NEW Sigma Beauty Extended Wear Eye Liner Collection

Today I'm bringing you my thoughts on Sigma Beauty's new collection of 9 "Extended Wear" eye liners. 

They're available both individually and are also sold in color-coordinating "kits" of three (plus a brush).
I love the color-coordinating packaging. It really makes it easy to find the color you're looking for, rather than all-black packaging, searching for a name.

The individual eye liners are $9 each, while the eye liner kits (of 3 liners and a brush) are $33.
All but one of the eye liners are very shimmery. While overall, I'm not a fan of very frosted, shimmery eye liners (they can usually come off a bit softer and less pigmented than a matte formula), some of these I really love.  
Check out all my thoughts and swatches below....

Enlighten, Balance, Boost
*These three shades are available individually or together in the "Neutral" kit, along with an E21 brush.

Enlighten is a "shimmery soft gold" and a great shade to use in the inner corner or along the lower lash line for highlighting.

Balance is a "shimmery chocolate brown" that is a bit softer in pigment than a typical brown eye liner. However, it's got a lot of soft (not chunky) shimmer that really transfers and gives it a bit of something different.

I really love Boost. It's described as a "matte rich black" I actually wore this shade a few days in a row and found it to be really easy to apply and just as long wearing as some of my other favorite pencil liners. This one is my favorite in the collection. Not just because it's black, but because the formula is awesome. I really wish there were a brown equivalent of it in the collection.

Downplay, Declare, Drift
*These three shades are available individually or together in the "Warm" kit, along with an E20 brush.

Downplay is a "shimmery antique rust" shade that would look gorgeous smudged along the lower lash line to really emphasize blue eyes.

Declare is a very soft "shimmery deep eggplant" shade. I wish it were a bit darker to wear as actual eye liner though. While I LOVE purple/eggplant liners, this one is a bit too soft for me to use as an actual liner.

Drift is a "shimmery vibrant yellow-gold" liner that would be perfect along the lower lash line or even as a base for a really bright gold eye look.

Focus, Electrify, Flirt
*These three shades are available individually or together in the "Cool" kit, along with an E30 brush.

Focus is a really pretty "duo-chrome green-brown" that actually reads (without flash) a bit gray. It definitely changes a bit in different light (as duo-chromes do), and is actually a good shade to wear around the entire eye for a softer look.

Electrify confuses the heck out of me. It's described as a "shimmery royal purple" which it is, however, the packaging and product itself looks very royal, almost navy blue.  I think that's what this collection is really missing.  A good deep blue. I do really like this shade though. It reminds me of Parfait Amour by MAC. Good bright purple bases are hard to find, so this would be great to use under a bright purple eye shadow or just as well as an eye liner. 

Flirt is a "shimmery vivid turquoise" that is definitely one of my favorites in this collection. The pigmentation is great and I love how the color reads far more green than blue. Good green liners can be hard to find.

So what are your thoughts? Any favorites you've got your eye on?

*If you guys decide to pick any of these up, don't forget to use the code "RNL2013" here to save 10%!

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  1. I love the golden. Definitely wanna try these out!

    Great post xx


  2. The colors look really pretty - I kind of love them all! Sigma is killing it lately!

  3. I love coloured eye liners, especially during the summer months!
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  4. Gorgeous eyeliners, I love them all.

  5. I love that you were so honest with your review! Very pretty colors but none that I would actually buy.

  6. They look amazing! x


  7. The neutral kit looks beautiful - could even use the eyeliners as cream eyeshadows!

    A beauty, food and life blog by Izzi

  8. I love most of the shades, but I don't think I'm going to purchase any of them.

  9. I don't know how I feel about Rift, but the other colors are beautiful!


  10. They all look so beautiful, I really love the neutral shades.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  11. Definitely picking some of these up at the Sigma store this weekend!

  12. Love the colors! Mind checking out my blog? I just started! You were my inspiration!! :)

  13. Are they as soft as the eyeliners from Stila?

    A big kiss from Brazil (São Paulo city).

  14. I really want to try these eyeliners!

  15. they look not very pigmented... maybe that's not the right word. But they're just not impressing me for some reason. I'll have to try them out myself.

  16. Love the colors! Would you mind checking out my blog? I just started! Any help would be appreciated! :)

  17. love them! shop here for $1.00 accessories! www.shopmissa.com

  18. It's so weird to me that buying a pack of three is more expensive than buying three individually. I know you get the brush, but I don't need any more brushes so that's not a good incentive. I'll have to think about it.

  19. Very nice! I want all of them!

  20. Sigma is doing a great job with their products! Will try some soon :)
    Great review :)


  21. How do these pencils wear? I love the colors you've shown! I've been wearing Urban Decay 24/7 liners and love how they last. I just wonder how these last.


  22. You commented briefly on the staying power, but how is it compared to other liners like the Urban Decay line.

  23. Amazing all eye liners are lovely. Beautiful shades. love them :)

  24. Well now i need all of them D: The bronze and the gold one , i have to have them!

  25. The three that come in the neutral kit have got me drooling! I've never even thought about wanting to try sigma products until now. Thanks for sharing! :)


  26. so rich colours and good texture

  27. These seem great! Thanks for the review! Love your blog!

  28. Only one matte shade? That's very disappointing.

  29. These are all really pretty! Must try these soon!
    Thanks for the post Tiffany! :)


  30. Is Boost good for staying power on the waterline? sparkle2day.com

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