NEW MAC Collections Combo post: Studio Sculpt Lash & Mineralize Glass/Mineralize Rich Lipstick

Hello Loves! So last week I got a few new MAC goodies to share.  So I thought I'd do a simple little combo post showing all of these new pretties and sharing my initial thoughts with you all.

First up, MAC has introduced a new gloss to their line to accompany the Mineralize Rich Lipstick. These are available now and will be in the permanent line.

MAC Mineralize Glass (12 shades in all)
MAC Mineralize Lipstick (6 new shades)

left-right: True Jewel, Tender, Fashion Perk

I've used all of these and I have to say that at first glance, I thought they'd be similar to the Cremesheen Glass by MAC. I actually prefer the new Mineralize Glass because they don't go on so immediately thick. While they look like they'd go on as an opaque cream, they are surprisingly build-able and not as sticky as other MAC glosses. These are a winner for me!

Next up, a few new shades of the Mineralize Rich Lipstick...

left-right: Be Fabulous, Good Taste, Bold Spring

I've always loved the formula of these. While they have a ton of shades already, I just haven't found one I'm in love with. Maybe I just haven't given them much of a chance? Like I said, I know I like the formula, I just don't reach for the ones I have too often. I just might have to change that.  I'm especially loving the "Bold Spring" shade.

Finally, an all-new mascara addition to the permanent line...

Studio Sculpt Lash 
"Sculpted Black"

This mascara is unique in that the brush is comb-like, yet it has the effect of those mascaras with the rubbery bristles. I was afraid it would be a bit clumpy and too separating for me (which is what typical comb-like mascaras do on me), but I was pleasantly surprised. No clumps, volume, and lots of length. Without the fake, spidery effect.
This one is definitely a winner so far!

So while these are just my first thoughts, I'll be sure and use these products in upcoming videos and let you know a little more about them in my upcoming monthly favorites video at the end of this month on my YouTube channel. Don't miss it!

Have you guys tried any of these products yet?? What are your thoughts?? OH and what are your favorite Mineralize Lipstick shades?

Check out all the products mentioned in this post below...

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  1. all of those lip products look gorgeous! I really want to try those glosses because I really like buildable ones!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  2. Loving these new colors!!! I need to get that lipstick in good taste!!

    Xo Ash,
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  3. love the colours they are lovely and vibrant
    my favorite is good taste !
    Melissa | TheInkedBlonde

  4. The lip colors look amazing! So pretty and perfect for spring.


  5. Wow I haven't tried any of those products yet..but the color range you picked up is amazing!
    I'm not a big big fan of wearing lip gloss...but those colors seem like easy wearable ones.
    As long as they're not sticky!

  6. The fashion perk gloss looks pretty lovely. Hope to see it in a video sometime!

  7. Bold Spring looks absolutely gorgeous! I really like that shade.

  8. Wow!!! This collection is def a must have especially if you like pink. I personally love it! I like the colors of the lip glosses and the lippies. the mascara seems okay too.

  9. thanks for the recap! I am going to check out the lip glass

  10. Pretty collection, i really like the Good Taste lipstick!!! I just bought my firt MAC lipstick, the Candy Yum yum, il love it!!!!


  11. I was just in MAC yesterday, looking for a nude pink shade of lipstick and I tried on Perfect Pout from this line. It's gorgeous. I am amazed at the staying power of this lip stick...it is unlike any other I have ever tried!!! It's smooth, doesn't crack, and LASTS!! I'm hooked...and now want as many colors from this line that will look good on me. I'm impressed!!!

  12. That mascara looks amazing! I'll give this a try when I come pass the MAC counter! Thanks for the post. Great reviews and suggestions.


  13. I love these posts so that I know what to get from each new collection Mac has. Those glosses and lipsticks are stunning for spring!

  14. This is amazing. I am going to get one today itself, though I have the similar shades but still. I loved the good taste shade of lipstick.
    Jona | Foreverflawless