New Sigma Individual Eye Shadow SWATCHES

So I've been meaning to swatch these beauties FOREVER! It's been tough not using them... (I usually try to keep makeup items I plan on swatching brand new until I photograph them for you all)  So now I'm super excited to be "allowed" to use them. ;)

So basically, Sigma has started selling individual eye shadows. You may recognize some shades from their palettes.  To me, the formula is even better on these and the pigmentation is amazing. It's a great range of 30 shades. I love the packaging... it's slim, yet it doesn't feel cheap. I also love the little boxes they come in.

...Presh, right?

So without further ado, here's the eye candy...

*I photographed these in groups of 3 because there are so many. I just grouped them into similar shades so you all can better compare the colors.

(l-r) Approach, Elope, Escape

 (l-r) Publicize, Chase, Beware

 Versailles, Command, Act

Notre Dame, Resist, Hitch

Elysees, Gossip, Allure

Grasp, Catch, Reveal

 Vanish, Shout, Triomphe

 Define, Orsay, Oversee

Crush, Louvre, Seine

 Control, Eiffel, Snoop

Click here to check out all the shades on the Sigma Beauty website!

Eye shadows are $11 each, but as always you can save 10% using the monthly code "BASE2013" (valid through Feb. 28th)

*I always keep a current Sigma Beauty monthly discount code in my sidebar. So check back if you ever need a current one!

LOTS of great things are in the works for this month! Can't wait to share them all with you... Talk to you soon!


  1. Woooow so much makeup and the pigmentation looks amazing. I'm loving all those beautiful colours but I don't own a single one of them haha, because they're not easy to get in my country :( Shame!

    Great post :) xx

  2. So pigmented! I am impressed! Need to get a few of these!

  3. Okay... I see myself purchasing some of those matte shades in the near future! You're right, the pigmentation looks amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on some. Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Mal
    Pastels and Mascara

  4. So pretty :) I'm glad they're releasing the shadows from the Paris palette on their own!

  5. I like vanish and crush a lot! I'm going to have to get some of these! I also love the pigmentation on the brighter colors!
    check out my blog!

  6. I loved the way you grouped them, way easier to see (less overwhelming), and it creates interesting colour combinations. I love all the purple and nude shades!

  7. One of each for me please;)

    I want them all!!!!!!!!

  8. Crush & Eiffel are so pretty, thank you for sharing these!

  9. AHH! Love them! I have all of these in palettes already! This post just reminded me about all the amazing colors that I already have! LOVE IT!!!

  10. these colours are so beautiful and I really like sigma products,so these ones must be good too!
    The best ones are crush and vanish I think :)

  11. WOW these are awesome, I cannot wait for the bases to be available too. Can you do some tutorials using some of those greens and yellows please?

  12. Most of these look like mediocre quality, but I do believe I spot a Mac Club absolute dupe which isn't so bad. It would be better if Tiffany weren't sponsored by Sigma - it's hard to know what to believe when she reviews their products...!

  13. Wow, the gossip and the catch are amazing!!

  14. wow, all the shades look amazing, I like the light ones and notre dame :)

  15. wow! they all seen great! escape and versailled are my fav's.
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  16. They look amazing...but will they be easy to depot?

  17. These look so pigmented and pretty. Love the matte and the shimmer shades.

  18. I have never tried any of Sigmas Products. Looks like I need to gwt in on the action :)

    The Beauty Haven

  19. These shadows look amazing!! There's some awesome staple colors and a few really unique ones. This is a product I'll absolutely need to try.


  20. Thanks so much for sharing these! Just curious... are they the same size as Mac's? I am wondering if I will be able to depot these.

  21. You could of taken the pictures and swatches before hand, then posted them later so you didn't have to wait so long to use them. They look very pretty, I really want Eiffel:)

  22. Hey Tiffany! I want to thank you for your excellent advice on make up--its been so helpful! I wanted to ask your advice, though, about make-up for fair skin--the do's and don'ts. For instance, what is the best bronzer, can we wear dark eyeshadow, etc... This advice would be great!

  23. Hey Tiffany!
    All of your blogposts and videos are so incredibly helpful that I thought I'd turn to you for this question. I have never bought any MAC products (blasphemous, I know). I should probably start with products that aren't limited edition, but the new Archie's Girls collection looks promising. Would you be able to do a review on the collection? - Julie

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  26. I'm super excited about these shadows! I'm definitely ordering Snoop. Which one was your favorite?

  27. the gossip and the catch are amazing!!

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