NEW Sigma Beauty Spa Glove Review & Brush Cleaning Demo

To start the week off right, I wanted to share with you all a new and fab product that I've been obsessed with pretty much since the moment I heard it was in the works...
The Sigma Beauty Brush Spa Glove.

They're available in four different colors: Black, Pink, Purple, and Aqua.
So basically this thing is genius. We've all stood at the sink hating life while cleaning our brushes. Mostly because it takes a while to get them totally clean and rinsed completely. However, it's something that must be done regularly to extend the life of your brushes and to safeguard your products and your face from gross bacteria that grows within the brushes.

So this product is awesome because it was made with the brush cleaning process in mind. We've all swirled brush after brush in the palm of our hands, wasting soap and time in the process. This glove is awesome because when you use this to clean your brushes, it's got 6 unique cleaning textures on different areas of the brush where you would naturally wash, rinse, and refine the brushes. The nubs on the brush create a great lather so you don't have to use as much brush cleanser, which is a huge plus for me.
*Don't miss my brush cleaning demo/review video at the bottom of the post!

Even more unique about this product is that one side is specially designed for face brushes...

...and the other for eye brushes.

It's also got a comfortable inner lining for comfort.

So I've been using mine for a while now and I can safely say that I will never be caught washing my brushes bare-handed again. Oh and did I mention you don't even have to get your hands wet? Kind of awesome.

The Brush Spa Glove is available today HERE
Save 10% through April 30, 2013 with code "AAM2013"

Check out my full review video below and see mine in action in my new brush cleaning demo!


  1. I definitely need this. Thanks for reviewing! =]
    I hope you can follow me back



  2. That's really nice and interesting, good review.
    Great post! :D


  3. what a great idea!


  4. wow!

  5. nice review, never saw something like that for cleaning brushes, thanks for that :D

    Vincy ♥


  6. I love this product! What a genius idea! I really dislike cleaning my brushes because, more than anything, it takes such a long time. This seems like it would cut the time to just a few minutes. I think I will definitely be ordering it!



  7. loved this product! It seems to make the washing of the brushes really easy :)

  8. This is a great idea!! Great video..
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  9. Where has this been all my life?! I cannot wait to get my hands on this! Looks amazing. Great demo :)

  10. I'm definitely thinking I need this! While I can just use my hand as I do now, I think this would actually clean a lot deeper and more thorough. Great review!


  11. Where has this been all of my life? Looks great! Thank you for reviewing.


  12. This is genius. Cannot wait to try! Great vid & review!

  13. This is an amazing product! Standing over the sink for what feels like hours to clean these brushes is such a chore! It is even worse when you spend all of that time, waste all of that water and expensive brush soap for nothing because your brushes still are not clean enough because swirling them around on your palm does not have the same effect as brushing them against the nubs on this glove. You are absolutely correct, "...it's something that must be done regularly to extend the life of your brushes and to safeguard your products and your face from gross bacteria that grows within the brushes," washing our brushes extends the life of the brush and protects our skin from potential infection. Moreover, this product eliminates the need to "swirl" the brush in our palm; thus, preventing the dead skin or bacteria from our hands to transfer over to the brushes and eventually, our face. Thank you for reviewing this product, Tiffany.

  14. This is so fun! I love it, I watched your video on it and it looks so quick and easy I need to get one of these! Thanks for doing this review :)


  15. Love the idea of this, but that is WAY too expensive in my opinion.

  16. This is such a smart product! I loved the video, you're very good at explaining haha! :)

  17. This looks pretty awesome. I could really do with this in my life - anything to make washing makeup brushes easier and quicker. Its always such an effort so I never do it as often as I want and should do it. xo

  18. great idea .. the only problem is price tag :(
    btw truthfully, i've found a great brush cleaner which is cheap and effective.


  19. What a great product!!!

    Random question: Can you show us the curtains in your breakfast nook and family room. The ones behind you in the video :-) I think you have them positioned closer to the ceiling, which I love!

  20. I need this! I am the girl who puts off washing her brushes until they ALL need to be washed and then I sit there annoyed that I have to wash so many (yes, I know this isn't the most logical thing to do). This sounds like a great way to make this chore more enjoyable (or less unenjoyable?)

    Thanks for the post!


  21. Pretty cool video,would like to try the technique – thanks for putting up !!!

  22. ahhh, I need this!


  23. ahh, I need this!


  24. I want this so bad!

  25. will definately try it out..thx..loads lov :)

  26. I just got mine and I couldn't believe how wonderfully this works. It takes a chore and turns it into a non-entity. Thanks for demoing, I wouldn't have even considered it till I saw it used.

  27. It’s really an important to cleanup your brushes. Thanks for sharing us wonderful product. Every Spa and beauty salon needs of that product.

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  28. This demo was really helpful for me! Thanks for sharing it with the public.

  29. This glove seems to work, however, shipping in the US for Sigma is kinda overcharging. $8.75 for a glove, not sure about that.