NEW Enlight Collection Swatches/Review

Last week, Sigma Beauty launched an all-new,  gorgeous, makeup collection themed around warm neutral shades. I've had mine for a few weeks now and couldn't resist digging in.
Let's just be honest, they kind of had me at "warm neutrals".

The collection consists of one eye shadow palette (twelve shades), three eye shadow bases, three lip glosses, three eye pencils, and three eye brushes.

So as I usually do, I really wanted to use the products and wear them at least a few times before writing this post.
Well, turns out, I've been wearing the eye shadows every day (other than when I do specific videos wearing certain products I'm talking about).  I'm super impressed with them.

Ok ok, so before I get ahead of myself, here's all the eye candy! Keep reading for more of my thoughts on the particular products.


These have INSANE color payoff and blend so smoothly, with very little effort.  It seems that right now, I have a ton of these "warm neutral" palettes to play with. From Naked 3, to Unzipped, now to Warm Neutrals.  I know, it's been a crazy month for palettes for me. But I'm really loving the variety in this one. It has such an awesome mix of matte and frost shades with perfect crease and blending shades, as well as nice highlight and lid shades to create tons of variety.  I've loved every look I've created with this and can say it's becoming a fast favorite.


top: Composed, bottom left: Neutralize, bottom right: Awake

It's no secret that I've been a fan of the Sigma bases since they first came out. I'm really excited about these three new shades. These are super pigmented, and work just as well as the originals- staying creaseless (with my super oily lids, which not many bases can do), and holding up well over time. By that, I mean they haven't dried out in the pots. Most cream shadows similar to these begin separating from the edges and shrinking up in as little as 6 months of having them. None of mine have and I've had my original ones for over a year. Definitely some of my favorites.  I can see the pink being in my daily rotation for a while.


top left: Peaceful, top right: Mellow, bottom: Serene

By looking at these, you can probably tell which ones I'd recommend as a highlight, contour, and actual blush.  These blend really smoothly and hold up well throughout the day.  As far as the actual shades, I think they'd work for a very wide range of skin tones. Especially the Serene shade (the rosier, actual blush shade). It has a ton of color payoff and can actually build very dark. However, you can apply it lightly and make it work for someone with a lighter skin tone as well.


top-bottom: Eclipse, Nutmeg, Vintage

I'm really impressed with these. I actually really prefer these to the other Extended Wear liner pencils from Sigma. These sharpen easier and actually wear longer.  These shades are super versatile as well. The formula isn't quite as soft as the Extended Wear, but sometimes I actually prefer that in a pencil liner because typically they hold up better. I just warm them up on my hand a bit first before applying them.


 top-bottom: Tranquil, Hint, Tint
(swatches below in same order from left-right)

To me, these are actually a really great consistency. I've always said that sticky lip glosses do not bother me in the least because they typically last longer. These actually hold up similar to a stickier gloss, but they aren't super sticky.  I'm pretty sure there isn't an exact scale for gloss-stickiness, but I'd say these fall somewhere right in the middle. Not super sticky, but definitely not that watery slick feeling of some. I guess it's just all a matter of personal preference. I'd describe the scent as very sweet. Think cookie dough or cake batter-ish.

So what do you all think? To me,  the stand-out products are the eye palette and the eye shadow bases. Those are definitely worth checking out.

As always, you guys can save 10% with the most current Sigma Beauty discount code (current one is always posted in the sidebar of my blog), DEC2013.

If you guys want to see these products in action, look for a new tutorial coming up later in the week!

*Products provided for consideration by Sigma Beauty with no agreements or obligations to feature or review. All opinions and recommendations are genuine. Post contains affiliate links.


  1. Love the look of this collection, really liking the look of the pencils, I need to see if I can get this easily in the UK

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  2. Those eyeshadows AND blushes look amazing! I'll have to check those out.


  3. I haven't tried Sigma products yet, but the Fawn eye shadow and the eye liners look so amazing! Those are going to be on my Christmas wish list for sure!


  4. It sounds to be great!!!!!!! I really love Sigma products!!


  5. I want the palette and Neutralize (frosted amber one) eye shadow base but Sigma's shipping to Canada is outrageous. :(

  6. This palette looks lovely and so similar to the Naked3. How do they compare?
    the way to my Hart

    1. I would say they're similar in tone, however, this one has more matte shades which I like as well. So I'd say because of that, this one is a bit more versatile.

  7. This collection looks amazing and I really like Sigma. With so many recent holiday palettes though, I think I am going to spend my money on the Naked 3 rather than the Warm Neutrals. I do want those eyeliners and maybe some of those bases though!!!

  8. The palette looks a little chalky to me swatched :(

  9. Those glosses are so.... glossy! Ha ha.


  10. I love the nudes, I've been into them a lot lately as well. I just did a post on the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette for less and I've been loving them all.


  11. beautiful makeup :)


  12. This set looks so nice! The nutmeg eye liner really stands out, I'd love to get one. Too bad nobody ships to Malta >_>


  13. I love the eyeshadows! Their lovely colours :)

  14. Wow! There are some great products in this collection! I have a sigma base or two posted on my product want pintrerest board, and will definitely be adding some of these products on there too!


  15. Russet is such a cute color!!! Love it!

    Rosie's Life

  16. Loving the palette!


  17. That palette looks right up my street! I'll need to get my hands on it asap x
    ♥ elín from elinlikes

  18. I just ordered the entire collection last week, and I'm so excited to get it! Thanks for your input! I'm planning on doing a review as well on my blog in the next few weeks :)
    mally from makemeovermally.blogspot.com

  19. Love the eyeshadow blushes. Awesome collection !!
    Mirela Kasimovic | http://marrymemakeup.com

  20. That palette is so pretty! I like the blushes too!

  21. So pretty!



  22. What's up with the colors on the back of the box not looking anything like that actual shadows?? It just seems like they could have gotten a little closer. Good thing we have you to give us swatches. Thank you - I'm adding this palette to my list...and maybe a gloss or two. :-)

  23. Will you do more looks with the warm neutrals palette. I'm thinking about getting one and cannot choose. I can't afford to buy many palettes so I need to really research and choose well.