My Top MAC Lip Glosses

Happy Friday, Loves!!

So last we left off in this little beauty adventure of ours, we were discussing our favorite MAC lipsticks.  I shared with you all my top 15 picks (check out the video here if you missed it), and sort of left you hanging with the mention of my favorite gloss picks.

Well today's video has got you covered! Check it out for all my absolute best picks where MAC Lipglass, Lustreglass, Plushglass, and Cremesheen Glasses are concerned.

As promised, here are the photos of the swatches I shared in the video...

(left-right) Morning Glory lustreglass, Instant Gold lustreglass, Star Nova lustreglass, Love Nectar lustreglass, Oyster Girl lipglass, Bait lipglass

(left-right) Underage lipglass, Saint Germain lipglass, Confetti plushglass
Nectarsweet cremesheen glass (LE), Electric Fuchsia lipglass (LE),
Dervish lip pencil

So many of you shared your favorite MAC lipsticks with me when we discussed lipsticks in the last video... I added a few of your suggestions to my list! So tell me, what are YOUR favorite MAC glosses??

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  1. Great picks!
    Love Nectar is such a classic/easy everyday gloss.
    I personally love Venetian Lusterglass

  2. Are MAC's glosses sticky? I don't wear lipstick and only wear lip gloss but I am VERY picky about how they feel. I have found NYX to have the best feel on the lips (not sticky, thick or weird feeling), however, they don't last long at all (maybe an hour) before you have to reapply. So, would love to know if MAC's are sticky or thick. LOVE your blog!!

  3. I love that Saint Germain lipglass <3
    XO Janina


  4. Confetti looks beautiful! I've never tried a Mac lipgloss.


  5. I love Power Supply plushglass- it's not mentioned much, but I love it!

  6. I love MAC glosses! They are great! I never tried their lip pencils.. so hopefully will be buying some soon!


  7. Owww I love these lip-glasses!!
    Electric Fuchsia is divine I love it!
    I love Saint Germaine in the lipstick maybe I should try the gloss!
    xo Holly xo


  8. I recently purchased Water Deities from the Alluring Aquatic collection and I looove it!

  9. Yes! I was looking forward to this!
    Great reviews and swatches.
    Carolyn | BLOG

  10. They look gorgeous! I've only ever been to mac once and just puchased a lipstick and haven't been back because I received terrible service which was disappointing! But might have to give them another try and have a look at these!

    Francesca | http://francesca94x.blogspot.co.uk/

  11. Nectarsweet is available in Brazil!

  12. Love the glosses! Absolutely love the Tshirt you are wearing and I am always looking for a great-fitting Tee! Can you share where you got yours? Thanks for all your beauty videos!

  13. Love the glosses! Also love your Tshirt you are sporting! I am always looking for a great-fitting Tee! Would you mind sharing where you found yours? Thanks for all the beauty videos!

  14. I liked Star nova. Awesome shade. Good review.