MAC Tropical Taboo Collection & MAC Illustrated Bags

Today I'm bringing you all my thoughts on yet another new MAC collection.  Two actually.  Is it me, or does it feel like they're spitting these babies out like crazy??

So first, Tropical Taboo....

This collection is full of Mineralized products. It's no secret by now that you all know that the Mineralize Eye Shadows are not my favorite. Unfortunately, I still feel that way after testing these from this collection. I'm still waiting on MAC to change the formula so that they come off as beautifully as they do in the packaging.  To me, they all seem to sort of blend together into shades that can look pretty drab. Sad, but true. Some of them that are more solid come off beautifully. It's mostly just the ones that appear to contain a few different colors swirled into one. Let's check 'em out.

Mineralize Eye Shadow: $21. 

Bossa Blue

Dare to Bare


top-bottom: Bossa Blue, Dare to Bare, Caribbean

Next, the Mineralize Skinfinish...
I've always been a fan of these. The two shades I have from this collection are actually really warm and beautiful. The shimmer is nice too... Not too glittery or chunky.  Just a beautiful shimmer.  I would wear these dusted lightly over blush or even as blush alone if you don't mind the shimmer on your cheeks.  I was impressed with the actual color payoff of these.

Mineralize Skinfinish: $30.



Rio (left), Lust (right)

Next, the Mineralize Blush.  Generally, I find that these are more on the darker side and more perfectly suited for darker skin tones. For me, I can definitely make them work by applying them with a lighter hand. This is the one I have from this collection...

Mineralize Blush: $25.


I've always been a fan of the Kohl Power Eye Pencils. This collection has two.  I'm LOVING this shade. It's a beautiful blackened gold with beautiful shimmer. The other shade is Feline which is one of my favorite black liners ever.

Kohl Power Eye Pencil: $16.


Now on to the lip products! This collection has 5 Mineralize Rich Lipsticks. I have one, which I definitely think is one of the prettiest shades in the collection (I checked out the others in the product description photos I received with the collection which are GORGEOUS... I definitely need to check them out in person!).  I love how these feel on the lips. Really rich, creamy, and a bit sheer, but perfectly pigmented enough.

Mineralize Rich Lipstick: $22.

Lady at Play

Cremesheen Glass: $20.
 top-bottom: Japanese Spring, Fever Isle, Narcissus

How GORGEOUS is Fever Isle?? I love the pigmentation and subtle sparkle.

Lip Pencil: $15.
 Ablaze (top), Have To Have It (bottom)

These are both great lip liner shades. The Ablaze would pair perfectly with the Lady at Play lipstick above.  While the Have To Have It appears as a great nude, it's much more of an orange-toned brown. So don't expect to pair this with your really nude lip colors. It will pair much better if you're wearing a more brown shade.

I decided to combine the MAC Illustrated Bag collection with this one as well since there's just a few.  I really like these!  Some of you may know that the MAC Softsacs are some of my absolute favorite little cosmetic bags. These remind me of them... but a lot more fun. They're a great size too.
These are the ones I have (there are 4).

Illustrated Bag 1 by Indie 184, $36

Illustrated Bag 1 by Anja Kroenke, $36

So what are your thoughts? Any products that catch your eye??

Products sent for consideration by MAC Cosmetics with no obligations or agreements to feature or review.


  1. Lovely swatches! The shades look GORGEOUS!!! I must get my hands on those makeup bags! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. This looks like such a pretty collection! I can't wait to try it out. Great photos and swatches!


  3. Not sure I'm loving how shimmery some of them are, but I love the colors. The bags are awesome!

    I Pink i Love You

  4. Thanks for sharing! Those bags look fun too. I like the Mineralize Skinfinish in Lust, that is gorgeous.
    <3 Carolyn

  5. So pretty stuff... thanks for the great swatches! The both MSFs are gorgeous, and Lady at play, the gloss Fever isle.... I really love the summer collctions by Mac!

  6. These look amazing!

    Carina xx

  7. The Mineralize skin finishes look amazing, I'll definitly be trying them out! thanks! xx

  8. I agree, the MSFs are beautiful and I love the eye liner!! Tutorial idea Tiffany...? Perhaps a basic guide to lip wear, i.e. when and how to wear lip sticks from the simple and elegant to the bright or bold?

  9. I love the mineralized skin finishes in this collection and I think I'm going to get fever isle and rio


  10. This collection looks great for summer!! Especially the Cremesheens!!



  11. The mineralized skin finishes in Lust and Rio are absolutely gorgeous! Will definitely be getting my hands on these if I can :)

    A beauty, food and life blog by Izzi

  12. I'm not too fussed on the collection as a whole but some of the products look lovely like the blush


  13. oh the first bag is amazing, and i love all these beauty products...love love love

  14. Love the look of those bags! I totally need to get one of them!

  15. I love all these colors!
    Thank you for the post.


  16. The colors look amazing. I must try them all out!!

  17. I feel like the Mineralize Eye Shadows look pretty weak. What was your opinion on them in person? I am a huge fan of mineralize skin finish! I think that is a stand out product for MAC. Love your blog! :)


  18. I fell in love with the tropical taboo collection when I first saw it, I ended up purchasing 2 of the mineralized skin finishes from it, very excited to play with them! Fever Isle is pretty but from the photo Revlon just came out with a dupe for that! haha
    Thanks for the great post, I was hoping to read this before purchasing!

  19. These look beautiful! I have my eye on the MSF in Adored and the Blush in Sweet Samba!


  20. Wow! You've got lots of great MAC products! I love the swatches and these illustrated bags are soooo cool! ^^

  21. sooooo pretty ! looove te MSF's

  22. I loved the red lipglass and the last bag! It's so artistic and weird (in a good way!)

    The Austrian Rose

  23. I really like the look of the Mineralize Skinfinishes, especially Lust. But my stand-out fave is the Cremesheen Glass in Fever Isle. It looks so beautiful and summery, think I might have to purchase!

  24. I liked your Mac Collection its amazing. Fever isle and lip liners are just lovely :)

  25. I'm not a fan of those eyeshadows either, but i am in LOVE with their MSF's. I have lightscapade and it's my favorite highlighter. Those creamsheens look really promising too


  26. Oh my goodness, those eyeshadows are GARBAGE! What is MAC thinking?!?

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