New Benefit Eyeshadow Kits and All-Star Kits!

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Hey everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!
Although with New Year's Eve coming up tomorrow and the 1st falling on Tuesday, it seems more like a 4 day weekend, no? Speaking of, I hope you all have some fabulous plans for tomorrow night! Even if it's spending a fabulous night at home... Which still may be what we're doing. Never can tell. ;)
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I'm really into the newest "Instant Beauty" kits by Benefit. They're releasing six new kits all to be available exclusively at Sephora beginning January 2013.
The "All-Star Kits" are three full-face makeup kits. Containing mascara, skin and cheek products, even eye shadow, these have everything you need for a quick, complete look.
This is the one I have been using...

Primping with the Stars, $32
This kit contains all the much-loved products by Benefit they call "fake-its". Basically, products that fake better skin or eyes.
 Contains: Stay Don't Stray eye shadow primer, The POREfessional skin primer, Some Kind-a Gorgeous foundation faker, Benetint lip & cheek stain, Girl meets Pearl liquid pearl highlighter for the face, They're Real mascara

Ok. This kit had me at They're Real. Seriously love this mascara. While the products are smaller in size, most of them are the type where a little goes a long way, so I can see them lasting a long time. 

 While this one contains more skin perfecting products, there are two more with different options. The Bronze of Champions, which contains more, you guessed it, bronzing products, and Do the Bright Thing which contains more brightening products.

I'm LOVING the new Eyeshadow Kits as well. I have two of the three. I love that they're all neutral and wearable, but still fun. Totally my style. 

World Famous Neutrals: Sexiest Nudes Ever, $30
 Precious, right? Each kit contains four eye shadows and two cream shadows.

Contains: 4 longwear powder shadows in Milk It!, Raincheck?, Pause for Applause, Blingo!
and 2 Creaseless Cream Shadows in Bikini-tini and Holy Smokes!

I LOVE how each kit has a little booklet of ideas built-in over the mirror. So cute, right??

(swatches are respective to placement in the kit)

World Famous Neutrals: Most Glamorous Nudes Ever, $30

Contains: 4 Longwear Powder Shadows in Call My Bluff, Kiss Me I'm Tipsy, It's Complicated, and Gilt-y Pleasure
2 Creaseless Cream Shadows in In My Birthday Suit and My Two Cents

So what do YOU guys think? Which ones are your favs??

Products provided for consideration by Benefit with no obligations to feature on my blog or in videos. All opinions are 100% genuine and un-biased.


  1. Sexiest Nudes Ever looks adorable! But I seriously want all of these kits <3 Too bad I have most of the full sized Benefit products I need and can't justify buying these.

  2. I like the Sexiest Nudes Ever as well .. very pretty. I'd love to purchase, but I do need to go through my current 'stash' and weed things out a bit .. see what I haven't touched in a year and toss.


  3. Eyeshadows look amazing! so pigmented! must check them out!
    Just wanted to let you know that I love all your tutorials! Keep up the good work!
    Happy New Year :)
    xxx Marina
    beautiful me plus you by Marina Bergmann

  4. I need the 'Primping with the stars' one, contains just the things I've been wanting to try out!!
    Have a happy end of the year, and even better new one! :)

    http://cosysaturdaynight.blogspot.com/ x

  5. Oh great...now I want these! LOL. The neutrals one is totally my style. They look so wearable.

  6. They all look really good, please do a tutorial with the kits!!

  7. Oh, this is so cool! My mom is in Las Vegas and I asked her to buy me that Benefit Primping With The Stars! I live in Finland and we dont have Benefit in here (or about anything that Sephora sells..). When im travelling and get to go to Sephora, ill always buy something that you have recommended! I love watching your videos, I think I started watching them like 3½years ago.

    Happy New Year! Hope your 2013 is GREAT!

  8. Could you make a post about all of your foundation shades? With explanation what undertones and which has the perfect match for you..
    I have the same skintone as you..and living outside US, i only can buy foundations online..that kind of post will be reaalllly helpful..

  9. I really like the look of the World Famous Neutrals Palette, I may buy this with my xmas money :)

    Anna xx a-hint-of-glitter.blogspot.co.uk

  10. I want these kits sooo bad, especially the eyeshadow ones. Not sure if I will get them due to money but I would love em! THanks for the post!

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  12. I have such a love/hate relationship with "They're Real," LOVE the way it makes my eyelashes look, but hate how long it takes to get it off!


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  14. OMG I LOVE Benefit kits. The packaging is always so cute and the products are amazing! I can't wait to buy!


  15. That Glamorous Nudes palette is just what I've been looking for! Love the colors and the combo with cream shadows for staying power.

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  17. The covers of this sets are out of this world, seriously! There is no way to buy it by MLM or even in normal shops...that's just something special. And the mascara itself is as well great - it's bad that I can't buy them here...