Inside My Most-Used Makeup Drawer...

Hello and Happy Friday, Loves! I'm so excited the weekend is finally here!

So today I thought I'd share with you all a peek into my most-used makeup drawer. If you've seen my most recent Makeup Collection/Organization video (check that out here), then you know I have a problem a lot of makeup. *I realize that one is a bit old (and filmed at our old house), but while the cabinets have moved and my set-up has changed, the inside of the drawers are organized EXACTLY the same.

Seriously, it's a lot. I have all of that obviously because of what I do on YouTube and my blog, and while I have a ton, I like that I can feel ok about it because I have it managed in a nice and organized way.
However, on a daily basis, there's no way I'd want to find what I need and get ready from those drawers. So in my little pretty vanity, there is one drawer. It's the perfect size to hold lots of products that I can access quickly and easily day-to-day.

So I thought I'd share with you all how I organize my most-used makeup! It's kind of a combo because it's also a great peek into some of my favorite products I most often reach for.

I hope you all enjoy it!

What I wore in the video...

Chanel blush in "Rose Ecrin"
Chanel eye shadow in Fauve
Formula X nail polish in "Curiosity"

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  1. i've always been intrigued to try the MUFE matte velvet + foundation. every time i watch a video where you rave about it, i'm so close to running out to buy it!! lovely video as always (:


  2. Love this video :) After seeing it, i want to go on a shopping spree! lol
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)

  3. I've wanted to invest in that vanity for a long time but worry about trying to open the drawer and get my products out when sitting directly in front of it. Do you feel like there is enough room?

  4. I love this video! Ever since starting to watch YT my makeup stash has grown A TON! I always love rearranging everything and making sure everything gets used. I do keep one drawer for my most used/every day look too. Great video!!! I am loving all of your recent content lately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing all this lovely with us - swoon! We love these products!



  6. I love your vanity, I'm seriously contemplating ordering one, but I'm trying to resist.

  7. I have to try the MUFE velvet foundation, I keep hearing great things about it!

    Maha Maven
    Maha Maven Youtube

  8. Hi Tiffany! I loved the video and post! I was wondering how you added the scrolling items for the "What I wore in the video" Thanks!


  9. The Chanel Blush is amazing!! Like it!!


  10. Awesome doll xx Love your entire collection! =] xx.


  11. Thank you for sharing all this lovely with usQuick Online Tricks

  12. I love watching your videos. It's been 2 years now. :)


  13. Tiffany. In a recent previous post you showed a "lofty room". The coffee table/ottoman in that post is EXACTLY what I have been looking for but cannot find. I would be forever grateful if you could tell me where you bought it. It is the one with the white legs and khaki fabric that is in front of the white couch....Fingers crossed where ever you got it still has them.....

  14. What color/number is the Dior Gloss? I know you said you cannot find your current one, but found one similar. Thanks a bunch.

  15. Just loved it it's really great makeup!

  16. I really enjoyed this video, you have such great taste in products! I really like your vanity as well but my fiance is not the greatest fan of overly girly features in our bedroom...so we kind of compromise...

  17. Love reading your blog site, full inspiration.

  18. Hi, I love your blog! Could you give any advice on makeup mirrors? I can see you have a nice one, big with a light, which is what I am after. Would you mind sharing where you got it, and if you recommend it?

  19. Loved it! Thank you :) http://lcsbeauty.blogspot.ie/

  20. The Dior #157 lip gloss is available through Amazon.. (twin set pink). Here's the link I found:: http://www.amazon.com/Christian-Dior-Addict-Ultra-Gloss/dp/B003JRK7V8