NEW Sigma Eye Shadow Bases SWATCHES & Review! (and new discount code)

Hello and happy Monday, everyone! So excited about this post... You guys have no idea how hard it has been over the past several months not being able to share these beauties with you all. I mean technically, I could have, but like I've said before, who wants to see someone raving about something that isn't available?
Not this girl.

So Sigma Beauty is now selling Eye Shadow Bases! They are available in 9 gorgeous shades that are sold both individually and in color-coordinated sets of 3. I'm obsessed.

I store mine upside down to see the color ;)

Before we get to the swatches and eye candy, here are my thoughts...

Over the past few months I've been using and loving these so much. They are seriously great eye shadow bases.
And yes, they are truly BASES.  It irks me that most cream shadows call themselves "bases".  I'm guilty of it as well.  But to me, eye shadow bases are a product that both grabs and intensifies your eye shadow color while preventing creasing throughout the day. Most products lack that whole crucial "preventing creasing" thing.

I've really been objectively testing out every shade and I can honestly say without a doubt that these are my new favs.  Even with my very oily lids that are super prone to creasing, these babies hold up all day. Whether worn on their own or with a shadow layered over it, they stay true to color and prevent creasing. 

And let's talk about the packaging.. I LOVE that they have figured out the whole "drying out" thing. We've all had a Paint Pot (or 6) that have dried out into a little shrunken mess before you can even get through a quarter of it. With these, while the lid seals tightly, there is also a little extra "cap" over the product itself to keep it fresh until you use every bit.

Ok so without further ado, here's the details and the swatches!

available individually, $13
 available in 3-piece kit, $36 
use discount code "BASE2013" to save 10% off your order!!
3-piece kits.
  I think these are the best buy because you get a cheaper price per base, and you get a little brush to apply them with.
Here's the inside...

Flare Eye Shadow Base Kit
(l-r) Provoke (Matte nude-peach), Spy (duo-chrome green-maroon), Pursue (shimmery purple) 

Bare Eye Shadow Base Kit
 (l-r) Persuade (matte nude) , Sculpt (shimmery charcoal), Pose (shimmery brown)
*Persuade is a  color dupe for MAC Painterly Paint Pot

 Dare Eye Shadow Base Kit
 (l-r) Unveil (shimmery gold), Dash (matte plum), Strike (shimmery burgundy)

Click here for all the eye shadow bases on the Sigma Beauty website and SAVE 10% off your entire order with code "BASE2013"

 So what shades are your favs?? My most-used shades so far are definitely Persuade, Pose, and Sculpt... Which happen to all be a part of the Bare Kit.  I'm also LOVING the Pursue and Strike shades. It's kind of awful to try and pic my favs. I love them all! 
So which shades are you eye-ing?? 

Expect to see these used in a lot of upcoming tutorials!


  1. These look lovely! I love the colours in the flare eye shadow kit.

    Sita xx

  2. I love Flare! Such a pretty colors <3

  3. Awesome! Just wish they were a little cheaper for the set.

    xx E

  4. Loving the Flare kit. Spy looks very interesting.

  5. Oh wow I love the pigmentation of all these products!
    Great post!


  6. Sounds like they're really good! Too bad I can't get them were I live..they don't ship them to Portugal =( But I would love to try them out, truly gorgeous pigmentation! =D

    The Austrian Rose

  7. It's so hard to choose a favorite color, I am so in trouble now! LOVE THEM ALL. <3


  8. NEED THIS!!!!


  9. Can't wait to see you do a look with these!

  10. I can't wait to try these!!!

    Check out my online beauty store: http://beautybymissash.blogspot.ca/

  11. So have you given up teaching now then?

  12. I'm glad they'll be available individually! Those purple shades are beautiful, but I feel I have too many brown bases to justify getting a set. Thanks for the review!!

  13. I have to say I'm curious .. as I have oily lids and a ceaseless eye shadow would be a dream.


  14. These look amazing! Can you wear them on their own or do they feel sticky? xxx

  15. I love sigma, and I am obsessed with cream shadows and bases but as of right now I might have to pass on these because I am so in love with my Maybelline color tattoos and there are so many colors in that range as well. Knowing me I will cave and buy some of these too, but I like the Bare set the best!

  16. i love the dare collection! It looks like I need it in my life!

  17. Would you say strike and Marc's idyllic paint pot are similar?????

  18. Would you say strike and Marc's idyllic paint pot are similar?????

  19. It all makes sense now, how your base colour ALWAYS pops! I love that they're not stupidly expensive and the colours the 3 packs come in.

    - Jacqueline xx


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  22. Tiffany which do you think is the best between Flare and Dare, my first preference was Bare but they no longer have it in stock, or should I just get Persuade?