What I Got For Christmas! ...and a Sephora/Shoes Haul

So keeping with my new little tradition I started last year, I wanted to share with you all what I got for Christmas! You all loved that video so much that I decided to do it again this year... with a little twist.

First of all, we had a wonderful Christmas this year with lots of time spent with family and friends. It's so much fun being able to give gifts and give back this time of the year.  It's also such a great feeling to receive special gifts from loved ones, which is why it's so fun for me to share it with you all.

Now as I explain in the video, I'm pretty much the worst at making Christmas lists and asking for things I want. So that usually means I receive a lot of gift cards, which I love. Mainly because being able to go shopping with the gift cards and cash I've gotten is really fun.  I can have some fun shopping and pick out exactly what I want. Well this year, I decided to include what I purchased in this video as well. So I'm sharing my actual gifts as well as what I purchased after. Sort of like a little Christmas haul.
I got some amazing shoes I had been looking at and wanting for what feels like forever. I'm so happy with them! I also picked up some fun beauty stuff from Sephora.
Check it all out in the video below!!

What I'm wearing in this video...

Here are some of the goodies from the video below! I also included several options of some things that were no longer available for you guys...

Oh and be sure to check out my recent post all about our Christmas Eve dinner this year! I shared some of my favorite recipes as well as some tips for getting a big dinner all set-up. You can check that post out here.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Happy New Year too! ;)

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  1. The Kate Spade watch is gorgeous! Great video Tiffany!

  2. First, I'd like to say Merry Christmas and I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year! I loved this video. Thank you for sharing your Christmas gifts with us. It's always interesting to see what you got or what you're interested in. Again, thanks for sharing and keep the great videos coming.


  3. The pink watch face seems very you!
    Loved this video!


  4. I love those watches! I have been on the hunt for an everyday watch, and those are just about perfect! Merry (belated) Christmas!

  5. Hi Tiffany! I love your blog, and this video (I'm the same way about getting gifts). I love your necklace! Do you know where it's from? I've seen different variations of it for a while, but I can never find the right size charm or chain length. Yours is perfect :)


  6. Merry belated Christmas Tiffany! I am obsessed with that Kate Spade watch! :) I hope you had the best christmas filled with love and joy :) Thank you for being my inspiration. You're absolutely beautiful inside and out! xx <3 http://fromfilmwithlove.blogspot.ca

  7. First Merry Christmas. Second, I have those Valentino's in blush and in all black. I so love them. They make any outfit about 1,000 times better. Enjoy!

  8. Hi Tiffany! Love all your videos and blog posts and was wondering if you could possibly do a video and/or post on all your statement necklaces and how you accessorize with them? I feel like I am trying too hard if I try to wear statement jewelry but you make it look so effortless. Please tell us what outfits or tops look best with what necklaces and can you let us know how you store them and keep them from tarnishing . Thank you and keep inspiring us!

  9. It was a great Christmas for you!!!! The watch is amazing!!!!!!!!



  10. I absolutely love the Valentino shoes! I am a lover of shoes and those are absolutely gorgeous! The watch with the pink face is also very unique and I think it really looked nice with your white blazer, a pop of colour! I am like you and also love Uggs and this year my boyfriend bought me Bailey Bows which are SO cute :D!


  11. Love the Valentinos! They were on Ruelala today for $745. Hope you got a great deal!

  12. I adore Wayland's cameos on your blog lol! Looks like you had a great Christmas too! I have giftcards and what not to spend today as well, so I am probably heading to the mall in a bit to indulge ;-)


  13. Love your watch is so different!! This video has also made me start thinking about UGGs, I have never styled them to wear out of the house but the black are so chic.

    Always love your videos



  14. I've been eyeballing those Valentinos.. Tried them on and they fit like a dream! Happy holidays.

  15. I sooooo wish I could afford those shoes! They are amazing!!! And I am also in love with that watch! So different and cute! I may give in on that one! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! Can't wait for your next video :D xoxo -Holly ;)

  16. Hey Tiffany D,
    Have you tried the Lush Snowcake Perfume? Just wondering if you would recommend it.

  17. I love that perfume! It's one of my absolute favorites.


  18. Those Valentino shoes are to die for!

  19. I've been watching your videos for a while now and feel like we would be great friends (even though you're a Bama fan, I'm an LSU tiger fan but we could work through it - LOL)!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  20. Hi Tiffany, where is your white blazer from that you wore in the second half of the video? Thanks!

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