Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation Review & Tutorial

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I have been really in to trying loose mineral foundations lately. Since Tarte is one of my favorite makeup brands (I'm IN LOVE with the Amazonian Clay Full Coverage liquid), I thought the Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation would work great with my skin too.

Well, it does... But it's far more time-consuming and a little harder to achieve a full-coverage look when you're dealing with breakouts and uneven skin tone, as I have been lately coming out of my first trimester of pregnancy (hello hormones).
But there are definitely pros as well. It works beautifully on oily/combination skin and the finish is great!  Oh and the packaging is pretty awesome.

Ok, ok, I know that verdict is a little vague for me... We all know I love a detailed review. So I created a full, in-depth review video below as well as a complete tutorial demo-ing this foundation in an everyday foundation routine. The application method and tools you use can completely make or break this foundation, so a video is the only way to go. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. This is my all-time favorite foundation!! It's so light and easy and the coverage is great. It's the one foundation that does not emphasize my pores - it actually HIDES them! This is the only foundation that I can get away with not wearing a pore-minimizing primer underneath, it's that good. I love the brush, too! It's become such a staple for all my loose powder foundations.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this foundation, I've been meaning to give it a try :)
    XO Janina

  3. Thank you so much for this review, Tiffany! I've been thinking about getting a new foundation but have quite a bit of imperfections to cover, so I'll have to pass on this one. Thanks again :).

  4. Did you get the same shade in the loose foundation and the powder?

  5. My foundation has been flaking horribly! This has been going on for about 4 months since I gave birth to my daughter. At first I tried different moisturizers, then I tried a few different liquid foundations and nothing. I've even switched primers a few times. Not even my urban decay primer is fixing it. I exfoliate regularly and nothing seems to be working. Any advice? /:


    1. Have you tried powder foundation? It might help you out!

      You should also check out my blog http://vivalacoeur.blogspot.com/ will be appreciated!

  6. Great review! I love my tarte foundation and I didn't like the bare minerals foundation at all, so maybe I might like this.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Carolyn | BLOG

  7. Amazing review, i will definitely have to try this foundation out! I also really like the concealer, and your face looks flawless! xoxo