Romantic Curls Hair Tutorial (Curling Iron)

Happy Friday lovelies!! I'm SO happy it's the weekend!
Perfect timing for this tutorial, because I'm going out tonight and definitely wearing this hairstyle.

It's actually quite easy and fast.  What makes this style different from other hair curling tutorials I've done in the past is that I used a slightly different technique and a different hair product that actually holds the curl a lot longer and makes the style look a little softer and more natural.

So you could wear it completely down if you prefer or you could do a super simple half-up look that will prolong the look even further (which I show you how to do in the video).

...I say that because, yes, I am a hair-toucher.  keeping the sides up for this look keeps me from constantly touching my hair to get it out of my face and helps the overall style last a lot longer.

Plus, I think it looks super cute and romantic. ;)

So be sure to check out the video below for a simple step-by-step tutorial on how I use a curling iron to achieve soft, romantic curls.


  1. I wish I could afford to pay someone like you to do my hair every day

  2. Replies
    1. i love curly too, alot of to do with our hair to make it curly :D

  3. Love your curls! I hope to get it right with my karmin g3 clipless curling iron

  4. I like the half up look best :)


  5. Me encanta como llevas el pelo <3

  6. I really liked the video and wish we could find great curling irons in France but we don't have the great brands yet. We started having great straighting irons a year ago (ghd to name it) but still waiting for hot tools to be available in Europe :)

  7. Beautiful! I cannot wait for my hair to grow longer.

    <3 Rubiiee

  8. So pretty tiffany, can't wait to try!

  9. love it ! and love your hair

    xx Liyana

  10. Fabulous!!! Can you teach us how these girls do their hair pls? http://www.redflava.com/2010/interesting/before-and-after/

  11. I tried this hair style this past saturday when i went to a party, loved it so much. Thank you:)

  12. looks amazing, luv it, thnx for the tips, I will try this with my karmin g3 clipless. it's really good :P

  13. I have a karmin g3 styling straightener, no curling iron, but I think I can manage this, looks great!

  14. Love this look on you!

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  15. I love this look. I'm shopping for a new curling iron. Can you do a post on curling irons? Thoughts on clipless curling irons? Thanks!

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