MAC Holiday 2012: GLAMOUR DAZE

Ok, so before we get started let me explain a few things about the MAC Holiday 2012 collection.  I decided to separate the Holiday 2012 collection into 2 posts. THIS POST is just the "Glamour Daze" collection.  Basically, this is a collection of separate products not in gift sets or compact palette sets.
Next, you can check out the HOLIDAY GIFT SETS post for all the new holiday sets in the collection from MAC.

Sound good? K, here we go!
 MAC Glamour Daze
Available October 25, 2012 through December 27, 2012

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but I've never been this excited about a MAC holiday collection ever.  The last few have been kind of underwhelming. This one is luxe, pink, fun, and fabulous.  Awesome formulas, awesome colors...awesome-ness....

Kohl Power Eye Pencil, $16.50
l-r: Feline, Mystery, Raven
(reversed swatches below)

Extra Dimension Eye Shadow (LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE), $19.50
clockwise from top left: "Tall, Dark, and Handsome", Stylishly Merry, Ready to Party, Round Midnight
....am I the only one who thought of "Bridesmaids"... "Readyyy toooo Paaaaartaaaaaayyy!" lol

Extra Dimension Skinfinish, $29.00
Whisper of Gilt

Powder Blush, $22.00
Easy Manner

Lipglass, $16.50
top: Talk Softly to Me, bottom: Flight of Fancy

Lipstick, $16.50
top: Beauty, bottom: Dramatic Encounter

Fluidline, $16.50
Feminine Edge

Nail Lacquer, $17.50
l-r: In the Limelight, Girl Trouble, Endless Night, Everything that Glitters
(reversed below)

What are YOUR favs from this collection?? Keep in mind, there are lots more sets in this collection. These are just the ones I have. Check out maccosmetics.com for all the goods!

Don't forget to check out the accompanying post... MAC Holiday 2012: Fabulousness GIFT SETS!

*Products sent for consideration by MAC with no obligations or agreements to feature on my blog or videos.


  1. Yes so agree one of the nicer holiday collections... Or I'm a total sucker for the elegant packaging. Placed my order today with Mac

  2. Small Vanity blush and Outrageously Fun lipstick! I was able to preview the collection the week before it launched. I've wearing these two items like crazy!

  3. mmhh..kinda looks always the same after following the editions year after year...yet I am liking the eye shadow and fluidline a lot...damn, MAC.


  4. Everything That Glitters sure looks like Butter Black Knight!

    1. Yes! I have that one (Black Knight) and was wondering whether this one by MAC was more opaque. Have you tested both? What do you think?

  5. Love love love!
    This collection is amazing!!!

  6. Can't wait to get my hands on some of this!!!



  7. Good luck this weekend! Very excited for you :)

  8. OMG... this collection is gorgeous! I wanna everything :)

  9. this color very very fantastic....

  10. All products are very pretty!
    I Love the Black nailpolish!
    I want it so much !!!!!

  11. I love the nail polish! The black is very cute!

  12. I really like the Natural Flirt shade from this collection! It has peach with a flick of gold very pretty.

  13. I also love extra dimension eyeshadows!! I have sweet heat but I can't remember what collection its from. Anyways its one of my faves!!


  14. Wow this collection is amazing! I really like the eyeshadows, lipgloss, and skin finish. Even though I do not own any Mac products, I am really interested in so much that these defenitly are a must have. Thanks for the great in depth pictures and post!!! Cannot wait to see how you pair these together in a tutorial!

  15. WOW I am loving blusher.


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