Dior Star Foundation Review & Demo

Ok, so let me go on record and say that this is the last foundation review I'll be doing for a bit!! ;)

If you've been following me over the past few months, you've probably noticed that I've gone a bit foundation-crazy. While I'm happy to report that I've got a great little foundation collection going, I'm even happier to report that they're all pretty great. *I'm planning a little foundation "round up" soon comparing and ranking all of the ones I have and showing my collection, so stay tuned for that update!

So this foundation review is all about the Dior Star foundation. Super unique. Super awesome. Basically, it's my favorite foundation I currently own.

To see all the details about this stuff (seriously, everything you'd need to know from the best tools that work best with it, to a full demo of how I like to apply it), check out my full review video below!

So have you all tried this stuff?? What are your thoughts??

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  1. Love this foundation and i think u are so pretty pregant
    Love xoxo


  2. I was looking forward to this - but it was returned. It felt heavy, my pores felt overloaded and after 3-4 hours was desperate to remove it. Tried it several days later and again it just felt too much (I'm not heavy-handed incidentally).

  3. I enjoyed the article. very interesting, thank you.

  4. Tiffany please review the Gucci makeup when comes out!
    You are the best!!

  5. Great video, thank you for your test!!!



  6. You really rock my world Tiffany. You're the best! It's ok for me if you review a lot of foundation products. I'm totally hooked with your makeup tutorials and videos. =) I haven't tried Dior Star Foundation but with the way you look after applying it, I am now sure to add this in my collection. Very smooth finish. What I have now is my Maybelline foundation. Have you reviewed it already? This looks best with MAKE UP FOR EVER's HD Blush. I've also had MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Finish before. Both are good cosmetics. The lady that did my facial at Flawless (http://www.flawless.hk.com/) recommended a lot of good products to me.

  7. I was wondering about this foundation. It sounds like a good one to try. Thank you so much for reviewing it...I hate trying new foundations without some input from a friend :)

  8. I think makeup is so incredible. I love working with it and finding new possibilities. I am in aesthetics school right now and I love it!

  9. Great great product. I've tried one those recently and I really love the results.

  10. This foundation is on list to try <3