A Palette Tag and More...

So I'm finally doing the "Perfect Palette Tag".  Seriously I feel like I'm a little behind on this one, but because I really can't stick to the rules, I added a bit more info and some customizable options after answering the basic questions.
Here they are...

1. Best Packaging
2. Best Color Payoff
3. Most Versatile
4. Best For Traveling
5. Biggest Regret
6. Best Color Names
7. Least Used
8. Most Used
9. Most Loved
10. Desert Island

Well... I got a little carried away and skipped number 9 in the video, Most Loved.  Well, if you watch the video, that answer should be pretty easy to guess!

I hope you all enjoy it!

So if you haven't done this tag and you would like to, I TAG YOU! Did any of you guess my answers?? Anyone else answer number 10 based on which one would taste best? ;)

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  1. Did you do number three, most versatile? Also on the screenshot for this video you're holding the Naked 2 palette, but you don't talk about it in the video...?

  2. I recently bougt the It Cosmetics palette based on your recomendations and i love it! The colors blend like heaven. I also got the Rosy Tan, and i am going to Disneyland next week, i will bring it with me for sure! Thanks for the great advises you never let me down!

  3. I just got my IT Cosmetics palette yesterday. Oh my. It has SUCH amazing color payoff, and the texture of the shadow is incredible. I've never used anything like it! Thanks so much for your reviews.

  4. Palettes galore!! Lorac Pro is my fav


  5. Love your eye makeup in the video, what palette or colors are you using?

  6. Could you try out the MATTEnificent palette by Tarte? I just swatched it at Ulta and it seems really nice!