A fresh coat of paint in my office/sitting room...

So as promised, I'm back with my second decor post this week! I usually just stick to one here, but since I skipped last week, I'm back with another.

I had planned to post the second room I painted with my new paint "love"- the Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe- but I realized I needed something pretty specific for the room to "complete" it, so Brad and I are going to pick those up tonight and I will share that post next week. Sound good?

K, lets get on with this post already. ;)
So like I mentioned in the last post all about my little laundry room redo, I'm in the midst of a painting frenzy.
Well, I should say that hopefully I'm on the way OUT of the painting frenzy. Seriously, in the last week, I've painted four different spaces in our house. Two of which were a little tricky.
This was one of the easier rooms (the other being the laundry room).

This room is meant to be sort of a "formal living room" area. We use it as an office and a little sitting room. We actually use it quite often!
I've done a few posts on this space, so you're probably already sort of familiar with it if you've been reading for a while. :)

Here's the office side...

Before I get ahead of myself, here is what the paint in here looked like before...

This one was shot even before I painted the French doors black!

Really, it wasn't bad, but since we've moved in, I've been a bit indifferent to that golden tan shade that was used basically everywhere in the house. I LOVE it in certain areas, but others, not so much.
Also, since these shots (which were almost a year ago), I rearranged the furniture a bit and brought in the peacock mirror that used to be in the foyer. It lived in the family room at our old house and so I just kept seeing it over the couch... So I switched it a long time ago. The furniture and everything has actually been this way for over 6 months or so now. I changed it up shortly after that last office post.

So all those changes isn't what makes it feel new... It's all about the paint.

Funny how much paint can change a space.  I am absolutely IN LOVE with this color. The shade is Clay Beige by Benjamin Moore. This is the same color I used when I painted our kitchen months back.

Don't you love when you find that perfect shade for your house? Of course, while I mentioned falling in love with the Healing Aloe shade I've been using lately, that light aqua shade is a bit different. It's not one you'd paint everywhere in your home, you know? This shade I used in this post could be used anywhere. It's just perfect for any room.
It's awesome because it actually looks different in every room too.

Neutrals like this can actually be the most difficult to choose. They all can read so differently. Some are too warm, some are too cool. Some can look a bit boring.
This one is absolutely perfect because it has a lot of gray in it. So it keeps the paint from looking too beige.

...Although it looks really beige and a lot more warm than it actually looks in real life in the photo below. :/

However, it's a warm linen-gray, so it really keeps the room from looking too cold. My mom and I recently went on a tour of homes and the big thing seemed to be gray paint. Like gray gray. One house had used really cool grays and it felt too cold. So you just have to be careful.

At our last house, we were used to a color like this. It was a bit more "putty" and maybe a bit darker. So I think that's why the warm golden tan shade threw me off when we moved here. I just felt like my stuff didn't look right with it everywhere.

Again, it looks totally different from real life in the photo below...haha. Just shows how much it changes.

This photo below is probably the most accurate depiction of what the color looks like in real life (especially over there to the right where it looks more gray).

My personal preference for paint is that I like to use neutrals like this in larger areas- kitchens, family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms... Because I don't want to become limited by slapping up a "color color" on the walls. I like to add and layer personality and color to the room with accessories.
However for smaller spaces like a laundry room, bathrooms, etc, (where you won't have a ton of accessories to layer), adding a bit of color on the walls can pull everything together and add interest.

As for the actual office space in here...

Everything pretty much has stayed the same. I did replace the knobs (again) on my beloved Ikea desk (Still holding up perfectly after 3 years of use!). Remember this photo from my office re-do years back at our last house??
post on this space here
I mentioned in that post how easy it is to spruce up basic furniture by adding fun knobs. I actually used those black ones in our little "black suede" guest bathroom, and swapped them for some gold mother of pearl ones that used to be on the built-ins at our last house. 

So yeah, again, when I "redo" a room, I try not to buy more stuff. The paint was the only new thing for this current space. Well, that and some pillow covers (I've had this set for a while, so I didn't really count them as newly purchased just for this little makeover). Everything else was just rearranged from other places or within the room itself.

It just works so much better with the gray ottoman and the blue tones in my blue and white vases/jars.  It basically just pulled the whole room together nicely.

I also love how it looks coming in from the foyer.

It just feels more cohesive now.

I also love that it plays really nicely off the gold and crystal accents in the room.

I've had one set of these for a while now, but I recently had a few more made. These are custom pillow covers I had made through Etsy. These are really great quality and super unique. That's why I love getting my pillow covers custom made from unique fabric I like. You can get what YOU like specially made and not end up with a lot of mass-produced stuff that everyone has. (OMG, totally just had a flashback of the whole "Phoebe hates Pottery Barn" Friends episode...)
Your home should reflect your style, not someone else's. Sure, it's nice to get inspiration here and there, but what makes our home feel like ours is that it's our unique tastes. It's no fun to always get something someone else has. So that's the beauty of getting custom things made like this. You can get exactly what you want for your space. 
It's also a great way to support really talented people with small businesses.  Mine came from this seller and I've been super happy with them. (and no, I was not perked in any way to link to her. I'm just really happy with mine!) She has SO many fabrics to choose from so you can get something unique for your space that works with your home.

I also purchased the lumbar style for the new chairs in our family room. I'll share more on this space soon!

And I totally realize this post is on photo-overload, but here's a shot of how nicely the color works with the neighboring original tan/gold in the dining room.
My camera battery died while doing this post so I snapped a quick kind of crappy photo with my iPhone to give you an idea.  Oh and ignore the weird bench to the right... haha. It sort of floats around.

So yeah, long story short, I'm loving this color! Painting is so therapeutic to me. I've always enjoyed it and have never really been afraid to do it, but if you can get up the courage to do it the first time, you'll see that it's not that bad.  I have two more posts to share from my recent painting frenzy I've gone on, but maybe after those have gone up I'll do a whole post on some of my painting tips that I always use to make it easy. I'll have to plan a post like that soon! Those kinds of tips are always helpful because I know painting can be a bit intimidating.

So what do you guys think?? What are your "go-to" paint colors in your home??

paint: Benjamin Moore Clay Beige (not sure of the exact original color or dining room color)
ottoman, mirrored chest, sunburst mirrors- Ballard Designs
blue and white decor- TJ Maxx, Antique stores
rug: Overstock (no longer available)
chairs: Sears
pillow covers: Etsy
peacock mirror: Wisteria
white couch: Rooms to Go
desk: Ikea

not a sponsored post


  1. I prefer the new color :) looks great!
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)

  2. The room looks great! I love the french doors and the hardwood floors. beautiful!

  3. Love your taste in decor....its funny the difference shuffling your furniture around can make as well!


  4. Hi Tiffany! I love the home posts!! I am in the process of trying to make our fairly new home more 'us' and all the walls are presently a basic builder's tan... our kitchen floors are a warm tan color but the wood floors throughout the rest of the home are very dark like yours. Would you say this color would work well in a kitchen with warm tan tile floors and dark cabinets? I am wanting a "greige" but everything I keep sampling out on my walls is reading too blue. Thank you!

    1. Hi Erin! I think this color would work great for that. It is really the perfect "greige". A lot of cooler gray shades or "greiges" can make wood and darker cabinets and furniture look a bit off or dirty against it. SInce this one is really warm, it would work well I think. You could always get a sample to be absolutely sure!

  5. love the color choice. Amazing how paint change the look and feel of an area. The lighter color certainly brightens it up. Love the decor, very similar taste in how I decorate my home......always changing things up and looking for great deals.

  6. What is the name of the black you used on your doors? I love those! The entire room looks awesome!

    1. Thank you! The shade is "black suede". I linked to that post within this one so if you need more details or want to see more of what it looks like, you can check that out too. :) It's also the same shade I used for our guest bathroom

  7. Sorry if this is stated somewhere I must have missed it if it was. Where can I purchase the clear desk chair and white fur throw. As well as what seller did you purchase the Prada Marfa sign from?

    1. I actually got both of my ghost chairs at a local sale. You can google them and find them all over though if you're actually wanting to order some. the little white fur throw is an ikea sheepskin. I tried to find the seller I purchased my prada sign from the last time I did a post on this room months back and the seller's page doesn't exist anymore. But seriously just go on etsy or google them. Lots of people are selling them! :)

  8. Your home is so gorgeous, I always love seeing you are chaining things up!

    Five Minute Style 

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  14. The paint really does make a difference! It totally opens up the room and makes it look bigger!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  15. love the new paint color! it brightens up the space completely.

  16. Looks so cozy, beautiful... and spotless! With a golden retriever, I know this can be a lot of work- what do you use to clean/vacuum your floors? :)

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  18. I love your decorating style! I just realised I remember when you bought that desk - I think you did a vlog about going to ikea and redoing the office and you picked that desk because it was finished on both sides so it could go in the middle of the room. I can't believe that was 3 years ago!! I've wanted that desk ever since btw. =P

  19. Tiffany, it looks amazing! The "before" pictures weren't bad in themselves but you are right, the new color just took it to a different level. I especially love the office corner, and the mirrors are def perfect accent pieces!

  20. Hi Tiffany
    Very pretty room, well done. Love the color. I use a similar color in my home, it's called Fine Grain and its by Dunn Edwards. It too can "read" beige depending on the light hitting the room but I love that and how it changes during the course of a day. As I type this I'm looking at MY little Paris sign which is actually in my master bath..kindred spirits we are!

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    Shimmering Image

  28. Whew, what a post! I think the room looks a million times better, and you're right, the neutral shade you've chosen works so well with all the other pieces in the room. I love how much personality you've given to your home with your decor - even that picture from your old home looks like it belongs to someone else!

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