Ok, so I'm going to work on a new title for this series, but it seemed most appropriate.  I just hate the word "dump". But that's what this is. A big ole' outfit of the day dump.

Since I don't always do OOTD posts for each and every outfit on my blog, but I regularly post them on Instagram, I figured I would designate Wednesdays to OOTD Dump posts.  Hump Day, Dump Day.
...yeah, I won't say that again.  I mean, at least I didn't call the post that. Hump is another one of those words that always sound inappropriate.

Ok, mind out of the gutter, Tiffany.

Hopefully these types of posts will be helpful and interesting because everything is in one place: Photos, outfit details, ideas for where to wear it, where I wore it, and more interesting tid-bits.

This one contains photos not just from this week since this is the start of this whole series. For the following OOTD posts, I'll stick to just the particular week.  No, the photos aren't always going to look super professional or all the same.  Most photos are taken from my iPhone when I post to Instagram. Just keeping it real.
Occasionally, if I feel like it, I still may do a post on just one outfit here and there, but I'll still do these little collective posts once a week or every few weeks. Whichever makes most sense for the particular time.  Some weeks may have more, some may have less. Just depends on how many looks I photograph.

Here are some of my recent OOTD photos I've recently posted on Instagram with alllll of their details.

 I LOVE shoulder cut-outs.  This top is silky, amazing, and versatile.
Sparkle & Fade top (Urban Outfitters), 7 For All Mankind zip-ankle skinnies, Tory Burch bag, Cynthia Vincent Wedges

 The next look is one of my favs. I LOVE my printed corduroys. Looking back, I would have paired these with some nude heels or some suede taupe wedges. I wore this to the mall, so flats were the obvious choice.
 Express top, Club Monaco printed corduroy skinnies, Tory Burch flats, Louis Vuitton bag, Henri Bendel ring set

 So I really love this next top. So much that I wore it probably 8 days out of the past 2 weeks...haha. But seriously, it's so versatile. I love the way the leather details on the sleeves give it some edge.
 Club Monaco top, J. Crew bubble necklace (outlet), Henri Bendel large bangle

...and again
 Club Monaco top, House of Harlow resin necklace, 7 For All Mankind skinnies, Louis Vuitton bag, Henri Bendel studded bracelet

I really love this next outfit. Relaxed, but put-together. I wear an outfit like this during the day with flats and with heels like this to go out at night. I wore this out to dinner.
 Krisa Jacket (singer22.com), Club Monaco top, 7 For All Mankind ankle-zip skinnies, YSL pumps, Louis Vuitton bag

This next top is SO fun. It's super relaxed and comfortable, but with an edgy studded collar detail. When it gets cooler, I'll wear this top with a jacket or under a preppier crew-neck sweater to toughen it up a bit.
 top from Dress Up boutique, 7 For All Mankind "gummy" skinnies, Tory Burch leopard flats, Henri Bendel large bangle

You guys may notice I wear A LOT of 7 For All Mankind... Well, the truth is I have a hard time finding pants to fit me and theirs never disappoints.  My issue is that I have curves (ahem, hips and a rear), yet I wear a smaller size. The majority of pants I try on in the size I need don't fit me in the waist or behind. Or, if I get a size that fits those areas, they're baggy everywhere else.  7FAM seems to have a curvier cut and I like it.  It's funny how different brands are cut totally differently.  The problem is, they can be pricey. Every pair shown in this post were purchased from Hautelook or other similar sites.  They do 7FAM sales often, so I just make sure to shop those when there's something particular I'm looking for. 

So what do you guys think about this new series? Any ideas for names that don't include the words "Dump" or "Hump"?? ;)

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  1. love your style! and the last top is beautiful!

  2. Love these outfits! You have great taste Tiffany. Simple, classy, chic, and modern!

  3. Great outfits! Can you post some of your nails as well?
    We'll call it the NOTD Dump?
    I love your nail polish combinations! I hope you consider this request!
    Love you!

  4. How about "compilation"? Outfits of the Week Compilation.

  5. How about 'What I Wore Wednesday'?

  6. What about "Wardrobe Wednesday"? It's a great idea for a series. Definitely great for outfit inspirations. :)

  7. Okay, Tiffany, can we please talk about those Club Monaco tees for just a tick? I have been dying for them, but how do you clean them with the leather trim? The web description says you should only have them dry cleaned, but you obviously have been getting lots of wear out of them and I mean, I'm sure you've got to like, wash them, right? Thanks!

  8. Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy always calls it "What I Wore Wednesday", and you could link up with her weekly. http://thepleatedpoppy.com/category/what-i-wore/

  9. You have very nice fashion sense!


  10. I love the idea of this but Wardrobe Wednesday sounds much better. Your style is great and I'm definitely loving the new blog. I've been checking in almost everyday!


  11. A bunch of bloggers do the 'What I Wore' or 'Wardrobe Wednesday' both are super cute and get a lot of searches. Heck, there are only so many ways to say OOTD while avoiding 'dump' - hahahaha!


  13. I have a question reguarding makeup. I have oily skin and was wondering what drugstore makeups you would recommend for that?
    Your outfits are really cute.

    1. Hi AJ I think que talks about oily skin and what she uses in one of her videos, I just can't remember which one it is right now. I will let you know as soon as I find it.

    2. Hi AJ I think que talks about oily skin and what she uses in one of her videos, I just can't remember which one it is right now. I will let you know as soon as I find it.

  14. I think "Wardrobe Wednesday" it's super cute and you don't have to feel sill saying the "d" word LOL

  15. I think "Wardrobe Wednesday" it's super cute and you don't have to feel sill saying the "d" word LOL

  16. I like this idea! Very cute/put together outfits!

  17. You could call it something like OOTD Collection, OOTD Collective, or OOTD Drop?

    The new blog theme is great, and I'm really likeing that you're posting more often!


  18. You could call it OOTD Purge...But I also like Wardrobe Wednesday...

  19. Hey,

    just randomly found your blog when I was trying to find inspiration on how to refresh my usual makeup. Love the way you play with different colors! Maybe I should give it a try myself too, even though I'm one of those color-shy ones :D

    By the way, have you heard of Liu Jo Jeans? They fit curvier bodies perfectly! http://www.liujo.it

    Greetings from Helsinki!

  20. Hey Tiffany! Where are your new Target combat boots? I'd love to see what you pair them with. I just bought myself and my husband matchy Hunter "combat" style boots this week, and I curious to see how other people style theirs. It's probably still too warm in ATL to bust them out!

  21. I agree with the comment about posting your nails for the week too!

  22. Such cute outfits! xx

  23. I seriously L.O.V.E. your style!

  24. I have the same problem with jeans. "curves (ahem, hips and a rear)" lol

  25. Loved this post, and look forward to seeing more of your outfit 'dumps' lol, you have great style and I find these posts very inspirational for putting together items in my wardrobe : x

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