Favorites and a room update

Hello and Happy Hump Day y'all!

So as always, I'm bringing you my absolute favorite beauty products I've been reaching for the most over this past month. Seriously good stuff.  I know, I know... I say that every single month, but hey, that's the point, right?

But first, we need to address some changes that are taking place...  In my filming room!  If you've watched some of my recent videos, you've probably heard me mention this change a few times. Basically, I'm getting the room more functional (and pretty). Since overhauling the closet in our master bedroom (still in progress-- I'll share more of that space when it's done!), I was left with this empty space. Basically I moved all my clothes out of this spare room where I film into the actual closet.
Well, my new filming room/office area has come along like crazy over the past weekend! It still lacks a bit from being completely finished, but, wow. SO much more functional! I've had the most fun getting all my makeup organized (oh yeah, my vanity area is totally different now, too) and getting my new table/desk all set up.
Totally should've been like that all along. Funny how that happens...

I will for sure continue to update as it all comes together even more and I'll definitely do a little tour when it's complete!

So to check out all the details on the goods, check out the video below!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!!


  1. I love the changes that you've made, they are awesome!!

    check me out


  2. Loved this! You always have amazing product recommendations :)

  3. Hi Tiffany! I love your videos and congrats on your pregnancy. <3 you're going to be an awesome mom!

    A few video requests...

    - UPDATED favorite primers
    - UPDATED favorite eyeliners
    - UPDATED favorite drugstore products
    - best makeup/skin care products for oily skin
    - general hygiene tips and favorite products
    - could you please start doing cooking videos?
    - house tour!
    - your makeup kit you use when you freelance

    You're my favorite person to watch on Youtube and I would really appreciate it if you would take my requests into consideration :) please and thanks!

  4. Love the changes! I can't wait to see the room when it is done! The nesting is in full force! XOXO

  5. Hey Tiffany, I've been following your blog for quite awhile now but have never felt particularly compelled to comment on any of your posts. I'm not huge into beauty, but I do enjoy your product reviews, your favorites, and your home updates. Your recent announcement that you are expecting was a happy surprise because I am also expecting! Congratulations!! Because of that, I would really LOVE to see more blog/vlog posts about your maternity style. This is actually my second go-around with pregnancy, but this time around I'm not so excited about wearing maternity clothes (especially since my maternity wardrobe is 5-6 years old). I'd like to get some of your tips/tricks on dressing the bump. I get the feeling that you are much more creative about incorporating your regular wardrobe without going full blown maternity. I'm really interested in the red plaid shirt you have on in your most recent video. Would love to see the full outfit and know where the shirt came from! Anyway, congrats again!!

  6. Hii tiffany could you please do some cooking videos!

  7. I would love to see how you did your makeup for this video. Breathtaking!

  8. I really love your style. Such an inspiration.

  9. I love the new background and I can't wait to see a room tour when it's all done! :)

  10. Thank you for always being so thorough! You look amazing, as well!


  11. I love the 5-1 Creme shadow, it really makes a huge difference! I always have to use an eye creme underneath to prevent it from looking cakey. I have been singing the Better than Sex mascara since it came out. It makes my eye lashes so that I have to be careful not to blink until its dry or I end up with mascara all over my lid #longeyelashproblems

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  13. First off, I love you. Your videos are awesome! Our styles are identical. Have you ever thought about being hired to decorate people's homes? I would totally hire you in like, 10 years. Haha... anyway you should do a home tour or maybe some tips for decorating the outside of your house! That would be great! xoxoxo

  14. I miss the film room/closet in the old house! LOL

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