More Sheers in my Office/Sitting Room

Last week, I showed you all how the new curtain sheers turned out on our big windows in the family room.

check out THIS POST for more info on this space
 We were so impressed with the quality of the sheer panels and the breeziness (totally a word) they added to that room that I really wanted to put them somewhere else.

So long story short, we chose them for the family room moreso for function rather than something pretty I picked out (I wanted to add some texture and make the windows look more "finished", but didn't want to block the light in there or add any heaviness) and lucky for us, we kind of fell in love with how they look.  They gave the room a more luxe and "complete" feel.

So I started thinking about why I hadn't added drapery to my office/sitting room and found it to be a more "functionality" situation as well.

Here's a waaay back shot of that room...

See the transom windows (the little bare windows above the windows)? Well I didn't want to cover them with heavy drapery. I also didn't want to see the backs of the curtains from the outside of the house through them.  The transom windows are SO pretty to me, but I didn't want to block them.  Since they're a part of the entire window themselves, I wouldn't even think of putting the curtain rod below them (I'm a curtains to the ceiling kind of gal anyway) so I had held off for a while.  I knew the windows needed something though, because they seemed a little bare.

So again, the same sheer panels just made sense.

I purchased four, but decided to skip the ones on the inner half of the windows because I didn't want to move out the little table for them to fall behind. I think it looks so much better!

I'm pretty happy with them, however, they are a bit long and puddle at the floor a bit more than I'd like, so I will definitely hem them a bit.
I've also decided to replace all the regular blinds on the front of the house with pretty white plantation shutters. So stay tuned for that... ;) I cannot wait to get those up!

 Waylon loves to nap on the rug in this room...

Not sure I would consider the whole half curtain look for most windows, but I think it works in here, especially since the windows are so tall and thin and close together. Also because the panels themselves are so sheer and look so light and airy anyway, it helps them look a little more balanced.
They're just so easy.
These are the ones I got (in winter white). I think I may have linked to the wrong ones in the previous post about these, but I fixed it!

So what do you all think?? I hope you guys are having a wonderful week!!

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  1. You seriously need to be an interior decorator, your home is amazing girl!

  2. I love your home decor posts! I look forward to them every week! sheer panels are great for a little bit of breeziness (I agree its a word!)


  3. Lovely! You did a great job! Where did you get the pillows that are sitting on your chairs? I've seen them in previous posts and have been loving them!

    1. Hi Molly! Thank you :) I got them years back at the Restoration Hardware outlet store.

  4. Your house is beautiful! You do such a fantastic job with the decor! Love reading your weekly decor post they are my favorite <3

  5. Target just has so many cute things for the home! It's so fun much fun to look at their stuff and think of how you can incorporate it into your home! Love the sheers by the way! :)

  6. I love your decor posts Tiffany!! Your house is so pretty :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  7. Again, excellent choice and finish. I love how your windows come together. They blend in perfectly. Can't wait to see your next project.

  8. The curtains really do finish off the room. May I ask where you get your curtain rods? I am looking for that style. Thanks!

  9. Could you recommend an area rug like the one in your living room I know pottery barn outlet will not have everyone would love the advice :)

  10. I love how luxurious and resort-like sheer curtains can be... just so lovely. We have some sheers in our master bedroom... I love how light, yet cozy they feel... and I really love to wake up to the sun shining through in the mornings.

  11. Your home decor blogs are for sure my home inspiration......just stunning!!

  12. amazing!!!!! I love it! the plantation shutters will look beautiful! can't wait to see!

  13. I'm jealous! Your pad is beautiful!

  14. Tiffany whats the Brand and name of the color you used in your home? I love it, it's so pretty!

  15. Love this! Your home looks super cozy, I'd never go out! I think the transom windows look great without anything on them, I've always believed that was the point but I see a lot of people putting curtains on them and I just never like it, I'm with you on bare little windows haha. X

  16. I'm noticing your circular mirror obsession now! haha I love the sheer drapes, definitely not a room you want to block light from when it's painted the warmer tones.

    Can't wait to see your shutters, would also love a before an after of the rooms you have worked on. We are in the process of buying our own home however for the mean time i will live my home DIY vicariously through you.

    Jacqueline xx


  17. My favourite posts on your blog have to be the home decor ones! I love seeing how you are transforming your home. The sheer curtains work wonderfully in both rooms!

    Laura | Breton & Blush

  18. You have a gorgeous place! If only I could integrate a fraction of this!


  19. You have impeccable taste! So classic and timeless! I'm curious to know how you manage to keep it so perfectly clean with your long haired furry member of the family? :)

  20. These are awesome. I like that you only used them on the outside's of the windows. Great job. It really adds a home improvement look without totally a total remodel! Great job!

  21. I am DYING to know how you keep your home so clutter free. Seriously...down to the lamp wires, mail you need to keep, office clutter ( I work from home and my home office is a wreck at the end of the day), kitchen necessities, etc. I am obsessed with how perfect you seem to keep everything!

    Also- dying to know where you find your coffee table books! They're everywhere and I LOVE THEM! As a reader, I love books and notice them in most every room you post photos of! Are they random finds or do you specifically shop for certain ones?! Do tell!

  22. What a great living room! I love those colors

  23. OMG you're so talented whem it comes to decoration! I really love how you used the light and the windows to create that sheer atmosphere! It's so peaceful and the light is so pure! No wonder Waylon likes to nap in here ;) He's so adorable by the way! And the rest of the items are so perfect! I love the graphic and wooden hints!
    Have a great week!

  24. You house is amazing!! Love these beautiful whites! :-)

  25. This is so gorgeous! Where is the white mirrored console cabinet from?

  26. This is really pretty. I love the colors you've chosen. My favorite decorating style has been Traditional Contemporary and you've made that happen. <3 Awesome job girl!!