MAC All About Orange Collection

I have to admit, when I first heard of this collection, I was a bit afriad skeptical. Orange isn't typically my number one choice of shades to put on my face.  However, I think MAC did this in a really tasteful and wearable way.
It's not a huge collection, but it contains 7 Lipsticks, 3 Cremesheen Glasses, 1 Eye Shadow quad, 3 Powder Blushes, and 5 Nail Lacquers in really wearable orange shades or shades that complement the orange shades really well.  To me, the collection centers around the lipsticks since there are so many and they are truly all beautiful shades.  The 3 powder blush shades look absolutely gorgeous as well, although I don't have any of those to show you. I will DEFINITELY be looking to get a few of those, although I'll definitely be checking them out in person first to make sure they aren't too similar to other stuff I have.
Ok so enough chit chat! Here's the items I have from this unexpectedly beautiful collection.

 MAC All About Orange
Availabe June 6th-July 22nd
All MAC Locations

Lipstick $15.
(l-r) Sweet & Sour, Flamingo

Cremesheen Glass $20.
Imperial Light

Eye Shadow x4 $40.
Rainy Season (Rainy Season, Arctic Grey, Courtley Grey, Typographic)

Nail Lacquer $16.
Ke Ai

So what are YOU guys eyeing from this collection? I am definitely going to check out the other lipstick shades and blushes!

Products provided for consideration by MAC Cosmetics with no agreements or obligations to feature.


  1. I'm not a huge orange fan but I really like the lipgloss.

  2. The eye shadows look really really nice, and I also like the nail polish xxx


  3. I must say I don't like orange but the lipsticks are very pretty.

  4. So glad you did a post on this collection. I saw an e-mail come through last week from Mac and was giddy because I love oranges and corals. I did a pre-sell at my local Nordstrom to make sure that I got the colors I wanted (they were already sold out on Mac online). But I think Im going to have to add Flamingo to my order now - so gorgeous!! Already had Sweet & Sour on the list. ;)

    Merch Maven

  5. I love the products you chose, especially the eye shadow quad.


  6. im big fan of orange lipstick, so I would buy them!

  7. Lovely!!! I really like the Flamingo shade of lipstick -- since it's not too orange-y.

    I'm not a big fan of orange makeup on my pale skin. Definitely digging the eyeshadow palette!

  8. I'm loving both of those lipsticks!


  9. I'd like to try the Flamingo lipstick. I love the oranges out in clothes this summer, and that looks like it has a nice pink hue to the orange.

  10. I'm liking the Flamingo lipstick! I'll have to go check out the blushes. Thanks for posting!

  11. I live in the Netherlands. I red that it only would be sold at the Bijenkorf (departmentstore). I really wanted Royal sunset and Immortal flower. So pretty!! When I swatched Flamingo I hestitaded. And I didn't buy it. At home I wished I did buy it. In the evening I called the store and it was sold out.
    When I woke up I checked my Phone. Coudn't believe it. MAC was selling it online!! So happy I could order Flamingo (and Razzledazzle). My friend was still asleep so I guessed she wanted Royal sunset and Flamingo as wel. She liked Royal sunset but wasn't to sure about Flamingo. I think she falls in love when she sees it.. :P

  12. orange is my favourite colour but i don't have anything orange in my make up collection, that will be changing soon due to this collection...

  13. Sweet and Sour plus the eyeshadow quad, but not the polish.

  14. I like the flamingo lipstick, the lipgloss, and the nail lacquer!

  15. I love MAC products. I'm planning to buy orange lipsticks on payday.

  16. Flamingo looks like Ever hip to me, love the colours! :)

  17. Love all these colours - especially the orange lipsticks!


    I would love it if you entered my Zoya & Sephora giveaway!




  18. The flamingo lipstick and the eyeshadow quad look nice.
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  19. I'm dying to see the shade Flamingo on you, please review it in a video pppplease & thank you!

  20. Sweet and Sour plus the eyeshadow quad, but not the polish.

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  21. I'm not a fan of orange shades either but the cremesheen gloss looks pretty!