Hello, Shopping Cart. It's been a while...

That feeling when you give in to your online shopping urges and actually pick up a ton of things that have been hanging out on your wishlist forever.  They arrive at your doorstep like a little present...and they're perfect.
That's a good day.

Maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but I seriously enjoyed my latest "higher-end" haul more than any other in a long time. Probably because it had been FOREVER since I shopped at Sephora. Or Chanel.com.  Or really any higher-end makeup in a while. Good old shameless fun.
Obviously the actual items I chose were the cause of all my excitement. I got some GOOD. STUFF, ya'll.
Seriously. Crazy good.
So I waited a few days to film the haul video so I could actually try out some of the items before I started singing their praises in all my post-shopping excitement. Because you really never know if they'll be all you'd hoped for. Definitely wouldn't want you all to purchase anything because I'm excited about it and it end up being a flop because I hadn't tried it. So lots of the items in this haul come with a little mini review.
*Check back soon for pics and a review of the new nail colors I picked up!
Hope you guys like my picks and enjoy the newest video!


  1. I love your hauls! Can't wait to go home and watch this video.


  2. Ah, now I have to go an try that mascara. Thanks for sharing all of you finds!

    <3 Carolyn
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  3. It is definatly fun getting your order after shopping online lol. I'm suprised every time:)


  4. LOVE hauls! i need to post mine too :)

  5. Le Volume smudges on me where it hits under my brows :(

  6. Great Video Tiffany. Question: DO YOU USE ANY ANTI-WRINKLE cream in your face? I am looking for a good one for the area around my eyes. Thanks Lana

  7. Lovely haul. Chanel is definitely my splurge brand. I've tried that mascara (got a sample of it with an order) and I'm trying so hard to find a cheaper alternative - it's amazing!