Major Makeup Declutter...

I'm in total nesting mode... Must. Clean. Out. Everything...

Makeup is no exception. Actually, even if I weren't nesting, I would have totally still needed to do this.
When you're kind of makeup-obsessed like me (not to mention when you make beauty videos and are constantly getting new things to try and sample), a decent-sized collection can cross the line into totally out of control overnight. Mine had crossed that line.

So I decided to do a major makeup overhaul and film this little video to give you some of my guidelines and tips that I followed as I completed this crazy task.
Seriously though, it felt so good to get rid of things I no longer needed and things that were just plain old and expired.

I posted this video last week and already I've gotten so many messages and comments from viewers who have done the same and pared-down their collections a bit. It really is a great feeling! 
Oh and a little update for ya... As I mentioned in the video, I still had a long way to go as I took you guys through my smaller (but still quite large, to me) makeup collection.  I'm happy to report that I've gone through it again since filming and gotten rid of so much more! Sometimes you feel differently on different days, so I always like to go through areas I'm in the process of cleaning out again and again on totally different days.  
So I'm feeling good about my makeup stash now (and totally itching to clean out something else). Any of you cleaning out your collections? ...Or anyone else in a total nesting/Spring cleaning in the Summer mood like me? 


  1. I just reorganised my makeup collection and got rid of a lot of random stuff! Especially all of these nail polishes that I was holding on to but where expired!


  2. It is so hard parting with makeup that is very expensive :(

  3. Oh absolutely. I recently did the same, and finished with little goody-bags for my friends. They were thrilled!

  4. I organized my makeup collection about a week ago. Got rid of some things that I didn't use anymore :-)


  5. Yes! I just cleaned out my stash of make up a few weeks ago. Such a good feeling afterwards.

  6. Loved the video! You have an amazing collection :)
    XO Janina

  7. Loved this video, it must of felt good to just get rid of all that clutter of make up!

    I just started a blog too check it out, comment or follow :)

  8. Great video. I am planning to do mine on January 1st, new start of the new year, new make up organisation.


  9. Do you have a link to the container you have your lipstick in? I have the same problem with them being to short, so the lipstick just flapping around... Or do you know what they are called/how deep they are? I cant find anything on ebay, except for the usual "acrylic lipstick holder"-things...


  10. My husband thanks you Tiffany! After watching your makeup reorganization I was inspired to clean out my own supply. Anything still worth using that I wasn't interested in I gave to my 10 year old daughter to play dress up. Everything else - in to the trash it goes! Love your videos and tutorials and I share them quite often on my own blog space, charming-charleston.com. Thanks so much!

  11. Not trying to tell you what to do with your old makeup but I had a fun idea. The other day I was cleaning out my makeup and put together a bag (or bags depending on how much you have) and I'm going to give it to a homeless lady. Just thought you might like the idea. :)

  12. Hey Tiffany, I just started my own blog and I really like this layout. Who did you use to start your blog? I used Wordpress and I'm just having a hard time finding the perfect layout and theme that works best for me. Thanks.

  13. Amazing collection, I always organize my makeup and clean my brushes and stuffs.
    Thank you so much Tiffany