A new favorite dress

I can't believe it's Labor Day weekend already! We're planning on some relaxation, good food (obviously), and I'm even going to fit in some gal-time (hello, Labor Day sales!).

So today I'm sharing what has become my current favorite dress. Seriously, I have to stop myself from wearing it every single day. Funny because this particular empire waist style dresses completely works if you're not pregnant too! I love not limiting myself to styles that work only for pregnancy, you know? It's just so easy and comfortable.
I've dressed it up. I've dressed it down. It's super easy to accessorize and just always works.

Oh, and it doesn't hurt that it just so happens to be in my favorite color. ;)

sandals: Sam Edelman 
necklace: Baublebar (similar)
sunglasses: Tom Ford

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Casual weekend look

I have reeally enjoyed the whole "dressing myself" thing while pregnant so far. Now that I'm past the whole awkward "is she or isn't she" phase, and the bump is a bit more obvious, it's been SO much fun! Don't get me wrong, the whole process has been great, but to all the mommas out there, you know those "is she pregnant or bloated" months all too well...

So before we headed out over the weekend, we snapped a few quick photos of the easy and casual look I wore.

I love starting with really simple pieces (in this case, white denim and stripes), and adding some stand-out details like the bold necklace, classic, yet eye-catching bag, and of course, my favorite new shoes.


necklace: BCBG
bag: Chanel (similar)

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Let's face it, we all need a go-to makeup look. I'm finding that a variation of this look is definitely mine.
I love my makeup to look sexy, flattering, a little smokey... You definitely can't go wrong with that combo, in my opinion!
So today I decided to just turn the camera on and go for it. *Be prepared for a lot of details in this one... I left NOTHING out! 
Seriously, this is my complete current makeup routine, start to finish for when I want to go for something a little sexier. This particular variation involves a bit of bronze, peach, and plum. One of my favorite eye shadow combos.
I hope you all love it!

:Products Used:

Lorac 3D gloss in Polished

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

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Major Makeup Declutter...

I'm in total nesting mode... Must. Clean. Out. Everything...

Makeup is no exception. Actually, even if I weren't nesting, I would have totally still needed to do this.
When you're kind of makeup-obsessed like me (not to mention when you make beauty videos and are constantly getting new things to try and sample), a decent-sized collection can cross the line into totally out of control overnight. Mine had crossed that line.

So I decided to do a major makeup overhaul and film this little video to give you some of my guidelines and tips that I followed as I completed this crazy task.
Seriously though, it felt so good to get rid of things I no longer needed and things that were just plain old and expired.

I posted this video last week and already I've gotten so many messages and comments from viewers who have done the same and pared-down their collections a bit. It really is a great feeling! 
Oh and a little update for ya... As I mentioned in the video, I still had a long way to go as I took you guys through my smaller (but still quite large, to me) makeup collection.  I'm happy to report that I've gone through it again since filming and gotten rid of so much more! Sometimes you feel differently on different days, so I always like to go through areas I'm in the process of cleaning out again and again on totally different days.  
So I'm feeling good about my makeup stash now (and totally itching to clean out something else). Any of you cleaning out your collections? ...Or anyone else in a total nesting/Spring cleaning in the Summer mood like me? 


Gender Reveal Party Look...

Hello and happy Thursday, Loves! I don't know about you, but this week has majorly flown by for me!
Last weekend we celebrated our little gal by having a small get-together for a little "gender reveal" party. Food, fun, family... lots of baby talk.

Did I mention cake??

We "revealed" the baby's gender by cutting the cake and revealing a pink or blue center. These type of cakes are SO fun. And delicious. To watch me cut the cake (and everyone's reaction at the party), check out my latest pregnancy update video below...

But on to the look I wore for the party...

Loved this dress. ...and the shoes?? Probably my favorite. I have them in black too and they are amazing! I went with the tan for this dress because the details on it are a bit more navy. I've also worn this dress without the little "tie" belt, and I think I may actually prefer it without. It doesn't stretch, so the belt got a little uncomfortable throughout the day.  This would be the perfect post-pregnancy dress as well (without the belt).  Loving that most of my "maternity" clothes can work either way!
Since the dress had a bit of a sequin detail around the top (you can see a bit better in the close-up shot above), I decided to skip heavy accessories and instead, opted for a few dainty layered pieces.

dress: A Pea in the Pod
bar necklace: Baublebar
round necklace: Dogeared "Karma" Pendant

Again, thank you all so much for being so excited right along with us as we share this wonderful journey! You all are the best.

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The versatile slip dress

I'm a big believer in staple items in a wardrobe. One we may not think of too often is a versatile slip dress. Dresses are some of my favorite go-to pieces anyway because they're just so easy. It takes most of the work out of putting an outfit together. Just throw it on, accessorize, and you're good to go.
However, when I think about one particular type of dress to have, it would be a slip dress that is versatile. One that you can take from day to night. A good way to tell if yours falls into this category is by imagining it with stilettos and with flip flops. If it works with both, you've got a winner.
So I spent a little more than I normally would on a dress when I purchased this one. But it was so perfect that I couldn't resist. I'm already loving it.

For this particular look, I wore it out shopping one day (even got a few compliments on it), then to an early dinner with family.  Easy, comfortable, stylish. The perfect warm-weather outfit.

Oh and speaking of versatility, I cannot wait to wear this in the cooler months with my favorite black moto jacket! So many possibilities!

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dress: Club Monaco
shoes: Shutz
necklace: similar
bag: Chanel (similar)

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Current Foundation Routine: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour Full Coverage

I have been on a little foundation-testing/reviewing roll lately.  So I'm back today with yet another...
However, this one is so so very different. In this video, I demo a foundation I've loved for quite a while now (and somehow never reviewed or demo-ed).  It's the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour Full Coverage foundation.
And it is glorious.

First of all, if you've been following my beauty adventures of late, you've seen that I went a little mineral-makeup-crazy for a while with Bare Minerals and the Tarte Airbrush Foundation.  Both great, but to me, there's just nothing that compares to a great liquid.
Lately, this Tarte liquid is at the top of my list.  It's just so easy and fast to apply and gives me the most natural, perfected look.

So I figured the best way to explain my thoughts on this foundation, from the best application method, to other products that work well with it, would be to compile a new little "current foundation routine" video.
Be sure to check it out below, and I hope you enjoy it!

::products used::

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