My Self-Tanning Routine! St. Tropez Mousse Tutorial

Over the past few years as a fair-skinned gal, I definitely haven't been about looking majorly "tan". I look back at photos of my high school and college days and absolutely CRINGE. I definitely should have embraced my pale-ness and maybe stepped it up a few shades for a bit of a bronze glow. But wow... looking cooked and fake baked is never a good look. Although at the time, I'm sure I thought it was amazing. Tanning beds should be against the law, just saying.

Oh well, you live and you learn. For me, I have a history of skin cancer in my family. So for years, I've taken my skin's health very seriously and gotten skin cancer screenings every 6 months. I cannot tell you how many biopsies and small surgeries I've had on "abnormal" moles.
Countless. I'm serious.
For me, I don't have moles that are raised. Just what appear to be flat "freckles" that are a bit darker. Those are the ones my dermatologist takes seriously because of my history, and the fact that some of mine haven't been "harmless".

So after going through that, I never UV tan. Totally not worth it. Plus, I like the idea of keeping my skin young-looking. So self-tanners are the way to go.
My issue is that I HATE applying them. They always stain my clothes and look unnatural in a few days.

Praise goodness I've found one that works perfectly for me! I'm so excited to share it with you guys!

Here are the products I use for a flawless and natural-looking faux glow:

St Tropez Bronzing Mousse
St Tropez Application Mitt (You NEEED the Mitt. Trust me on this.)
Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer (Revitalizing Formula) Medium-Tan shade
Jergens Natural Glow SPF 20 Facial Moisturizer in Medium-Tan
(Pre-tan: Nivea Express Hydration)

Because self-tanning can be tricky, I decided that rather than describe how to apply it (which can lead to trouble where this topic is concerned), I'd actually SHOW you. To see how I apply these and for all my tips, check out my video tutorial below!

What are YOUR favorite self-tanning products??


  1. My fav self tanner is probably Bare Essentials Faux Tan (in the white bottle)

  2. I'm too much of a wuss to try fake tanning in case I end up with streaks everywhere haha :') I think I'll just have to embrace my paleness :) x


  3. I just ordered a new mousse tanner this week and was wondering how best to use it, so this tutorial came at the perfect time! This will make it a lot less scary.

  4. the loreal sublime bronze absolutly love!!!

  5. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I regret ever using tanning beds and I have recently started using self-tanners because, when I think about it, I don't want to end up looking like the lady on "There's Something About Mary" and more importantly I definitely do not want to get skin cancer. I use Jergen's but now I want to try this St. Tropez! Thanks so much!

  6. Thanks for talking about this topic! I had a melanoma removed when I was 21...and like you, visit the derm every 6 months and routinely have biopsies taken. I haven't completely learned to embrace the pale so I rely on Sun labs sunless tanner. I've tried the St. Tropez lotion and wasn't crazy about it. I'll have to give the mousse a try.

  7. I definitely needed this tutorial! So thankful you did it!!

    xo, Jordan

  8. Thanks for the tips! It was very insightful :)


  9. I use Banana Boat Endless Summer for dark skin. I like to mix it with a regular body lotion and I never look streaky, its a daily build-able tan.

  10. Thank you for the demo. I use Jergens, but after a few uses, I see patches all over my neck and chest, so I try not to use it a lot. Otherwise, I like how it does not stain clothes.

  11. Great tutorial -- self-tanners kind of freak me out, so seeing how the mitt works helps a lot! Do you use the mitt when you put on the Jergens, also? -Liz

  12. Tiffany does the jergens stain the palms of your hands?

  13. Do you apply the Jergen's face moisturizer every day? Do you also use your regular face moisturizer before you apply your foundation?

  14. I use Sun Labs with Latex Gloves. Works wonderfully. I have the same skin tone as Tiffany, and the Sun Labs finishes in the same color as St. Tropez, but comes out darker initially. (Which I find helps with application AND you get immediate color!)
    I have extremely sensitive skin on my Face (i.e. I change my pillow case every 2 days) and use this product on my Face - no clogged pores and no breakouts!! (Applying from the outer corners into the center - helps with "HACing" as well)
    Hope this helps! Thanks for this Tiffany!!

  15. I just started using the St. Tropez and I'm kind of disappointed. I'd say I'm your skin tone and well, I've applied for 3 days and don't look much different then when I started. I'm not looking for bronze goddess, but I'd like to look a little less like the alabaster disaster I feel like I'm portraying. I'm going to try using some Jergen's too, but I really hate how DHA-ish it smells. :|

  16. Thanks for that video,it was really helpful.
    It's hard to get the Jergens products here in Germany and if you get them they're really overpriced.
    But now a friend will bring me some stuff from the USA. :) Can't wait to try it out.
    Hopefully it will work out so well like yours. ;)

  17. This review is very helpful for me.i try to use.Fake Tan

  18. Just stumbled upon "Pretend Tan" Over the years I have used them all and this is the best I've seen. Available in spray and mousse and comes with a mit to even things out. Great natural color.