Current Drugstore Favorites & SJP Shoe Haul

Today's video is a serious mash-up. A little combo of some drugstore favorites and new shoes.

Makes sense, right? ;)

So I knew it was about time to put together a little group of my current drugstore favorites. It's been a minute since I shared my picks! I always think of my beauty stash as a good mix of high and low. For me it's just not realistic to not shop at the drugstore. Most of my items I repurchase again and again are from there, along with many of my beauty staples. Aside from my old favorites, it's always fun to discover new little gems.

Rewind to yesterday...  I had been anxiously awaiting the delivery of my new SJP collection shoes.  I was SO excited when I opened them. As a long-time SJP fan (I was obsessed with her as a kid. Think Girls Just Want to Have Fun days...),  this shoe collection has really excited me.  So since I'm basically in love with the ones I chose, I thought I'd throw those babies into the mix too. I mean, why not??

Hope you enjoy the video!! Look for an OOTD post showing the shoes a little better here soon!

Check out everything shown in the video below...
What are your top drugstore picks??

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  1. I love those Rimmel glosses. Non Stop Glamour and 3D Popcorn For 2 are wonderful!

  2. When I heard about the SJP shoes I was super excited! I cannot wait to look more into the line and hopefully get a pair (or 2) for myself!!

  3. I love your affordable picks!

  4. Love the shoes, I was wondering what the SJP collection would be like. Don't know if my Nordies will be carrying them. Thanks for the Greige tutorial the other day. I broke mine out again. It had been in the back of my eyeshadow drawer for a while...Best, Michelle.

  5. i wish it was raining here too lol ur house and your outfit seem so cozy lol love you :)

  6. Ahhh!!! Love that movie!!! Remember Helen Hunt upside down out the window, and then she stands up and that crazy hair! Awesome movie. Who was the dude in that movie, I forget?

  7. TD- what do you do with your discarded items when cleaning out your closet? Ever thought of selling items to your subscribers? I would love to browse!!!!

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  10. Love those shoes! I think they're my favorite out of the collection. A lot of the other pieces are too trendy for my liking. They look like shoes I'd find on sale at Last Call.

    Also, I love the items you picked out.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  11. I am really liking the revlon polishes, formulation and scent!

  12. Tiffany.
    I am wondering what the name of the top coat you mentioned you used. I bought Seche Vite at your recommendation, and while I like it, I'm not in LOVE with it. I have listened twice to the video and I think you did not mention the actual name of the top coat.
    can you let me know.

    Natalie Huffman

    1. Hey Natalie! It is by INM and is called "Out the Door" :)

  13. Tiffany,
    I used Treseme for YEARS until my hairdresser introduced me to Loreal Elnette. I get the non-scented one and spray on the ends of my hair, and the curls stay for days! It's also very light like the treseme, but has better hold.

  14. tiffany
    i like you product, because be good market

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