Colorful Spring Makeup Tutorial! Coral and Purple

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Hey Everyone! Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend so far!  I've finally caught a bit of a break around here with all the moving madness going on. We've been in our new house one week today! It's been so much fun putting the house together. Anyway, I'll be back on my regular posting schedule very soon! I cannot WAIT for you all to see my new filming space. We've been working on that and my new walk-in closet for the past few days now (hint). ;)
Anyway, I've been loving this new palette from Sigma Beauty lately and have been creating some really fun Spring looks with it. This one is really colorful, but still very wearable. I'll do a tutorial soon on the bright blues and greens in the palette as well. The combos are endless and it's so fun!  Hope you guys love it

Products Used:
Resort Palette by Sigma Beauty
*see swatches here
Pursue Eye Shadow Base by Sigma Beauty
Loreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense
Loreal Power Volume Black Smoke Mascara
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Supreme Style


  1. Nice. I think I'm going to try this look. Hey My name is Tiffany too. ^.^

  2. So beautiful! I love it!

    xoxo <3


  3. Such a cute eye-look. :) But i dont really know when i could wear this look.
    xx Stephaniesstyleblog

  4. Love this look! I never really think about coral for me but I am going to try this out for sure! :)


  5. I'm loving this look! I'm definitely going to have to try it some time this spring. I'll probably wear it with something simple like a plain white top & jeans or a little black dress.


  6. It's a beautiful look! Love the colors and the Resort palette :)

  7. such a pretty eye look! so perfect for spring!!!!!
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    Happy Easter! -Jenna <3

  8. When I try to apply my eye color using brushes, it is difficult to get much color on my eyelid. I get way more pigment when I use an eyeshadow sponge applicator. Could you explain why it is hard to transfer a pigmented color using a brush?

  9. Lovely make up! Liked it :)

  10. I like the color of the eye shadow. Purple is my favorite. Thanks for this tutorial I learned something new today. Keep them coming Tiffany D.


  11. This looks beautiful! It's definitely a bold look, but I feel like you could easily rock it in the office or whatever with a more played down lip color like you have here. Very nice!

  12. Dulcelissa - Great work Tiffany, I love the use of the colours, this is truly spring!
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  13. I love her smoky eyes! Very Fab!!
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  14. I absolutely love the makeup looks you do. You are one of the few Gurus that I have followed throughout these past few years. You have inspired me to begin teaching myself how to apply makeup properly. I have to say, I've definitely improved. (At least I receive compliments every once in a while!)


  15. I have a spring look too! Love yours http://superbeautyguru.com/floral-easter-spring-makeup-tutorial-using-fimo-crazy-makeup/

  16. Love this look!!!! It's pretty on you ;)


  17. This is such a pretty spring/summer look on you, which you make so wearable and current. Can I ask how you make the whites of your eyes SO white and sparkly?! I am guessing good diet and lots of sleep, but I wondered if you used eye drops or anything in particular? Melanie xx


  18. This is a great spring look, Tiff! Coral is on of the hottest colors for the spring and you've coordinated the other shadow with it well.

    -Crystal Michelle

  19. love your pretty eyes
    Much love,

  20. This is so fresh and spring looking. Love it.