Eye Brightening Smokey Makeup Tutorial

Apparently this week I've been majorly in the mood to do tutorials... because today I'm back with another!  This one is unique in that it is a smokey eye that actually makes your eyes appear brighter and more awake.

While dark, smokey eyes are beautiful (and some of my favorites where makeup looks are concerned), they can be a bit enclosing.  At times, they can also make your eyes actually appear smaller.
So in this video, I'm going to show you how to avoid all that, while still keeping the beautiful dark and smokey intensity of the deep eye shadow colors and liners used.

Oh, and I busted out my IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol.1 Matte (that's a mouthful) palette again!
If you missed the first tutorial using this palette earlier this week, check that out here and get all the details about the palette (swatches, etc.) in this recent post here.
It's seriously SO versatile.

So don't miss the video below for the full tutorial! I hope you all love it!!

Products Used:
Makeup brushes used: Save 10% off your entire Sigma Beauty purchase! Click HERE and enter code "TIFF10" at checkout
not shown:
foundation worn: IT CC cream 

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  1. Love that eye make up, looks beautiful on your eyes color!


    1. Exactly, agree with Sabina, its indeed very cute and innocent look. Its looking so fabulous on you. very nice and detailed tutorial.
      uniqueofsheffield.co.uk | hairdressers Sheffield

  2. That's really cool that you were able to create a look that is both smokey and yet brightening. I agree that those two do not typically go together. This look is gorgeous and makes your blue eyes look incredible.


  3. OK might have to get this palette! If I had to chose one, would you suggest this one or Lorac Pro?

  4. Beautiful, your makeup always looks so effortless and natural, I just love how subtle everything is even when you make other more dramatic looks. <3 I kinda want this palette!


  5. You've talked me into it...going to buy this palette!

  6. Gorgeous as always!! Love your looks...and your skin is perfection!


  7. I love this look. Absolutely gorgeous!

  8. im doing this tonight :D thanks for posting on friday! ;)

  9. super pretty makeup look, great tutorial

  10. Fave! This is a great look on you- very chic!

  11. I just watched this video on YouTube. Great look! I love it!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  12. Hi there. I've been using It Cosmetics for awhile now as well. Just love them. So glad Jamie brings them to TSC here in Canada.
    I am loving the new Brow powder gel liner in auburn. Finally a shade for a redhead. The Celebration foundation is great too. You mentioned the CC Cream. Does it have medium coverage? Thinking it would be great for the summer.
    At XMas she brought a cute palette just for us Canadians. With shadows, blush, bye bye under eye and lip stains. A winner for sure. The makeup is also good for you. No Talc etc. Which is an added bonus.
    I have enjoyed your It look tutorials so far.
    Have a great weekend

  13. It's a really beautiful makeup!!!! great video!!!



  14. Beautiful!! OMG so wish I knew how to work with eyeshadow!
    Do you have a video on how you like to groom your eyebrows and how often things like that!

  15. This palette is definitely on my list of must-haves for my next Ulta trip!


  16. You look absolutely stunning!! I'm trying to hunt down the IT cosmetics palette here in Australia!
    Thank you for sharing it!! The colours are so beautiful!
    xo Holly xo


  17. I wish I had such great skin! You look beautiful and I'm all for those shades.

  18. OMG!!! this is very pretty eye makeup. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I always wanted to have this kind of look. I will def gonna try this out.

  19. Oh wow that is so pretty! I love your smoky eyes.
    Jona | Bridal Makeup

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  21. Hello,
    I am just commenting to say that I really enjoy your YouTube channel and also your blog. I really appreciate what you are doing for the YouTube community and the blogging community by posting regularly. I really enjoy your make up tutorials and your product reviews. Thanks again :)


  22. I really enjoy your blog and all of your youtube videos, I find your blog really helpful and I admore the work you do :)