Baublebar jewelry haul and weekend DISCOUNT

I recently went a little crazy at Baublebar.  With my love of basic wardrobe essentials, fun jewelry is a must for me.  I think so many people overlook jewelry and accessories when building a fun and versatile wardrobe. The problem is, it can be hard to find affordable "statement" pieces that are good quality.
So that explains why I'm a bit Baublebar-obsessed. The pieces are affordable and there is so much to choose from.  Which may also explain why this haul is pretty big.  I found waaay too much I liked!

So since no big jewelry haul is complete without a good discount, Baublebar was nice enough to provide an exclusive discount code for my readers! Pick out all your baubles and enter code "TIFFANYD" at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order. Keep in mind, the code is only good for a few days (5/30-6/1), so don't miss out!

To see what I picked out and to maybe get some ideas, check out my haul video below!

What are your favorite pieces from Baublebar??

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Summer Skin Essentials: Makeup, SPF, Body, etc.

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Because the first day of Summer will be here before we know it, I thought I'd share with you all a little video of my collection of essential summertime products. When the weather warms up, I always change up my routines a little bit, adding in some products that just make more sense in the warmer months for the health (and looks) of my skin. Some of these products are old favorites, some are new discoveries... all are awesome.

I hope you guys enjoy it!

::the essentials::

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No Heat Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial

Happy Friday Everyone!
Today I'm sharing with you all my method for creating easy, volumized, beachy waves with absolutely ZERO heat. If you have stick straight hair like me, you know that getting a beachy textured look can be a big challenge. For such an easy-going hairstyle, it's usually pretty complicated (and fussy) for us to replicate- usually using curling irons and tons of product (which usually just gets crunchy and falls flat in an hour).

Well this method gives you great results with hardly any effort. It's seriously so easy, you won't believe it. All the work is done for you overnight!  This volumized, wavy look will seriously last until you wash it out.

So right in time for the weekend (and hopefully for some warm and beautiful weather where you live), here is one of my favorite summertime hair tutorials. I hope you love it!

::products used::

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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My top home decor books

I have been imagining putting a post like this together pretty much since I started these weekly home decor posts on here.  I just LOVE books. In the world today of online inspiration (hello Pinterest and Instagram), it's still nice to know that sometimes, nothing beats sitting down with a beautiful book filled with hundreds of lovely images to be inspired by.

I sort of have a thing for interior design books. I have a shamefully large collection. Which works out because I think beautiful books are some of the best decor themselves. I have them scattered around all over the house... Beneath lamps, on coffee tables, stacked on bookshelves, next to beds, etc. I just love looking at them.
Not to mention they also make pretty awesome gifts. To me, the perfect gift is a pretty book. Write a heartfelt sentiment on the inside cover and you're good to go. The recipient will have it forever.

Ok so on to the actual details of my favorites... I narrowed it down (pretty easily actually) to my 9 best. I was going to make it a round 10, but these were truly what stood out. I feel like no matter your actual decorating style, you can easily enjoy all of these and get inspiration from any of them for your particular space.

So here we go, (maybe in some particular order).

First, a few books by Suzanne Kasler: Timeless Style and Inspired Interiors.

The two of these are super hard to compare, so I'm grouping them together. I think together, they contain so much inspiration and ideas, it's crazy. I love how they contain tons of beautiful, large images, while also providing a lot of actual useful info and thoughtful ideas.

When I think of these two books (and her style in general), I think of a good mix of styles. While at first glance her style comes off very classic and some pieces are very traditional, she mixes it up with more modern and eclectic pieces here and there which is what I really like decor-wise.
These books have so many great ideas for decorating with collections (without feeling cluttered), wall (gallery) groupings, and table arrangements.  They really have something for everyone.
Also, if it's actual architecture of spaces that you like, you'll love both of these books.

Next, Domino: The Book of Decorating.

First off, the book itself is so darn pretty...

Inside is a good mix of practical advice and guides on different types of furniture to fit your particular space and style...

...mixed with some really fun and easy (sometimes out-of-the-box) ideas and eye candy galore.

This one would be perfect for someone just getting started with their first space.

This next one I could probably look through every single day and feel inspired by something different each time: Black and White (and a bit in between).

Seriously so many fun ideas for adding black and white into your space. But don't let the name fool you... There's actually a surprising use of color in this one.

Next one (with my favorite cover),  Glamorous Rooms.

You can see in the widget image above, it has a pretty jacket. But when I saw the actual cover, I ditched it. You can totally see why, right??

This one contains exactly what the name implies... Photo after photo of glamorous rooms. Tons of inspiration in this one as well. Plus, the book is glam and decorative on it's own which is always a plus.

Next, A Passion for Blue and White.

I got this book years and years ago, probably before I really even started collecting blue and white ceramics, now that I think of it. This was probably the first interior decor book I owned.

Your house and taste definitely doesn't have to be an explosion of blue and white to appreciate this book, though.  It contains just as much floral inspiration as well and is full of interesting tablescapes.

Next, In with the Old: Classic Decor from A to Z.

This is a sweet little book, although much more "wordy" than the others.
It's set up truly from A to Z.  Discussing decor themes and key pieces all the way through the alphabet.

Finally, my last two...  A few "shabby chic" books by Rachel Ashwell: Shabby Chic and Shabby Chic Interiors.

While "shabby chic" isn't how I'd define 100% of my style (I like a mix of a ton of different things), I can definitely get inspiration from this book.  These are probably the only true "niche" decor books I have that truly focus on one type of decor style, but like I said previously, even if your style isn't defined as "shabby chic", you can probably be inspired from a thing or two in these. From the gorgeous antique chandeliers, to Ashwell's advice on flea market picking for unique finds and her practical thoughts on slipcovered furnishings, I think anyone could find interest in a thing or two.

On the other hand, if shabby chic is 100% your thing, any of Rachel Ashwell's books would be worth checking out.

Whew.  So that's it for my favorites! There are SO many decor books out there in a variety of styles, but I really think that these would appeal to anyone.  What are some of your favorite decor books?? I love finding new ones!!

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Relaxed weekend stripes and neon

Remember this sweet little striped infinity scarf from this recent haul video?

It's just so sweet, soft, and cozy. I've been throwing it on a ton lately with the cooler weather we've been having (hello, it's almost SUMMER!). 
Well, I actually find little soft scarves like this to be pretty essential in the warmer months. Sure, it's warm out, but at night it can get chilly and don't even get me started on the sub-zero restaurants and movie theaters.

So I've been throwing this one on with pretty much everything. I especially love it with this relaxed weekend look.

 The components are super simple... a white tee and boyfriend jeans (my fav uniform), yet the accessories pull it together and keep it fun while still feeling laid-back and relaxed.

::shop the post::

Chanel sunglasses
Target shoes

Where are some of your favorite places to get "summer scarves" like this? 

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Current Hair Care Routine (How I've Grown it Longer)

Hello and Happy Monday! Today, I decided to start off the week by sharing my current hair care routine with you all.  Lately I've gone back to some of my old favorites-- Products that have always given me great results and that I've always enjoyed using. I also discovered a new great product that I've been loving lately.
So along with the actual products, I'm also sharing some of my best tips for keeping hair healthy and strong.  All of these tips and products combined have really helped me grow my hair faster and healthier than ever before. I've been really surprised lately at how fast it's growing (and how little it's breaking).
So I hope you all enjoy it and that you'll maybe pick up a trick or two!

What are YOUR current hair care favorites??

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MAC Lorde (Pure Heroine Lipstick)

Hello Friends! Just dropping in to share the new limited-edition lipstick from MAC's collaboration with Lorde.

PURE HEROINE deep plum (amplified)

Available North America June 5, 2014 at maccosmetics.com, MAC Times Square, and MAC Fifth Avenue
International July 2014 at maccosmetics.com and MAC Champs Elysees

The color itself surprised me, as I thought it was going to be much darker and, dare I say, scarier. While, yes, it would be considered a darker shade, the bright warmth of it made the shade a little friendlier to me.
However, it is a little on the daring side for me, as it is very plum.
While I'm not a huge fan of dark lips in general on me, I got brave and put this on today.

Not too bad!

What do you guys think? Will you be picking this one up??

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Soft & Defined Brow Look Using Anastasia Products: DIPBROW POMADE, POWDER, PENCIL

Hello and Happy Monday, Loves!!

So today I'm FINALLY sharing with you all a video I've been promising for a while now... A demo of how I use some of the Anastasia products I received from the brand months and months back to create my natural soft and defined brow look.
I've purchased Anastasia products for years and years (some of the exact ones I use in the video), but I was so excited when they reached out to me to share some of their new (at the time) products, including the Dipbrow Pomade and Brow Powder Palette.

Because these products impressed me so much and they became a part of my daily brow routine, I wanted to share with you all my thoughts on them and show you how I can use each one to create the natural, yet defined brow look that I always go for.

So be sure to check out the video below to see all of these products in action and hopefully you can pick up a tip and trick or two.  No matter the formula you prefer, there's definitely something for everyone!
I hope you guys enjoy it!

::Products Used::

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Disney MALEFICENT MAC Collection Swatches & Review! (with video)

MAC + Maleficent = Happy Tiffany.

Some of you may remember (those of you who have been watching and reading for a long time) my mention of my Maleficent obsession.
She's not only my favorite Disney villain, but she's probably my all-time favorite Disney character.  Sleeping Beauty has always been my favorite Disney movie. Not only because it's so beautiful, but also because of the mystery of the whole story. We never really find out who Maleficent is or why she's so dang angry.
Just admit it... We all know we've had a few shameful moments where we would have loved to bust into a party we weren't invited to and stir up some ruckus.

...just me? Tell me I'm not alone. I mean I probably wouldn't have burst into green flames and cursed their first born, but you get the idea.

So needless to say, when I found out that Disney was making a movie all about the mysterious villain herself, I was giddy. 

The collection is very small and very red. Very similar to what the images depict of the makeup worn by Angelina Jolie as Maleficent in the move.
Here are the products I have...

First off, the Pro Longwear Lipglass...

ANTHURIUM clean bright red, $22

Pro Longwear Lipglasses are known to have great payoff but this one is ridiculous. It's like paint. This one is a great alternative for those of you who love red lips, but may not be a huge fan of lipstick. 

Next up, the beautiful red lipstick in the collection...

TRUE LOVE'S KISS clean bright red (amplified)

Amplified lipsticks never disappoint. Seriously. I'm not even a red lipstick kind of gal, but I wore this paired with the lip pencil from the collection in the video (check it out at the bottom of the post) and I loved it!

Next, the coordinating Pro Longwear Lip Pencil...

KISS ME QUICK yellow red, $21.50

So MAC describes this as a "yellow red", and Imma let them finish, but to me it was a more purple-red. Totally doesn't look that way in the photo, but it came off that way on my lips, especially against the lipstick. But they still worked well together.  Here's a swatch of both below...

Next, the Beauty Powder...

NATURAL soft peachy pink, $30

This one was a little hard to see swatched on my arm, so I included a photo of it swatched on my finger to show the true color a bit better.  On my skin, it didn't show up too well, but added a subtle brightening glow as a highlight or as a soft finishing powder.

Next, the Maleficent quad....

 Goldmine, Ground Brown, Concrete, Carbon, $44

 I so wish they would've created new shades for this one. The actual shades weren't printed on the back of the quad, so while I was describing this in the video, I was just describing the colors without knowing what they really were. While I wore three of the shades (all except Goldmine) and was happy with how it turned out, I wish it would have been a bit different. I'm also convinced that those are different colors pretending to be Carbon and Ground Brown, but that's another story...
Ok, we'll talk about that real quick...  I've felt the individual Carbons have been different for years (not as pitch black or pigmented as the Carbon of yore), but this one has a blueish tint to it. I swear.
Also, the Ground Brown has a totally different feel than my individual Ground Brown. This one is super slick feeling and doesn't blend as well.
What the heck, MAC?

So I used the three shades (all but Goldmine) and liked how it turned out overall. It was simple and soft, but you could definitely make it far more intense with a heavier hand. I didn't use Goldmine because I've always found that shade makes me look a bit sick.
Overall though, if you don't have any of those shades and you like that particular shade of gold, it would be worth it.

Probably the product I was most surprised/impressed by from this collection was the Nail Lacquer! That's definitely a first for me...

FLAMING ROSE true red, $17.50

My actual manicure skills have seen better days with this particular application, but I was shocked at how great the quality was! I planned to just quickly apply it on a few nails to test it out and I was so impressed with the formula that I just kept going.  It's thick, opaque, and not streaky. Adding this one to the collection of favorite reds for sure!

So what are you guys excited about from this collection?? It's available now online HERE and should be out in select MAC stores and Macy's May 15th.

::Check out the video below for my thoughts on this collection!::

 What do you have your eye on from this collection??

products provided for consideration by MAC Cosmetics with no agreements or obligations to feature or review