Mint Ottoman, Mint Shorts.

I'm bringing you guys a little combo post today... A little decor and a little ootd action.

Basically since the new closet made it's debut in my Closet Tour video, I had been eyeing the big empty space in the middle of the room...

Well, almost empty. ;)

I knew it needed something. A little island of drawers and some counter space for accessories maybe? A big ottoman? I knew I had to decide between the two because there definitely wouldn't be room for both.  There were pros to each choice. I had no idea which to choose so I kind of chose neither for a while. I knew either choice would be an expensive choice so I kind of decided to sleep on it. For a month.
Which really ended up working out perfectly because once I actually used the space for a month, the decision was clear. 
Ottoman it would be.

Why? Because I found myself needing a place to sit when putting on shoes and a place to lay out outfits while I picked them out. But mostly so that the floor wouldn't catch my things. Because I would NEVER throw clothes on the floor....   
Ok, it happens sometimes.

Anyway, I found the PERFECT one at one of my favorite home decor websites right now, LuluandGeorgia.com.  It's the perfect size, perfect color, and it feels really nicely made.  I'm glad I went with a fun color (it also comes in navy and beige). It really brings some life to the space. 

So since I promised you all that I would spill ALL the details as soon as I found the perfect piece, here it goes!

I love the size of it. It's very narrow, almost bench-like, however, the fluffy pillowtop layer on top gives it some softness. It's lightweight and sits on casters, so I can scoot it around the carpet easily if it needs to be moved. The genius of this?? I still have room for an island of drawers if I ever need them! I could just sit the ottoman in front of it right up against it. It's just the perfect piece for this space and I'm so in love!

Check out the pretty piping... The color reminds me almost of a Tiffany blue. Love.

So what's with my recent Lulu & Georgia obsession? You may remember my gorg rug I purchased a few weeks ago that completed the foyer...
I'll do a full post on the foyer soon since it's one area that sort of quickly came together. I'll definitely share all the rooms eventually!
Ugh, this rug is amazing. It's the Sabine rug
Anyway, I love the eclectic mix of modern, traditional, and glamorous items they carry. Very much my style, which I'd describe as a huge mash-up of pretty things I like. ;)

The gorgeous mint color of the ottoman is amazing and I definitely couldn't be happier with it!

Speaking of gorgeous mint colors... I noticed while taking some shots of the new ottoman that I had coincidentally selected shorts of the same color for that day's look. 

Mint is definitely one of (if not my fav) colors for Spring!
Here's a quick OOTD for ya.

I LOVE how a simple pair of shorts in a fun color can make an otherwise super simple outfit pop and look pulled-together.

Top: LNA, Shorts: J. Crew, Belt: Forever 21, Bag: Tory Burch, Shoes, Tory Burch, Necklace: Stella & Dot (Rebel Pendant), 

Oh, and Waylon totally approves.


  1. You've definitely got a girls dream closet Tiffany! Great decision on the ottoman. Love love that colour too!


  2. Those shorts are so pretty! And a really nice and flattering shape.
    Your ottoman is so big! Its awesome.

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    BreezeyBee Blog

  3. I would love a closet like this. The ottoman looks great, mint is one of my favourite colours!


  4. Love the ottoman and your shorts! Would love to have a closet like yours someday :)

  5. Love both the ottoman and the shorts!! :)

  6. wow, your outfit is perfect, I love the bag

  7. Omg. i need that closet in my life! and those shorts are Lovelyyy.



  8. Love your ottoman and those J. Crew shorts are adorable as well as Waylon omg he is precious...

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  9. It really works perfectly in your closet Tiffany! We are so glad that you love it!

  10. Great touch and piece of your closet! thanks for sharing

  11. We just did a closet remodel and I was looking for a similar ottoman (long/narrow), but then decided on a small, square ottoman from Target as my closet isn't as roomy as your closet/room. Now I don't have to sit on the floor to put on my shoes and that's good enough for me :-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  12. Waylon is smiling! <3 :) Cant wait to see him in the background now that he has something to sit on! I love that color, great choice Tiffany!!

  13. Where is your rug and mannequin from in your closet?

    1. The rug is an Overstock find. The mannequin is from PB Teen (got it about 5 years ago)

  14. Love your closet! The ottoman makes it so girly and sophisticated. Love your style Tiffany!

    hashtagphoebe on bloglovin

  15. Absolutely LOVE it! It definitely pulls the space together. And I think those shorts are sooo cute. Perfect for spring!

    Jamie - http://f0reverlovely.blogspot.com/

  16. What is the name of the jcrew shorts? I can't find them on the website, but must have them!!!

    1. Are these the soft mint color or sea glass? looks like it could go either way.

  17. li love the mint green color of the 'couch'-thing!
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  18. supercute!!! love the new addition to the closet, so jealous of your entire closet!!! I need to move down south... because you'd have to spend a fortune on a house like yours, if it were here in NY.. Amazing!


  19. I really love those ment shorts! especially with the black shirt. I really like pairing mint and black with some peach/coral jewelry. I think that makes it pop a bit more. I think this necklace would look too cute. http://www.redemptionstyle.com/collections/accessories/products/color-block-me-necklace

  20. So pretty-- the ottoman and the shorts! I have the same shorts in lavender :)

  21. Besides everything else awesome about this post, just wanted to say you got me into shorts!!!! the last few ootds you had shorts on I was like "omg, I need to buy shorts". I hate shorts, too. I could never find a pair that were long enough where my butt wasn't hanging out or (*coughstretchmarkscough*) LMAO. But anyways, I found a couple of pairs that actually are great fit and I can't wait to put cute outfits together with them. Now I want a pair of mint ones and white, too!!!!

  22. I love that mint colour! I also love your looks and your Youtube's Channel ;)

    Sorry for my english, i' French ;)



  23. I LOVE your style Tiff! Glad you are now posting your outfit of the days! ;)

    A Fashion, Beauty, and Mommy Blog

  24. I just discovered you last week (apparently I have been spending too much time under my rock!)! I'm a new subscriber and love your style. Would you care to share the dimensions of your closet? (maybe you already have, though...)

  25. Love the ottoman and you look very pretty in the photos...xoxo


  26. Tiffany, I absolutely love your walk-in robe and the ottoman. It is definitely a feature point of the room (although nothing will ever top Waylon's cuteness)and definitely draws the room together. I am currently converting a small bedroom into my own dressing room and feel inspired by your posts, so thanks!

  27. I love the mint ottoman! It looks so plush, and it seems really perfect for that space! I think you have my dream closet. I love your mint shorts too!! And the pup (I'm always a sucker for the pup pics).

  28. LOVE the OOTD! Gorg. BUT, just had to comment on the new tree backdrop at the new house! Very vibrant and refreshing to look at on a blog page :).

  29. I seriously love seeing home decor posts on here. I can't do much with the makeup but I can with your fabulous style and taste! I always look forward to see what you do with your house! Don't listen to people's comments about not liking so many decor posts please ;)

  30. Love your style!!!

    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

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  32. Yes, it's so nice and comfort...to have room like this )

  33. Those cute shorts are on J. Crew Factory for $26.50! so cute.

  34. Can you give me a little more info on the Ikea closet units you have? Hubby and I are looking to remodel our walk-in to be more efficient and all I can find on the website are the less sturdy medal looking units. Thanks! Smiles, Leanne

  35. Could you tell me where your mannequin is from please? Thank you