NEW Sigma Beauty Creme de Couture Collection Swatches! GET YOURS FIRST!

Yes, this is an extra sweet and special weekend post... So the Creme de Couture collection literally just hit my doorstep earlier today. I have no self-control and HAD to play!
So this super sweet Sigma Beauty collection is completely inspired by yummy confections. Seriously, all the names, packaging, even the colors make me hungry.  

Let's dig in...

So this collection contains 3 blushes and an eye shadow palette containing 16 colors.  I LOVE the packaging. Reminiscent of a box you'd find yummy little confections inside of...

Here are the blushes...

I seriously cannot handle all this cuteness. Do you see the little inserts inside describing the color? Presh, right?

swatched left to right below: Blackberry Essence, Strawberry Ambrosia, and Cherry Apple 
$12. each

And finally, this beauty. 
Perfect eye shadow-y goodness.

Seriously, my heart can't take it.
swatched in order by rows below

You can get your hands on this new, yummy collection HERE.
Get yours now, as this collection is limited and selling fast!

Oh, and don't forget to use code "LJW2013" to save 10% off your entire purchase through September 30th!

What are YOUR favorites?? 
I honestly can't pick. But I'm especially craving the Strawberry Ambrosia blush and obviously, the eye shadow palette is a must! This baby will be showing up in lots of future tutorials so stay tuned! ;)

Products provided for my consideration by Sigma Beauty with no agreements or obligations to feature or review. Post contains my safe affiliate links.


OOTD's that didn't make the blog...

Let's just be honest... have ANY OOTD's made the blog lately?? haha ;)

So I've been majorly slacking with OOTD's for the blog lately. Most of the time, I'm running out the door snapping a quick photo for my Instagram with my iPhone rather than setting up the camera outside and doing a full-on photo shoot.  Hey, that's life.

So today, I'm putting together all of my recent OOTD's (that may have made Instagram, but not the blog) with a ton more info on each outfit and where I wore it, done Instagram-style complete with iPhone camera awesomeness.... no.

Toward the bottom, some of these go way back! Seriously did not realize I hadn't done this in so long!
Hope you guys enjoy it :)

This is my "hanging on to Summer" look. With last week's cooler weather (and hello, college football starts this weekend!!), it's reminding me that Summer is coming to a close. So I thought I'd wear this fun, Summery outfit while I still could!
Forever 21 top, J. Crew shorts, necklace from shopdressup.com, Tory Burch shoes, thecurrentcustom.com cuff bracelets, clear studded bracelet from Forever 21

This is what I like to call a "cooler weather" outfit (for this time of year, at least). It's been hotter than you-know-where around here lately, so the little "chill" we had in the air last week was very welcome. And called for my favorite skinny jeans, obviously.  May have to invest in a new pair of these this season!
top: PacSun, 7 For All Mankind "The Skinny" skinny jeans, Tory Burch wedges, Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM, Tom Ford Sunglasses, cuff bracelets from thecurrentcustom.com

This was a fun and comfortable little outfit. My friend came into town to stay with us so I wore this to the airport to pick her up and then out for a fun day of shopping around the city.
Forever 21 top, Club Monaco scalloped shorts, Forever 21 shoes, Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM, Stella & Dot pendant, Michael Kors watch

LOVE. THESE. PANTS. I scored these on a major end of season sale at Club Monaco last year. I also got them in another fun print that I can't wait to wear. Perfect for Fall.
Express tanks, Club Monaco pants, Forever 21 shoes, Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM, Michael Kors Watch, thecurrentcustom.com cuff bracelets, Henri Bendel sparkle bracelet, Jennifer Zeuner monogram pendant

 This outfit is so easy and comfortable. Yet looks so put-together. Love outfits like these...
dress from shopdressup.com, LV Lumineuse PM, BCBG necklace, Michael Kors Watch, Henri Bendel bracelet

Another super-easy, comfortable look. Gotta love a good maxi dress.
J. Crew dress, Sam Edelman leopard Gigi sandals, LV Lumineuse PM (can you tell I love this bag?), Jennifer Zeuner monogram pendant, Michael Kors watch, Tom Ford sunglasses

This outfit was the most perfect and easy "shopping day" look. Comfortable, put-together, and easy. Love it.
LNA top, Club Monaco shorts, Forever 21 shoes, LV Lumineuse PM, Stella & Dot necklace

hmm... I really must love these shorts too! ;)
Michael Stars top, Club Monaco shorts, Forever 21 shoes, Nashelle initial pendant

This picture freaks me out. Maybe its the hands coming together...  Most of the time, I'll edit photos together like this on Instagram because they crop it into a square and it's hard to see the whole outfit. If you do it side-by-side like this, you can see more of it, closer-up. It makes sense, I swear. ;)
Lucca Couture romper, Henri Bendel earrings

I love this top. It's so soft and comfy and perfect for traveling! I was headed to New York that particular morning.
Club Monaco top, 7 For All Mankind zip-ankle skinnies, Forever 21 shoes, LV Lumineuse PM

I LOVED this look. Besides wearing one of my very favorite tops, the skull belt gave it something extra.
Zara top, 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans, Tory Burch wedges, LV Neverfull GM, belt from shopdressup.com, Stella & Dot necklace

And finally, this look proves that an awesome pair of shoes can make the most basic look look fabulous.
Club Monaco top, 7 For All Mankind zip-ankle skinnies, Steve Madden shoes, Jennifer Zeuner pendant

So especially with Fall coming up around the corner (and lots of new looks to try), I'll definitely make it a point to do more OOTD posts for the blog! I miss them ;)  If you're a fan of OOTD's, don't miss my current videos where I'm starting to throw them in at the end!
Have a fabulous weekend!!


Lorac Pro Palette Swatches & First Impressions

Hello, Loves! Today I'm bringing you a peek at my newest palette, the Lorac Pro Palette.

I picked up this beauty during a recent trip to Ulta where I went to spend my rewards points and pick up some sunscreen.  Well, a full-out haul happened.
Oh, Ulta... Isn't that always the way?

You can check out my newest haul video on my YouTube channel showing this palette and all the other goodies I picked up. But since I found this palette to be so special, I figured it deserved its own blog post.
Full of swatch-y goodness.

The palette sells for $42 and contains 16 eye shadows and one Behind the Scenes Eye Primer.

I'm loving the colors... This is seriously one of the most versatile palettes I've ever seen. EVERY SINGLE color is very pigmented and swatches like butter.
Besides the amazing quality, the color selection is absolutely awesome. I've said this a ton of times, but with palettes, I can't justify spending a lot of money on something that I have to add a lot of other colors to to make it work. This one has a mix of matte and frosted shades that work beautifully together, as well as a great mix of highlight shades, darker shades, blending shades, and some fun colors as well.

*swatches of the left side of the palette*

*swatches of the right side of the palette*

For more on this palette and the other items I picked up at Ulta (& an OOTD), check out my Ulta Haul Video below!

What do YOU think about this palette? Have you tried it? Will you be picking it up? 


Shape Beauty Awards Videos!

So weeks back, you may all remember this post where I traveled to New York to work on a project with Shape Magazine...

Well, the September Beauty Awards issue is finally out and I'm so excited to share with you all what I was working on!

So while I was there, I shot 5 videos for Shape Magazine's website, featuring some of the Shape Beauty Award-winning products.  They're very different from my more informal and casual "talk to the camera" videos on my channel, which is exciting. It was fun to have a crew handling all the specifics and to do something a little different.

So we shot 5 different ones focusing on different areas of beauty and specific products.  They were so fun to shoot and I'm so happy with how they came out!
Check all of them out below...

Salon-Inspired Hair--at Home!
from Shape Marketing on Vimeo.

Makeover Your Gym Bag
from Shape Marketing on Vimeo.

Face: The Facts
from Shape Marketing on Vimeo.

Get A Rockstar Look
from Shape Marketing on Vimeo.

Behind the Scenes with TiffanyD
from Shape Marketing on Vimeo.

There is also a little section about me in the issue itself which is exciting! If you have the issue, you can also easily view the videos directly from the magazine from your smartphone which is fun. It really is a great issue.  I'm LOVING all the beauty features inside!

So did you guys pick up this month's Shape Beauty Awards issue? What do you think??


Lining the Waterline: Best Liners & Tutorial

If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you may have seen my video I posted yesterday all about my new darker hair! I'm so excited about it... If you couldn't tell from the video. ;)

So with the darker hair, I'm loving adding a bit more drama to my eyes. I've always been a big fan of eyeliner. To me, it's one of the biggest ways you can transform your look.  While I've never been one to always line the waterline, or "tightline" my eyes, I've been doing it a lot lately. Even before the color change.
So I thought since this technique - while simple, can be tricky, I'd devote a new video to it explaining some of my favorite products to use in that area as well as a little tutorial/demo of how I've been lining mine.

So to explain the whole tricky-yet-simple thing... What makes it tricky is the area itself. Since it's a moist area, using a liner that transfers to it easily without irritation is key. You not only need to be careful about the products you use, but you need to select products that will last throughout the day as well.  Trust me, I've tried basically every eye liner known to mankind.

Well, maybe not all of them, but I know a thing or two about most of them.

So I hope you guys enjoy my video all about the products I recommend for lining the waterline and the tutorial for how I have been applying mine lately. I also demonstrate my little trick which is what I think is pretty key in helping it stay put throughout the day. It's really simple!

Products mentioned:
NARS Larger Than Life eye pencils in Via Veneto (black) and Rue Bonaparte (nude)
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner
Loreal Colour Riche Eye Pencil
MAC Fluidline
Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner
Armani Smooth Silk Eye Pencil (transfers softer, but lasts a long time)

What are your favorite liners for the waterline?


DIY Gold-Corner Frames

Ok so I'm totally not sure of the "official" names of frames of this style but I love them.
I love them and it seems that they're really hard-to-find.  PERFECT recipe for a DIY project, don't you think??

So it all started when I kept looking at my black frame on my desk...

Please excuse the awesomely yellow Instagram pic. The original is on a different computer.

I LOVE my little easel and frame (the frame is from Target and was around $18), however, I felt like it could benefit from a little gold-cornered action.

So I'm not going to act like this is something ground-breaking or super difficult. I just imagined how I wanted it to turn out, used some Frog Tape (which I usually HATE... Me and painter's tape do not mix), and spray painted that baby.

Well, it involved a little bit more than that.
While this project was pretty easy, it was also kind of stressful... haha.  Stressful in that I found you can easily ruin your whole frame with paint if you don't do it correctly.

So first, I removed all the glass and backing from the frame so that it was a totally bare frame. All the ones I used for this are from Target and come apart perfectly exposing just the bare frame itself to make this easy.
Then, I took my painter's tape (I used Frog Tape) to tape off the sides of the frame exposing the corners you want painted. I totally did not measure the corners, I just eye-balled it and it turned out great!
Here's one of the most important tips... Make sure the tape edges are sealed super well against the frame along the edge where the paint will end. To do this, I just used my nails to sort of scrape the edge of the tape against the frame. Sort of making sure the tape is well-secured to the frame and pressed down really hard.
You definitely have to cover the rest of the frame (the exposed sides) because they will get overspray on them. You could use more tape, or use some scrap paper like I did to cover it. I taped the paper into place.
Then you're ready to paint!

I always paint outside, away from the house, on some scrap cardboard.  I really like this particular gold spray paint by Valspar. It covers really smooth and leaves a really shiny and glossy finish.
Then I sprayed a couple quick coats to the corners making sure to get all the edges really well. Before you remove the tape, you need to double check the tops and side edges to make sure you've covered them with paint evenly because it will be really tough to tape it off on the same line perfectly again if you need to touch them up.

Then, I carefully removed the paper covering the sides and peeled away the tape. I could not believe how crisp the lines came out!

...Mostly because I DO NOT trust painter's tape. Even the Frog Tape brand I used, which is supposed to never bleed. Well, it always bleeds. ALWAYS. I never use painter's tape when I paint rooms (around moldings, etc.), just because I find it always takes forever to tape-off the room. Then the results are crappy. So to me, it's not worth it. I can paint pretty crisp lines free-hand in those situations.
But for something like this, you NEED that crisp, perfectly straight edge.
So I was pleasantly surprised.

Here's my re-vamped frame in my office I showed before...

Turned out so pretty right??

This one is my favorite...

I think I may love the print inside it even more though...

You can get it on Etsy here. (and no, that's not sponsored. I just love her shop so much!)

And finally, my little shadow box frame...

Inside is a little painting I've had forever. I never knew just quite how to frame it or what I wanted to do with it. I think it looks presh now... and a little fancy.

All of these frames were purchased at Target between $15 and $18. Not too bad, huh?
I just love how much of an impact the gold corners create. Gives the typical black frames a little something extra.

Now, to resist doing this to every black frame I own. While I love the gold, you could do some seriously fun color combos with more vibrant colors.  The possibilities are endless!
What do you guys think? Any simple and fun DIY projects you've tackled lately?


Husband Tag! A.K.A... Brad Tells My Secrets

Hello and happy Monday, Loves!!
So over the weekend, Brad and I finally took the plunge.

...and filmed the Husband Tag.  This video has been by far THE MOST requested video ever.

For years, I wasn't quite sure what this video was all about. I had only seen one where the guy applies makeup to the girl. Never good... haha. Still wrapping my mind around that one...

So we never really thought a whole lot about doing one of these, until I realized what it was actually all about. Questions. Questions that can lead to some pretty embarrassing things about yours truly.
We had SO much fun doing this! Brad and I had talked about it a little bit over the past few weeks about doing this soon.  This past weekend, I bought a new camera and as we were playing around with it Friday, Brad said, "Let's film the husband video tomorrow morning."  Um, heck yes, we did.
We actually had so much fun doing it (and you all have been loving it), that I think we'll probably turn this into a series where we'll answer questions from YOU ALL every month or so. We'll definitely try to do it at least once every two months. Ideally, once a month. We'll make it work!

So check out our first "questions" video below! Don't forget to ask some questions of your own either in the comments of this blog or in the video itself and we may answer them in our next one!


The Newest Benefit Boxed Powder- Rockateur Review

So we've all heard about the Benefit boxed powders... I've always really loved (most of) them, so when I heard about the newest one in the line, Rockateur, I could not wait to get my hands on it!

To me, most of these are great. There is only one that I really dislike... Hoola. I know, I know. Lots of people out there absolutely love it, but it's probably my least favorite bronzer ever. That's a whoooole other story.
But back to the positives, most of the shades are really wearable and flattering. I think overall, the formulas are great too. If I had to choose an all-time favorite, it would have to be Dallas...
Surprisingly followed by this new one.
Yes, it's fabulous.
Don't miss my full review (and some possible downfalls) at the bottom of the post.

This is how Benefit describes it...
Our famously provocative cheek powder in rockin' rose gold gives a show-stopping "rush of heat." For an encore, the sexy sculpted design is accented in gold.

It comes with the little brush as they always do, but I find this one is actually pretty good! Over the years, they've changed them from the oldest "squared-off" and very stiff brushes that I absolutely hate, to these soft and rounded ones that I actually can use with the product and really like! 

 Here's what it looks like on.  Very natural! It's a pretty rosy flush.

So I've already told you guys I love it, but here are all my thoughts...
So basically, I think the product is totally deceiving in the packaging. All the golden, frosty shimmer is downright scary where blush is concerned. Especially since this product is marketed as a blush and not really as a highlighter. Most people aren't into heavily frosted blush. I think some people may decide to pass on this product at first glance because of that. 
However, if you actually TRY it on your skin (not just swatching it on your fingers), you'll find the finish is actually really natural and flattering.  I find that most of the time, blush that has a bit of a sheen to it (not heavy or anything) actually reads more natural on your skin. Rather than a totally matte formula which can sometimes look fake and chalky. 
The color is pretty perfect too. A really pretty and warm rosy shade that I think would work on most skin tones.  It also smells fabulous.
So long story short, I basically love it.

Rockateur will retail for $28 and will be available in September 2013.

What do you guys think? Will you be checking it out?? What is YOUR favorite Benefit boxed powder?

*Product provided for consideration by Benefit with no agreements or obligations to review or feature.