MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection Swatches & Review

In one word, I could describe this Summer collection as refreshing.

It's not only a fairly large collection, but I truly love the variety of products and flattering shades it offers. SO perfect for the warmer months!
And can we talk about that packaging? SO fun! I've never seen anything quite like this with the perfect little realistic faux water droplets. The packaging actually looks like it's been splashed with water which is really fun. That combined with the mirrored aqua really makes for something unique and different... and pretty.

MAC Alluring Aquatic
available online May 15, 2014
in-store May 22, 2014 at all MAC locations

While this a quite sizable collection, I was only sent a fraction of what's available for this one, so be sure to check out my video (linked at the bottom of the post) for more on the rest of the colors and to see these in action!

MYSTICAL mid-tone creamy rose (cremesheen), $17.50

Granted, this isn't a truly unique shade by any means, but it's definitely one that would complement nearly every skin tone. The neutral-lipstick-lover in me was disappointed that I didn't get either of the two more nude shades to try out, but they look gorgeous as well!  There are also five absolutely beautiful shades of lipglass that I'm coveting.  Must. Stay. Strong...

 BRONZING POWDER IN REFINED GOLDEN finely spun golden with soft pearl, $27.

 EXTRA DIMENSION BLUSH IN SEDUCED AT SEA  mid-tone neutral plum, $27.50

While two bronzers in the collection (Golden, and Refined Golden) are just re-packaged for the collection, they're both great, basic bronzer shades that I would actually suggest picking up (if you need a good bronzer) just for the cute packaging (which I hardly ever suggest doing). It sort of makes sense for a bronzer, being a more summer-inspired design.  

The Extra Dimension Blush in Seduced at Sea is a beautiful color. I actually wouldn't describe it as a "plum" when swatched though. It looks more like a soft mauve-rose.  I think anyone could pull off that shade. Also, the particular formula of the Extra Dimension Blushes has always been one of my favorites.  They're just so smooth with the perfect amount of sheen (not frost).


While this is a GORGEOUS eye shadow with amazing payoff, I wouldn't describe it as they did as a "cerulean" at all. Not even a deep one. It's more of a cool gunmetal color with the slightest hint of navy.

Finally, the Nail Lacquer...


I'll make it a point to wear this color next, as I just applied the MAC Maleficent lacquer I have from that collection (CHECK OUT THAT POST HERE).
However, I can usually honestly say that these type of shimmery nail lacquers by MAC have a great formula.  I'll post it soon on my Instagram!

::Check out my video below for more on this collection::

So tell me... What are your thoughts on this one? What products do you have your eye on??

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  1. That eyeshado looks STUNNING. I'm not a big MAC person but this collection is gorgeous!

  2. That blush and nail polish look amazing, the packaging is gorgeous!

  3. Cant wait to see some of this and swatch the colors in person! Will definitely be buying some for myself and my sister who is deployed so I dont want her to miss out on this collection cause I know she would love it!

  4. I love this collection- the packaging is amazing and that blush is gorgeous!


  5. I really am eyeing some products from the Alluring Aquatic Collection!!!! Can't wait!!!

  6. I think this collection looks great, the packaging is just stunning. I really want the lipstick now! x

  7. SO excited to try this out... counting down the days, the extra dimension eyeshadows are my favorite.

  8. i'm so excited for these to come out. i love the packaging and i think the eyeshadows are gorgeous. however, their color descriptions are completely off! haha
    i'm not getting any of the maleficent collection though... i was so pumped when they announced it but severely disappointed when they released the photos. =/

  9. Can't wait to try this collection!

  10. I am all about this collection! Cannot wait until the 15th to purchase it!!!!

  11. Super fun! Love the packaging...wow!

  12. The Alluring Aquatic Collection looks so pretty!
    I haven't seen it here in Aus yet I really love the packaging!
    Can't wait to see the nail polish on Instagram!
    xo Holly xo


  13. I love this collection so much! It came out here in the UK a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love! I picked up and Extra Dimension Bronzer and it is so so pretty! It doesn't have very much shimmer in it at all which surprised me! :)


  14. Love the colours and the packaging feels so summery and refreshing!!!


  15. I thought the photo was a stock photo at first, and they just splashed water on the makeup. Awesome packaging, makes me want to go to the beach!

  16. I'd literally pick this up just because of the packaging. haha. The blush looks beautiful.

    XO, G from grace'd

  17. I like the packaging sooo much))) Even more than the exact product


  18. I really want the EXTRA DIMENSION BLUSH love it is beautiful, and i have an excused to buy it, the packaging!!! hahaha

  19. NEED to get a hold of the packaging!



  20. Just watched the video. Wow the collection does have great colors and I love the packaging. The water drops look very real. I wish Mac sent you more. Thks

  21. Omg I absolutely love the blush and the eyeshadow! The packaging is incredible, it's so weird how do they even do that lol

  22. I really want some of the eyeshadows from this collection and the lipsticks and the blush! The packaging is fabulous on this too!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  23. Love the packaging! And that blusher looks lovely!


  24. The packaging is simply stunning!

  25. I really just want to buy this for the packaging. The Mystical shade looks so much like Morning Rose that I almost want to say it is the exact same shade re-packaged. However, I love Morning Rose... and I love this packaging. So I will definitely be purchasing this. I am also going to buy the bronzer in golden because it's my all time favorite bronzer and again... the packaging. Finally, the blush in sea me, hear me. I would love love love to see a tutorial using these products and your opinions on them! I am soo looking forward to this line!

  26. OMG. i love these products. i actually thought you'd sprinkled water over them. i love the extra dimension blush, it look gorgeous.

    Hayley \\ http://pocketn0tes.blogspot.co.uk

  27. OMG I NEED IT! It looks like Rebel and Heroine had a baby. Perfection.

  28. Hello quick question do you think the refined bronzer will show up of on my skin i am nw45?

  29. you look great with a red lip, you should wear it more often!!