Get PERFECT Nails! My Easy Manicure Routine and Must-Have Nail Care Products

I've never been the type to really enjoy getting my nails done. I used to get manicures here and there, but always was too impatient or felt a little grossed-out, even at the cleanest of places. I just like doing my nails myself. Over the years, I've discovered some awesome products to keep them looking their best. It's SO quick and easy and my nails have never looked better!

For all the details on how and when I use the products, check out my video below!

My Must-Have Nail Care Products:
OPI Nail Envy (original)
Essie Disappearing Trick (or any cuticle remover)
rounded, smooth metal cuticle pusher
stone nail file
4-sided nail buffer block (one that isn't too rough or harsh)
gentle, nourishing nail polish remover for natural nails
Soap & Glory Hand Food
CND Solar Oil
CND Sticky Base
INM Out the Door topcoat


  1. Hi Tiffany:) I was just wondering what kind of nail clippers you use? The only ones I can find with a straight edge are for toes! Maybe that's what you have...and maybe it doesn't make a difference...Just curious! Thanks:)

  2. thank you so much the INM recommendation! I have been dealing with every thing you mentioned in terms of the Seche Vite - right now I have half a bottle left and its so goopy and thick, I can barely get it out. I was just going to break down and buy another bottle.
    Can't wait to try the INM!


  3. I always have problems with my nail polish chipping off a few days after I put it on even though I try to get it done with a single layer. Time to go out to get a bottle of the CND Sticky Base and see if that helps.

  4. One thing that really help me with my nail polish is after I file and buff my nails I always wash my hands, concentrating on my nails to get all the hand cream and oils that maybe be left on my nails before I paint them. I always use a base coat too.


  5. Thank you for all these great tips! I need to get some cuticle remover and oil, because mine are always so dry!


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  6. Thank you for this video! I love your white nails ;)


  7. Thanks so much for these tips!

    BTW I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Link here.

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

  8. This so works! I went by target today and picked up the NYC Matte top coat and my white nails look amazing! Thanks :)

  9. Such great tips! I have to pick up that top coat!

  10. thanks! this was so helpful! I was actually planning on doing my nails tonight :)


  11. Thank You for 'Matte about you trick"!!! I LOVE white nails, but have been fighting streaks for years!. Great tip.

  12. wow great ilove your nails thanks for sharing a great tips...............

  13. awesome thanks for this great video..............

  14. Thanks for sharing, Tiffany! Nail polishes tend to wear off rather quickly when not properly taken care off. People usually forget to maintain their nail polishes resulting in chipped colors, which is very unsightly. Good day! :)

    Beulah May @ Bernards Salon and Spa