I'll Bet You Have Some Questions...

Let's be honest... We all have a bit of a creeper tendency lurking deep inside us.

Really, what I mean is that we all get a little curious.
Yeah, that sounds much nicer.
Some of you have been watching me for almost 5 years! When you watch someone talk about beauty products that long, It's hard not to have a few questions about their life. Especially since I kind of put myself out there for you guys. I share parts of my home, loved ones, and my advice with you all daily.
Why not answer a few of your most burning questions?
...When I say a few, I mean you guys literally asked me THOUSANDS! Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in this video and for making YouTube and this blog so much fun for me over the past 5 years.
While I couldn't answer thousands of questions, I asked as many as I could shove into this almost 20-minute-long video. I had so much fun doing this!

Hope you guys enjoy it!


  1. I really loved this video Tiffany! As always you were sincere and honest... but also adorably hilarious.


  2. Great video! I love your following your blog!

  3. I love your blog so much and your youtube videos! would mean the world if you could possibly check out my blog if you ever get the time? I know thats literally the most annoying question of all time but it would honestly mean the world to me from one blogger to another! xxxx

  4. Loved that you shared more about your life with us! Love reading your blog too :)

    Carina xx

  5. Where did you get your earrings in the video? I just love them!

  6. Thanks for sharing more of your life with us! :)

    Ruby Xo