Updated Closet and Makeup/Filming Area Tour!

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!

Since the little vanity/filming area switch-a-roo in my closet occurred, some of you have been curious about how it changed the overall set-up of the room and whole closet system arrangement.

It really made a huge difference!

Before I get ahead of myself, if you haven't seen my last few weeks' worth of videos, I decided to switch up my filming area a bit.  My main issue was that my vanity table where I do my makeup and film my videos got zero natural light. I was sick of all the weird lighting issues I was having so I decided to put my vanity area right in front of the window.

Seriously. Awesome.  Totally should've done that from the beginning.

Now, when I want to do my makeup, I can just sit down and go for it without turning on a million lights and blinding myself.  Plus, natural light is always best for doing makeup anyway.  Most of all, it's best for filming. 

Since the change-up, I've been so happy with how the lighting has looked in my videos. I still keep the little lights on the side (those on the little stands) just to add a little brightness when filming and they work like a charm.

The switch wasn't just a simple switch though. When the vanity moved to the window, two of the largest cabinets had to relocate as well.  

I was going to sort of turn this video/post into a review of the Ikea Pax system, but it would be the shortest review in history. One word = Awesome. The whole system is amazing and worth every penny. We're still so happy with them.

So we moved the Pax unit on the left (the one with my tops), over to the area where my Ikea Alex drawers (that hold all my makeup) used to live. Totally love those too.

That was NOT easy... 100% credit to Brad on that one. 
Then, I moved my purse cabinet (Ikea Hemnes) inside the little nook where the vanity table used to be. Thankfully, it fit perfectly.

That little area used to be the closet to this room.  I explain it more in the video, but basically, we have a huge master closet that we could have easily fit all of our things into together. But since I wanted to film at my real vanity (where I naturally get ready and didn't want to create a fake "set" for filming), I knew I'd need more space for the table and some natural light. Plus I wanted it to look pretty. 

So when we moved in to this house about a year ago, I decided to use this little room which is right next to ours. It's a funny little room that was probably meant for a nursery or something, as it's adjacent to the master, has no bathroom of it's own (the other bedrooms do), and is just far away from the other bedrooms but right next to ours.
So it just made sense. Meanwhile, Brad is chillin' with a mega-sized closet all to himself.  ;)  Well, we do keep other things in there like all of our coats and a large piece of furniture (super tall and wide chest of drawers) that is filled with his things anyway. So it works out perfectly
Most of all, I love that the closet is close by so it actually feels like a closet and not some random room. It's actually the same distance from our bedroom as the real closet is.

So that's the little backstory. Back to the details...

I woke up Waylon when I took this. He looks a little startled...haha. He loves this room. It must feel really cozy to him with all of my clothes.

Here's another shot of the little nook...

So this now holds my purse cabinet. SO happy I left that original closet rod/shelf at the top while my vanity was in there. Now, I have SO much more space to hang pants and long dresses.

But most of all, the new filming space/makeup area is awesome. 

So what do you all think??
Be sure to check out my new video below for more details on this space!!

mirrored vanity & armoire: Pier 1
necklace dome cloche: Pottery Barn
Ikea Pax closet system
Ikea Hemnes cabinets (glass front cabinet & two side towers)
Ikea Alex 6-drawer units (I stacked 2)
hangers (THE BEST HANGERS) The Container Store
paint color: Sherwin Williams China Doll
little chair: Frontgate Outlet find
curtains: Striped blackout curtains from Half Price Drapes
perfume tray: (no longer available) SIMILAR at West Elm

post contains affiliate links


  1. Love your closet and I love seeing Waylon! I remember your prior closet too and I also liked that one. :)

  2. I love your videos! And OMG I love your closet! ♥

  3. So much inspiration! Love it, love it x a thousand!

  4. Your closet is amazing! I would love to know the exact sections you got from Ikea, i've been looking but I can't tell which ones you went with. Please let us know!

  5. Absolutely beautiful!
    The Target link to the hangers doesn't work. :(

  6. Gorgeous closet Tiffany! You're my fav youtube guru!
    Have to ask, where are those black and white striped pointed toe flats from? I heart them.

  7. Really nice!!! Waylon looks soo Cozy in your closet!

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  9. Fabulous, as always! I love how well everything looks together.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  10. Did you get a third pair of RockStuds?

    1. Ha I noticed the same thing and was about to ask this question when I saw you already asked!

  11. Ah I love the new set up, it looks really functional! Your design tips are so inspirational!!
    An Unblurred Lady

  12. Love love love the new layout! So elegant and fab!


  13. Dream closet, I love how you rearrange everything and it still looks perfect <3

  14. Love how everything is so perfectly organized and displayed! Gorgeous closet!


  15. Huge difference! It looks very cozy, practical and you at the same time. My walk-in closet looks very similar only it is in oak to match the wood floor. The thing that always bothered me is the tiny holes on the inner sides of the wall units. The ones I don't need for sure I covered with color matching little plastic caps. It looks a lot more uniform. For my boots I use shape holders to keep them upright. The purse cabinet is a brilliant idea. I am still working on that one :).

  16. One way I like to organise necklaces is to hang coat racks or key racks on the wall. Just hang the necklaces on the pegs and voila. :-)

  17. Love it absolutely beautiful can we swap rooms?

  18. LOVE this post! Im a New York blogger, I blog about NY style, Food, Passion for makeup and just running around my awesome city. Would love if you checked it out! Lets follow eachother!


  19. It turned out lovely, Tiffany! I swear, every time I read one of your home décor posts, I feel compelled to redo my closet, bedroom, living room... :) You definitely have what it takes to be an interior designer. Ever considered it?

  20. What is the sign above the purse cabinet?

  21. Hey Tiffany, did Brad attach the Pax system pieces to the walls?

  22. Looks great! Where is the small mirror on your vanity from?

  23. OMG LOVE IT.. but please tell me how you keep it dust free??? especially the shoe shelves, I have exactly that and CANNOT keep it dust free!! eeekkk suggestions please!

  24. Wow it looks AWESOME!! Wanna have that too!! Xx

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  26. Love your closet!! I definitely need more space in mine.


  27. I love the chandelier and have been looking at the PB kids chandeliers for my makeup room, as well. My room looks to be much smaller than yours (it isn't truly a bedroom, but was listed as a "craft" room when we bought the house). Do you think this chandelier gives off enough light? I am always struggling for enough light when doing my makeup. There is one window in my room. Thanks!

  28. I have a light question also...what are the lights you have on either side of your vanity?