I'm so not about buying an entire new wardrobe just to prepare for an upcoming season.
Spring always gets me though.

We make it through Fall and Winter and suddenly we're bombarded with all the fun, colorful fashion newness coming at us from everywhere.  So I chose a few key pieces for Spring... a bold skirt and some white denim, with some affordable basics thrown into the mix.

I also have a few pairs of new shoes to share since we're talking hauls.

I hope you guys enjoy it! Check out the video below for all the details!

Have you all picked up any new Spring fashion goodies??

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  1. I love your style and your makeup looked so beautiful in that video! Could you please do a tutorial about it? :)

  2. I love everything you got! It's really awesome how you got so much stuff affordabley! I totally agree with what you said about not spending money for new wardrobes for each season and how style is using what you already have!
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  3. I can't find the beige knit short sleeved angled t-shirt from Forever 21. Can yoy give me the item # ? It is the on that you said you had on from when you first started shopping there. Thanks!!! Lynn

  4. Loveeee the white silky little high-lo top with blue shoulders from Nordstroms rack -- do you have a link for that?

  5. love it, i can't wait for spring fashion, just got rid of two bags full of clothing from my closet, time for some newness! feel free to stop by my blog, i'd love it!

  6. I cant believe you just discovered the Rack! I love the store and what a lot of people dont know is that they sell makeup... Like you said you "have to dig in" They don't always have the greatest but I've gotten Smashbox, Stila, Phylosophy, a lot of Urban Decay (I found eye linners for $4), I even saw Nars not too long ago...all at a discounted price of course. I've been to several and they all have different products... the have been introducing a lot of NYX lately but if you really look you can find high-end brands

  7. I really like that skirt from Zara. I think that it is very unique because I have never seen a skirt with a hem like that before. Also, I think that unique pieces like that are worth spending a bit more on because you are going to wear it more.

  8. Love all of your picks! You have mentioned in past videos how well some of your Forever 21 pieces last for you- do you have any laundry tips and tricks that you can share to keep inexpensive items "fresh" looking? Also, you mentioned a steamer in this video- which one do you use and would you recommend?

  9. With graduation coming up quite soon I was hoping you'd have time to do a video Suggesting some ceremony appropriate dresses, makeup/hair, shoes, and accessories. It would be soooo soooo helpful
    Thank you!!!:)

  10. This is absolutely gorgeous and feels really summer-y, it looks so cute

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  11. Hey,I love clothing hauls. But I like to see how the items fit on a person. Would you consider trying the item on...then doing an insert in the corner as you are holding up the piece...so we have a better idea of the fit.Thank you!!
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