven's kitchen is dreamy.

    I'm excited for your baby to arrive for you guys!

  5. While being 5 months pregnant, my husband and I are on the market for a new mattress! We have a very comfortable 5-6 year old serta - but heres the catch - it's only a full size bed and we are both tall, leggy people. We both sleep on our side with legs bent, so naturally we take up a lot of space. I nearly fall off the bed at least twice a month! Thanks for your review!

  6. This is absolutely adorable. Love it Tiff. We are totally doing this for our little one coming in May 2015! <3

  7. So great you guys got a new mattress. Nine years is pushing it. haha. Love this bassinet. So cool that it "rocks" itself. The days are definitely going fast!


  8. Love it! Where did you get the blanket at, at the end the bed?

  9. That is so awesome!! I am a big fan of yours and have been reading your blog for a while.... I'm so happy for you and your husband.

    check me out

  10. I'm totally looking into getting a new mattress after this video. I never really gave a mattress the importance it deserves. You're right thought, it's such an important investment. Thanks for doing this video :)

    p.s. I can't wait for baby to arrive so we can all see her precious little self ��

  11. This little remodeling project is gorgeous! The bassinet really fits the space well!

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  14. I am so behind you that mattresses are so worth the investment! I am sleeping on a less than a year mattress and am so displeased with it. This'll definitely be high on my priority list when I have some more cashola to my name ;)
    LOVE the home posts on your blog <3


  15. Looks lovely, but this bassinet has a very limited lifespan. This model looks a tad flimsy, and when I check on the link, it says that it is only suitable up to 13lbs. I have two children, and they were 13lbs within approx 9 weeks. Therefore you won't be able to use this as after that time. Sorry, but as an experienced mum, I thought that I should tell you about this. Hope you don't mind. :)

  16. That mattress looks and sounds amazing!! I probably need a new mattress and now I know what kind to look for! I can't believe you are already 8 months pregnant, feels like you just announced it! :)

  17. I'm thrilled to hear that the mattress you bought is helping you with the back pain. Choosing the perfect bed takes a lot of time, but it's only because purchasing one without giving it much thought could bring a lot more issues than the ones you're having now. I do hope it continues to do its job well. Happy pregnancy, Tiffany. Thanks for sharing that! :)

    Dante Storey @ The Healthy Bed Store

  18. If others aren't interested in feeling quite so tall then look into a low profile box spring. You get the same support but it makes a little lower. When they delivered my bed I got the standard height box spring and at 5'3" felt like I was pole vaulting into the bed. I had Macy's come and swap them out and it is still higher than expected but losing the 5" helped a whole lot!

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  20. I love the beautyrest line! We even bought the beautyrest for our kids. Best mattress ever!

    Your bedroom looks amazing :)

    Congrats & best wishes on your bundle of joy!

  21. I love the bassinet! Perfect little addition to the room! We really need a new mattress too! My back has been killing me! Will have to check these out! Excited for your baby to get here! So close now!


  22. I could REALLY use a mattress this great for my scoliosis and back pain. Such a shame I don't live in the USA, because that bed not only looks super pretty, but looks super comfy. That bassinet is adorable! Absolutely love the way you put your rooms together! :)


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  25. Love this style! :)


  26. This looks so amazing and so nicely decorated! Great post and beautiful blog, wishing you all the best for 2015! x, S

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  27. Love your decor!-so gorgeous! I invested in a really good mattress years ago and it has lasted amazingly!

  28. I'm in awe of your gorgeous room, bassinet and mattress! Me and my boyfriend are currently in the process of moving and are looking for a new mattress. I'll definitely be checking that out, it's just what we're looking for. Moving is not fun, but decorating and shopping is my specialty.


  29. Hey! Very nice post and inspiring blog! :) Keep up the great work, I'm a fan! :D XOXO


  30. Oh my goodness, I love your room but mostly your BED! That is one of the most beautiful bedroom sets I've ever seen! Where did you get it? I NEED IT! <3

  31. beautiful bedroom tiffany! keep up the good work on the blog!

  32. I so love your mattress. I can only agree, mattress is an important investment. Such a great buy! :)

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