Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap Review/Story and OOTD

Hello and happy Hump Day y'all! So today I posted a little (well, pretty long actually) bonus video on my YouTube channel all about my new Chanel Jumbo flap bag.  I wanted to give you all a better idea of the size and how it actually looks, so I thought I'd grab some photos of me wearing it that same day as Brad and I headed out.

So this bag has a story... This was a purchase I've contemplated for a very long time now. Chanel handbags are obviously an investment and something that I wanted to be absolutely 100% about before purchasing. My issue was that I wanted a "single flap" version of the Jumbo flap. Which sadly has been discontinued for a few years now. Now, they only sell "double flap" versions of these bags, which essentially look exactly the same from the outside, but they have an extra flap on the interior of the bag. So when you need to open the bag, you have to open two flaps. I also wanted one of the last actual gold plated versions. They stopped actually gold plating the hardware to this particular bag in 2009. So after learning that little fact, I really wasn't happy knowing that the new versions, although gold, weren't actually gold plated. Not that that's a big deal, but just knowing they used to be, made me want one of those.

So knowing this was a big purchase, and something I knew I didn't need to have right away, I kept my eyes open for a preowned one that was in excellent shape rather than spending that much money on something I wouldn't be 100% happy with.

So long story short, I found a great one and couldn't be happier! For the whole story and details on where and how I got mine,  check out the video at the bottom of this post!

But first, here's the look...

I love the size of this bag... It easily fits everything that any of my larger bags hold. However, it easily goes from day to night.  I love that I can carry it for an evening out as well and not feel like it's too large or "tote-like". It's just really versatile, which was important to me when investing in a handbag like this.  You better believe I'll be carrying this baby everywhere!

top- Splendid
shoes- BCBG
bag- Chanel

So like I said, the bag has a story, so check out my video below for all the details!! WARNING...It's a doozie! haha... There's so much in this one! Not just info about how I got the bag, but a little review on the bag itself, as well as some of my biggest tips on buying anything "preowned". Hope you guys enjoy it!!

See you all right here tomorrow!! The paint saga continues... ;)


  1. Hello Tiffany! I just LOVE your style. : )

    Take care hun!!


  2. Love that bag! And the jeans look great too.
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)

  3. You look great as always :D and the Chanel bag, omg I love it

  4. I would LOVE that bag!! So gorgeous! =)

  5. A true classic! And here I thought that I knew everything there was to know about the Chanel classic flap... I was going to get the double flap in GHW this summer, but now knowing that the hardware used to be gold plated is truly bumming me out lol Hmmmm... Not sure what I'll do yet. I might look in to the preloved market for the very first time...

    Gorgeous new addition to your collection. Your style is on point! :)

    Much love to you

  6. This is my dream bag..and I'm actually saving to get one =D

    Rosie's Life

  7. Excellent video! So informative and useful! I love all things Chanel, but I didn't even know Chanel had a single flap bag like that and the 2.55 with the double flaps did look troublesome to deal with! Another excellent site for preowned is LUXEDH or http://www.luxedesignerhandbags.com/ My husband bought me an LV Speedy 25 there. I brought it to LV to get a lock and key (it didn't come with one) and the saleslady was amazed at its condition. I knew the whole history as well (Audrey Hepburn favored this style) and she was so sweet she even gave me the lock and key for free! So nice that these luxury brands extend such great customer service to anyone who owns their products.

    Great job on finding such a nice bag! It's beautiful! Enjoy it! :)

  8. congrats on the bag - she's beautiful! your video was excellent and gave some amazing tips.

  9. Just got done watching your video-- very informative! If I ever gather the courage to spend money on a designer bag I now know what to do, and what NOT to do! LOL! I have gotten most of my wardrobe from the thrift store, so maybe... just maybe one day I'll find an authentic bag at Salvation Army! A girl can dream!! lol xo- Salamanda


  10. I would love to see more of your bag reviews, this one was so informative and I feel you gave some really good tips! Could you maybe even consider doing a post on the blog showing your entire bag collection? :) Anyway, congratulations on your beautiful new bag!

    Miss J/Ma Petite Vie

  11. Great outfit. You look amazing. Love your top and shoes. Great choice indeed!

  12. Thanks for the very helpful tips! Beautiful bag!

  13. So pretty!!!!


  14. Would love to see a review of your Louis Vuitton bag as I am lusting over a Louis Vuitton too!

  15. That flannel top is such a pretty green! I've been seeing flannels everywhere and now I feel the urge to find a nice one!

  16. I bought the BCBG heels after seeing them in your video.I've been wanting a pair of leopard pumps for a while. I seen DSW had them discounted so I snatched them up. I was hesitant because I thought they would look cheap but when they arrived omg they are gorgeous! I love them and they are sooo comfortable and I usually don't have heels. I love them and highly recommend them.

  17. Beautiful outfit! This black Chanel Purse is looking absolutely adorable. I loved it. Can you tell me from where did you buy this bag?

  18. Hi Tiffany.
    I was looking for one Chanel for my self. And I found one that after watching your video a lot of time, I think it's a good one. I asked every little thing you said to check here. If you can see and tell what do you think will be awesome. I know it's in Portuguese but what you really need to see is the pics.
    Thanks a lot.

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  20. U look beautiful Tiffany ......check out my blog