Long, Healthy Hair Care & 6-Minute Curling Tutorial

Out of all the hair videos I've ever done, this one is by far the biggest! Sure, it's almost 20 minutes long, but it contains a ton of info.

I knew it was about time to do a current hair routine video, so I thought I'd just sort of combine the basics all into one.

In the video you'll find:
  • My current hair care routine / products I use
  • My tips for growing hair long and healthy
  • My 6-minute easy hair curling tutorial 
Yeah... it's a doozie.
I hope you all enjoy it!

Oh, and here's a source list of all the products I mentioned in the video...

*Post contains affiliate links. Not a sponsored post. Post contains my genuine recommendations and opinions.


  1. If you want NO fading at all you have to try WEN!

  2. Strange ? but how do you get that scroll bar to list products?

  3. I really appreciate that your video was longer because it was very informative and it really helped me understand how to get great curls!


  4. I really loved to whatch this video, especially because i want to curl my haire for Christmas ;)


  5. Beautiful styles. thank you tiffany

  6. liked it :)

  7. thank you...i have really thin hair as well and i am trying to grow it out...what do you recommend for not having to wash it everyday...if i don't wash mine everyday it becomes greasy by the middle of the second day so i have to put it up in a knot bun and im trying to find a way to get around that because it's causing a lot of breakage now

  8. I wanted your video, and that i would additionally like to see a lot of vlogs from you within the future!
    Thank you most for the tips! I’m such as you, I don’t prefer to use several merchandise, and that i tend to stay my hair natural each day! And if truth be told I additionally do the two hairstyles you showed America, and a few times even a coffee hair style, particularly currently that it’s summer, and really hot outside!