Anastasia Contour Kit Review & Tutorial

I can't tell you how excited I am to finally share this thing with you all. Seriously, I've had this kit for MONTHS.  Here's the thing... when I received it, it wasn't available yet so I didn't share it with you all right away. Then, shortly after it was released, it sold out so quickly.

Well now it's finally back in stock at Sephora (check it out HERE), so I figured now would be as good a time as any to finally share with you all my thoughts on this highly-buzzed-about item and show you a little tutorial on how exactly I use it.

For all of my detailed thoughts on this item, check out my full review in my new video below!

As promised, here are the swatches of the shades so you can see the variations a bit better.

What are your thoughts on this one? Do you think it lives up to the hype? Will you be picking it up?

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  1. Dude, it was sold out like minutes after I got the email from sephora that it as back, awful!

  2. So popular wish I could get my hands on it! so beautiful!!
    xo Holly xo


  3. I found this video to be so interesting and informative! :) I don't think I will be checking out this item though because I have a very fair complexion so I don't think the highlight shades would work for me!

    YouTube - Sybil Mae

  4. Ahh,I can't believe it's already sold out again! Great review and tutorial.
    Carolyn | BLOG

  5. I agree with what you said about having a really bright shade for undereye concealer. I have fair skin just about your exact skin tone and I feel like these highlights wouldn't really do much highlighting under the eyes. I also feel like the contour shades look too red and warm for me. I like a really cool tone so it looks more natural on me. I want the palette because I want everything lol, but I'm just not sure that it's really for me.

  6. Great kit!


  7. Love the review and swatches! Can't wait until sephora gets these back in stock.

  8. Speaking as make up artists that is a really good selection of shades . Really like it

  9. I really wanted to go and get it, but I find that I have enough powder highlighters and contours from the MAC Pro powders that I wouldn't need them, but they are quite nice and affordable for you getting 6 shades.

    -BENNevolent | www.bennevolent.blogspot.com

  10. I seriously need to get my hands on this but its alwaaaayys sold out!


    1. It's back in stock on the Anastasia website today!

  11. Love these neutral tones & MAC pro powders.