New in My Closet! Spring Haul & Styling Tips

Alright guys, so I'm coming at you again... back in the closet.

Those of you that have watched my videos for a looong time will get that reference... ;)

Years ago (wow...almost 5 to be exact),  I started my lil' ol' YouTube channel from the closet in our first place. See, I had my makeup vanity in there so it just made sense. So years later, it's kind of fun to film an actual video in the closet again. Even though it's not the same closet (we moved 3 years ago), I still felt a little bit of nostalgia filming in there.

So since Spring is upon us and the stores are filled with lots of new fun and bright goodies for the new season, I thought I'd share with you a few new items I've picked up from a few of my favorite places recently. Mostly from Forever 21 and J. Crew with a few other places mixed in, of course.  I also share some of my fav personal tips on how you can style what you've already got to bring your wardrobe up to speed for Spring.

Hope you LOVE it!

Oh and if you're curious about how I organize my closet or if you just want a little bit more of a look around, check out my Closet Tour/Organization post here.


  1. I love your purchases! The printed shorts you got from J Crew are so cute!

    Sita xx

  2. I love this video! Love what you bought too :D

    Great post!


  3. Those high heels in the background! Love them all ; )))


  4. I love your style!


  5. I love this video!
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  7. Love this video and I adore your personal style!

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  8. I really want everything you just showed :] It's too bad I'm on a no buy this year! Love your style and those butterfly shorts!


  9. I used to like it when you filmed in your closet, always got to eye up your shoes!! Xx

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  11. I'm in love with your spring garments!

  12. would you tell me what ring that is at henri bendels.....i am not finding it and i like how open it looks....ive seen some very bulky looking hinged rings and i dont like them as much.


  13. This is the best haul I've seen. I don't like the typical hauls on YT, but this was actually not annoying to watch, lol.

  14. Loved it however I dont know how warm your springs are but those clothes would definitely be my summer clothing.. no shorts for me in spring time!

  15. Thanks so much for sharing the new haul! I love the videos/posts of your home and your closet looks fabulous!

    p.s. I LOVE the J.Crew dress. I am searching for in on the website now!



  16. I have to say that I am a terrible shopper and finally got the courage up to go to Forever 21 and H&M after seeing your post. I came home with some great stuff thanks to your guidance - you've saved me for the spring! THANK YOU!

  17. Hi Tiffany.....I am having problems locating a ring like your slave ring.....the gold one above/below the knuckle with the chain.....I like that it is feminine and open....unlike what I appear to be finding.....would you mention where you found it and what it is called....please! I would appreciate it.....I have not found more on it.....you mentioned one name, but I think it might have been for another jewelry piece and I misunderstood! Thanks again, I appreciate your time and effort!! Becky

  18. Hi Tiffany....I am still unable to locate a ring like the one you were wearing in your "closet" video. I like that the ring is open and feminine looking.....I have found slave rings with chains but they are all bulky and well...not so pretty. You mentioned a name but I think that it may be for another jewelry piece you were wearing as I have had no luck finding it. If you wouldnt mind commenting....and lead me in the right direction I would certainly appreciate it.
    Your ring is the gold one that is above/below your knuckles and has a chain on it.
    Thanks again.....Becky