Atlanta! Let's MEET UP at Henri Bendel!

Happy Friday Everyone!
So excited to finally announce a big meet up that's in the works for my Atlanta loves!! So crazy because being from Atlanta myself, I've never actually done an actual meet up here! So how amazing will it be to not only meet up and get to hang out with you all, but to also get to do it at one of my favorite shopping spots in the city? ...Henri Bendel!

Those of you who have followed my videos for a while know that I'm a bit Bendel-obsessed. So when they reached out to me offering a great place to host an amazing get-together for me and all of my fabulous Atlanta subscribers, I was super excited!

So this fun afternoon of shopping and getting together will take place on Saturday, April 6 from 2-4 pm at the Henri Bendel store at Lenox Square.  Not only will there be goodies and Champagne, but a 20% discount is always fun too, right? There will also be a few other surprises and maybe even a giveaway for those who attend. ;)

I'm SO excited to meet you all, get a chance to hang out a bit, and to shop for some amazing things together for Spring.

*Don't forget to RSVP to mknapp@limitedbrands.com if you're planning to attend to help them plan accordingly for the crowd.

So who's coming shopping with me? Can't wait to see you there!


  1. This sounds amazing. Hope you have a great time! If you ever come to New Zealand I'd love to meet you! I'm your biggest Kiwi fan xxx

  2. Oh I wish we had Henri Bendell in France, I love their designs!

  3. Atlanta isn't that far from me, I wish I could come!

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  5. I love Lenox...I don't really shop Henri Bendel...buttttttt, I'm going! Lol

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  7. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,

  8. Hi Tiffany,

    I've been watching your videos on YouTube and following you and you are doing and amazing job! I love make up but I wanted to know how did you collected all the make up? It took you years? Or are u going to wholesalers to buy them? Sorry for the question but I want to start my own make up collection.

    Greetings from West Palm Beach, Fl


  9. I just RSVP for 2. Can't wait for Saturday!!

  10. I live about 20 mins from Lenox..I'd love to be there but my daughter has a softball game :( I would really love to meet you & I've never been to Henri Bendel before :(

  11. Omg, i just left greenville, Sc today and will be goin back the 19th amd Atlanta is jus hour and half away im going do my best to come. Ive not been watching you but for 3 weeks but i luv you and ur style already lol ive went back and watched almost all your vidros ;) I hope to join you there

  12. I have closet envy!! Wish I lived in Atlanta so I could come to your meet up. Have a great day, can't wait to see your closet tour!