Some master bedroom details & decor ideas

There are a few areas of the house that haven't gotten much posting love on the blog. Our master bedroom is one of them.
Strange I haven't posted about it much because it's actually one of my favorite spaces.

It just makes me feel good.

When we moved in to our new house about a year ago, we kept all the same bedroom furniture, decor, bedding, etc.  I LOVE a comfortable white bedroom (with some contrast, of course). To me, it just feels more comfortable and calming, and I like the versatility. I hate limiting or defining a room with expensive items you can't easily change.

For example, bedding or a wall color. I like to splurge on nicer bedding (you use it everyday) in a neutral, so I can change up the whole feel of the room whenever I like with some pillows or a throw in a fun pattern or color. So I like to have one good bedding set that I like, rather than spending a fortune on a lot of colorful or patterned bedding to change out all the time.  Same thoughts with a wall color-- If the room was blue, what would happen when I wanted to go a different route with accessories? It can just be limiting in a larger space with a lot of accessories.

So for our bedroom I like light, bright, and a bit glam. I love how easily the whole feel of the room can change with the swap of some easy accessories.   

Propping some large mirrors up on the side tables is one of my favorite tricks to make a room look a bit larger and add some sparkle. These are the same ones we had for years at our last house (set up the exact same way) and they worked out perfectly here as well since there are no windows on that back wall behind the bed.

The space itself is a lot larger than the bedroom at our last house, but it's layout is exactly the same. Same window wall, same spot where the bathroom doorway and main doorways are.  So setting it up was a no-brainer.

I WISH I would've grabbed some before shots months ago, but this wall below was completely a mess the first 8 months or so that we had lived here.
Imagine it with no chairs, the same dresser, and a large, tall, chest of drawers over near the corner. We had the tv on top of the taller chest.

Gotta love the Beverly Hills Housewives. ;)

It felt like SO much furniture. So we moved the tall chest into the back of Brad's closet since it's plenty big enough, and the chest is full of Brad's stuff anyway. So it being in his closet makes sense and freed up a ton of space in here.

Turns out we love the tv on the dresser so much better.  Before the bedroom-tv-police cite me, we're bedroom tv people and we love it. We don't sleep with it on or anything, but to me, there's nothing better than relaxing in bed with a movie every now and then. I've never understood the bedroom tv hate. I mean, you can turn it off whenever you want. It doesn't control itself...haha.  
Like I always say, you should make your space into what feels good for you. That's the fun of decorating!

Another big change is the addition of these two chairs...

I love to have at least one area to sit in a bedroom that isn't the bed. I got these chairs from Target last year to go in our family room.  I didn't 'really love the color in there, so we moved them up here and they work perfectly. *They still have them and they're actually on sale now!

Here's a shot from the other direction...

We thought of adding a fun chandelier since the ceiling in here is so beautiful, but I don't think we could live without a ceiling fan in here.  Granted, it is a boob ceiling fan, so I may have to re-work that somehow in the future. ;)
Not such a big deal because we added the pretty chandelier in the bathroom which is closeby.

For more on the bathroom, check out this post.

Between the windows I recently added my preserved wedding bouquet. I posted a photo of it  a while back and got a ton of questions about it- Basically it's freeze-dried. There are a ton of places that preserve bouquets like this. You just get the flowers to them within a few days of the wedding and you'll have them to keep forever.

The little mirrors came in a set of three from Target.

As for the pillows...

The green ones are the same custom ones that I had specially made from fabric I chose.  Same idea with the spotted one in the middle (it's from Etsy). You may remember them from this recent post.  I've moved them around a million times since I got them (they look good everywhere), but I especially love the print mixed with the leafy green in the other pillows.
The little round black and white bolster is from Target (it's over 5 years old).

So that's it for this space for now! Just wanted to share a bit of the changes we had made in here that made such a huge difference and show you what I've done with this space so far! What are your favorite stores to find unique pillows??

paint color: Sherwin Williams China Doll
chairs: Target
pillow: Etsy
bedspread: Macy's (We've had ours for 3 years and it's held up great! Plus it's on sale now!)
"window" mirrors: Ballard outlet
sunburst mirror: Kirkland's
lamps: Target
set of 3 square mirrors: Target
"madame" & "monsieur" pillows: Ballard outlet
curtains: Half Price Drapes

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  1. My husband and I love having TV in our bedroom. We like to spend the weekend nights watching movies and eating popcorn in bed. Plus, our bed is the most comfy place in the entire house. Love your bedroom!!

  2. Ah, BOOB ceiling fan?!? I can never un-see that now!
    Your bedroom is gorgeous, and don't apologize for having a tv in there... Nothing wrong with relaxing before bed with a movie or Jimmy Fallon

  3. I loveeee the green accents on the bed :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  4. I so want to live in your house (in a totally non creepy way). Gorgeous, as always.There are a few Atlanta bloggers I follow and have total house-envy. They just don't make them the same in Metro Detroit!

  5. love the bathroom mirror - so pretty. ( :
    i love how your bedroom look like an island getaway. very calming.

  6. I prefer to look for unique fabric and make my own pillows. As handy as you are, I can't believe you haven't learned to sew! (or do you sew? I feel like you would blog about it if you did.) :)

  7. Hi Tiffany,
    I have a question about the large propped-up mirrors you have on the nightstands; How did you actually hang the mirrors so that they have that “just propped” look?
    Love your Posts,

  8. Love the pillow decor! and my husband and I couldn't imagine our bedroom without a T.V !!

  9. My husband and I are building a house and will be getting new furniture for our master bedroom so I love seeing other peoples style and how they decorate! Your bedroom is beautiful!! I love the mirrored accents behind you nightstands!!

  10. I love all of your pillows! My house was the model home in our neighborhood and came fully furnished and decorated. Sounds nice, but I cannot wait to move and put my personal touches on the next home. We're so limited with what we can do as far as changing up nearly anything right now!
    The Grass Skirt

  11. I have always loved the look of a neutral space with pops of colour though small accessories such as throw pillows. Its a great fast and easy way to change the look of a room and not to mention cheaper. I also loved the idea for your wedding bouquet as I am in the process of planning mine. This will be for sure on the list.
    How did you frame it? Did the company do it for you or did you have to go to special framer to do so?

  12. I just love the draperies in your master bedroom and guest room! I would love to get some more detail on the exact color & pleat option you selected. Thanks!
    Nicole :]

  13. Your bedroom is beautiful! The mirror reminds me a lot of something that MissChievous did a DIY on a while back.


  14. Love the cushions on the bed!
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  15. I'm totaly in love with your style about fashion and about decoration!! You have so luch taste!! I will move soon et you are such an inspiration!!!


  16. Hi Tiffany, Beautiful room and i can never get the boob ceiling fan out of my head now lol... aghh, now i have to look at mine when i go home and cross my fingers there aren't boobs starting back.

    If anyone is interested in flower preservation in NY, NJ, or PA, we offer it... look up Lush Bridal in Milltown, NJ and contact us :)


  17. Green pillows is so beautiful, amazing room ! Great jobs !

  18. Hi Tiffany!
    I love your youtube videos, Im a youtube junkie when it comes to reviews, how-to's and such. But your blog has been so lovely to read and look at your pictures. Such great ideas and tips, truly wonderful! Thank you for sharing all these lovely ideas and part of your life with us :)

  19. Your room looks amazing. I really love the tall ceiling. ♥

  20. What a wonderful room ! It is clean and fresh looking. I especially love the colors and the mirrors. One can never have too many mirrors in a home :)

  21. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love it!

  22. The pops of green really give it such a tropical feel!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  23. Thanks for the nice ideas, we are currently chaning our bedroom and I found some nice & new inspirations here :-)

  24. I love this look because those two green pillows give the room a tropical look without being sooo over done. I've been trying to figure out what to do with our master bedroom in our second house and this decor may find its way there ;-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  25. What a wonderful room ! the design looks refreshing and relaxing..love it. Thanks for share gonna use it as we figure out a Modern Area Rugs for the Master Bedroom Area

  26. I love your taste, It looks amazing. And can't wait for tonight's Beverly Hills Housewive's reunion ;)

  27. Wow..!!
    Wonderful ideas you have gathered for your bedrooms.
    Remarkable color scheme...!!!Oak Bunk Beds

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  30. is your bedspread from Macy's an actual comforter or a duvet cover?

  31. Hello! One question I have...Did you paint the ceiling and trim the same color as the walls? The China Doll White?

    Thank you!

  32. Where did you get your bedroom furniture from? ( sorry if I've asked this twice I don't see my comment.)

  33. I really love this bedroom, it is so elegant and classy. With the white bedspread you could easily change the pillows and change the look of the entire room. I really like that because you don't have spend a fortune to update a room once you get tired of it. http://statestreetinteriors.com/services.html

  34. Hi Ladies, don't we all just love Tiffany's style? I adore her! If your wedding is coming up and you want to preserve your bridal bouquet, look up Lush Bridal in Milltown, NJ and we can make that happen for you! It's a gorgeous keepsake!