My Boot Picks for Fall, OOTD, & Fall Trends Vol. 2

So today to honor this breezy, 68-degree, breezy taste of Fall we've got going on in my neck of the woods, I'm bringing you all Volume 2 of my little "Fall Trends" video series. You can check out that video at the bottom of the post, but before we get into that, I wanted to share with you all some of the OOTD photos from the outfit worn in that video. Sometimes you can just tell more from photos. At least I think so.
Also, in that new video I talk all about my new boots I'm loving for Fall. So I figured while I was photographing the outfit, I'd go ahead and put on each pair of boots I'm especially loving for Fall with the same outfit so you can see how versatile they are (they seriously go with anything), and see more details on each pair.
So here we go!
As I said in the video, I have a few boot obsessions for this season. Really tall "over-the-knee" styles, short and flat "biker" style boots that hit right between the bottom of your calf and ankle, and actual ankle boots that hit at, well, your ankle.
Here are my picks!

The first are these black leather over-the-knee boots...
boots by Franco Sarto

These boots are basically my favorite purchase of the season yet. I had been drooling over the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots (which are scarily similar to these), however, wasn't drooling over the $600 price tag. So I decided to stalk the internet for a similar pair.
I found another similar pair by Ann Taylor that were super cute, however, they didn't zip (neither do the Stuart Weitzman), which causes some problems when you're pulling them over jeans with the thin stretchy back panel. You can see every little bunched-up wrinkle in your jeans from pulling them on. So I was SO happy when I found these and not only do they still have the stretchy back panel, but they also zip up the sides, which makes them far better in my opinion.
Oh, and I snagged them at around $117 at a great sale (found mine on shoemall online).

You can get a better idea of how high they come above the knee (I'm 5'8") in the photo below.

This next pair were also an amazing (and very affordable) find...
I found these guys at Target for $34.99. Very similar to a pair I had found at Zara for over 5 times that.
The photo really doesn't do them much justice. They look really expensive and nice in person and are very comfortable.  The hardware is also a really beautiful gold.

 Yeah, don't mind the dog hair (and mine) stuck to them... Hey, it happens.

I'm loving how relaxed they look, while still having some pretty "put-together" elements like the gold hardware.  SO happy I didn't spend any serious cash on a pair of these!
As for Target shoes or cheaper brands, I've heard people saying, "Oh, they'll just fall apart soon anyway," or, "they won't last through the season."  Well, as someone who owns quite a few pair of Target and cheaper brand shoes, I've yet to wear out anything. Or have anything inexplicably break. And one of my favorite pair of black boots are from Target (3 years ago) that I have worn the absolute heck out of with no issues. I guess it just depends, but don't always assume that cheaping-out is a bad thing. Some of my best items I paid the least amount of money for.
So just inspect the item before you buy it. In this case, these looked super nice, were comfortable, hardware worked well, and didn't seem to pull or have stress in any areas.  So I snatched them up!

In the video I mentioned ankle boots but did not actually show mine (I showed them and talked about them much more in Volume 1 of this series if you missed it!).
I figured though that while we were on the subject of great Fall boots, I would show these.

These are my ridiculous Fall splurge. I absolutely love them though. I mentioned in the video that if you are looking for a great pair of black ankle boots similar in style to these, Target also has a great pair right now with some buckles. Check those out here.

 These are just so comfortable, well-made, and basically go with anything. I'm super happy with them.

And finally, my actual OOTD. Since on that particular day it was a bit too warm still for boots, I wore these fabulous little ankle boots with cut-outs that still have the feel of a sandal.

shoes by Zara

These are so great and versatile because they aren't too closed-in so that you can wear them during warmer weather, but also have the feel of a more cooler-weather shoe. These will be perfect for more dressed-up looks this season.

Zara Vest, Target tank, 7 For All Mankind "the Cropped Skinny", Zara shoes, Coach "studded mini tanner" bag,  Forever 21 clear studded bracelet, thecurrentcustom.com cuff bracelets, Tory Burch Earrings

Check out Volume 2 of my Fall Trends series below and be sure to watch Volume 1 HERE if you missed it!

What are YOUR favorite style of boots for Fall? What's on your wishlist?


  1. Love all of these, the strappy Zara ones are super cool! x


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  7. I love all your outfit ideas :-) your such an inspiration I just can't get enough!!

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  10. Gorgeous!! Love those first boots, what a steal!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  11. I love the ankle boots and cut out ankle boots! I'm not sure if I can pull them off, though. I have short legs and skinny jeans never look right on me because they look too loose below the knee. What can I do to make them look right?

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  12. beautiful!!! now I can't wait for fall to come in Southern CA!!!

  13. You make all the boots look great. I really love the Target find! I had a pair of Mossimo leather wedge heeled sandals I got years ago and I wore them several years until my husband expressed a dislike for them, but they weren't worn out at all and they were the most comfortable wedge heel. My feet never hurt at all in them. A shoe doesn't have to be expensive to look good. Or feel good.

  14. I had just ordered a great pair of boots for fall, and then this video came out! And I had to order the Franco Sarto boots. They are the type I've seen before but never on a person and it totally changed my perception of them to see them on you. I can't wait for them to arrive. Thanks for sharing your style with us :)

  15. Awesome post!! And thank you for posting the link to Target!! this will definitely help my work day go by faster. :)

  16. You need some brown boots in your life. Haha!

    1. haha I thought that when I was doing this post- But the reason I went black-boot-crazy this year is because last year I wore brown boots nonstop. I've got two pairs of really great ones I love so I skipped brown this year :)

  17. Do you know what the name is of the Zara shoes? I can't find them.

  18. Fabulous post with all I ever wanted to know about fitting into boots! Love the choices, Especially the slim boots.

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  20. I love ur reviews!! They are so fun n also helpful. I bought the franco sarto motor boots after seeing ur video. Im so excited Cannt wait for them to arrive. Unfortunatley i had to pay the full price which was 179. Im hoping they are worth every penny.

  21. Love all except the Zara boot/shoe...guess I'm in the minority. However, I did run out and get those Target moto boots and just picked up the Target ankle boots you linked as an alternative to the Chanel boots. I love them both and always get compliments on the moto boots. Thanks for the post!

  22. What size did you get in the Franco Sarto boots? Im usually a size 9/12 or 10. I wanted to know if they run big, small or true to size before I order. thanks so much. I love your blog!

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