Beauty Samples Idea...

Gotta love when a decor post has a little bit of beauty and makeup mixed right in...

While yesterday's closet tour post/video already related to decor, I still didn't want to skip this week's decor post completely so I thought I'd share a simple little idea that I guarantee everyone reading this post can do. Seriously, you've got the stuff to do this, I promise.

Especially if you shop at Sephora, which I know a lot of you all do!

If you're like me and shop there often (or any other beauty store really), you've probably got a shameful hoarding situation stash of various samples somewhere in your house that you're not... sampling.  When I was rearranging my makeup/filming area in my closet last week, I found a big basket of them.  When I looked in, all the colors of the different sample packaging was kind of pretty. Which gave me an idea...

I grabbed one of my big apothecary jars from a kitchen cabinet that contains a hoarding situation all it's own. I also have a shameful stash of apothecary jars of various sizes, but that's a whole other story.

For more on our guest bathroom makeover, check out this post!

So I dumped them in a big jar and placed it atop the counter of our guest bathroom grouped with a yummy-scented candle and possibly the cutest little Hermes travel soap and dish I ever did see.  I grabbed that at a hotel I stayed at in Minneapolis a few years ago. Not from the nightstand or anything... But all of their little free travel toiletries were Hermes!! Inside is the most precious orange-scented soap. Sort of regretting not snagging a few more (or 27) of them while I was there.  Note to self: When you can get free Hermes anything (even travel soap), YOU TAKE IT.

Seriously cute, huh?

Such a fun way to add some color and put to use some of those samples that you may be stashing! Plus, it's fun for your guests to grab a few new things to try while they stay with you.

If you don't have any apothecary jars like this, no worries! You can use any clear container, vase, bowl, anything! Be creative.

Speaking of apothecary jars, this little update made me bust out my big jar of bath bombs from underneath the cabinet in there that I had never found a real place for. So I just placed it in a little basket by the tub.

This is my favorite way to store them because they stay fresh, are easy to see, and most of all, it just looks pretty.

Here are some canister ideas!

So what do you guys think? What do you do with all those little samples??

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  1. I think it's super cute. It gives me some great ideas. Love all the colors in your bathroom. You have a beautiful house :)

  2. Awesome ideas as usual Tiff.



  3. Love the idea for keeping samples, they really do look decorative!


  4. This is the cutest idea! I have tons of samples like this from Sephora but also from things like Birchbox and Ipsy that I've just never used. I even tried to start a "Samples Tuesday" thing where I would only use samples for my skin care... that didn't work out! I have to do this! Thanks for a great idea! :)

  5. This jars look great for keeping samples - or whatever - in it! Love you bathroom acessoires! <3

  6. Really great idea! Love your blog, btw! I just started one as well if you would like to check it out!!!


  7. Beautiful, might get that on my own bathroom hahaha :P

  8. Love the ideas. I have a ton of apothecary jars as well because I used them at my daughter's birthday party for a candy display. Also putting nail polishes is something I am starting to do. They would be pretty in a bathroom or makeup room/closet

  9. Love this. I rotate a handful of samples I want to use in a little basket on my sink. I love samples!

  10. Hi Tiffany,
    I'm Sarah from Fréjus in France. I watch all your videos! You make a very good job... I love posts about home decor :)
    With my samples, I put them in a small kit, and when I go in holiday or week end with my husband, I take them, in order to change habits :) and I avoid to break my big bottle ;)

  11. That's such an awesome idea omg!! i've been collecting samples sooo much lately and you seriously run out of places to store the stuff! My moms got a glass vase really similar to yours and it looks great, love it! thanks (: xx

    btw! if anyone is interested in makeup freebies or samples please check out my blog, thanks! www.freebiehunter.org/beauty-samples

  12. I am loving the bath bombs in the apothecary jar so cute!

  13. Love this! I must know....do you remember the hotel in Minneapolis that had this Hermes soap?

  14. super cute idea, much better than what I've got going on, which is a large Sephora bag filled to the brim with samples.
    Great post!!
    Desiree @ www.lovedesiree.com

  15. This is such a great idea! Looks super chic too!
    Dani xo | laceandlovexo.blogspot.com.au

  16. Love the storage idea for bath bombs!

  17. So cute! My mom does this in her guest bath and I'm definitely going to steal the idea as well. I love your home decor posts!

    Jana - http://teachme-beautiful.blogspot.com

  18. thats actually a great idea to start using your samples since its right on the counter top in your view. i actually just did a post on my samples and i have way too many. might consider doing this for my make-up table!


  19. This is an awesome idea, I'll try it out and see how I like it.

  20. Love your idea, it looks so pretty! I could never fill up a jar. As soon as I receive samples I rip them out of the package and stash them into my beauty case. They come in very handy when we are travelling by plane.

  21. Bonne idée car j'ai beaucoup d'échantillons dans une pochette qui déborde ! Merci;

  22. Really good idea! I have always problem with the samples, so I just put them somewhere in the bathroom and then I forget them. Love this post!
    Thank you for always give us inspirations and share it with us <3
    Greetings from Germany :-)


  23. That is a really gorgeous idea. Personally I save all of mine in a box and then take them on holiday with me, saves taking lots of heavy, glass jars etc. I really do look forward to your home decor posts so much. Thanks Tiffany.

  24. I like these examples. I have something similar but in a much much smaller scale.


  25. So I need to start collection apothecary jars!
    Great Idea!
    "Note to self: When you can get free Hermes anything (even travel soap), YOU TAKE IT."
    I honestly had a laugh out loud moment there, I am 100% with you on that!!

  26. I love this idea! If you don't have a guest bathroom - or guests - you could always donate your samples to a local women's shelter :)

  27. Great idea! I have a large sterlite container that I have all my samples separated in. I have one drawer for body, one for face and eyes, one for hair. The makeup ones I keep at my vanity in separate places as well. That's how I find I use them more! xoxo Erica
    Splashes of Charm

  28. Very cool Tiffany. I'm going to have to look in a store like Marshall's, TJ Max for an apothecary jar and dump my samples in one. And yes you totally should have grabbed 27, 28, check 30 Hermes soap dishes. LOL. :)

  29. Such cute ideas!


  30. Thanks for the awesome idea!!!...I have a drawer full of the samples can't wait to try this out.


  31. I have done this too. This is a good idea, and the thing is I always end up giving my perfume samples to my mom as it would take me years to go through them all. :)

  32. I love how the bath-bomb-jar looks in the basket with the magazines. Gotta do something similar somewhere some day.

    Janni aka Gulde <>< Gulde.dk

  33. Such a cute way to store those samples! Great idea thanks for sharing!

  34. This is seriously genius! I have a ton of these samples from Sephora and keep them in a Sephora bag behind my bed. After reading your post, I feel bad for unintentionally "hiding" all of these samples; especially the ones I know I probably won't ever use. Your ideas are so amazing; keep 'em coming!



  35. Great idea for samples. It is such a mess always((( Thanks)