"Smokey Galaxy" Dark Purple Makeup Tutorial

*due to the many comments in my video tutorial for this look, I caved and renamed this look. I mean, it kid of does look like a galaxy...  Totally unintentional. Gotta love it when that happens.

So can it just start to feel like Fall already? I'm just sayin...  
I absolutely L.O.V.E deep dark purple shades for Fall. Or Spring... or summer.  Okay, so deep purples work anytime.  And they're my absolute fav color to wear for eye shadow. Purple shades literally flatter every single possible eye color and are appropriate anytime, anywhere. So I thought I'd share a more dramatic purple look with you all using a new palette that I'm in love with. Best part? It's only $4. Hope you guys love it as much as I do!

Products used:
Sue Devitt eye shadow pencil in Point Noir
Wet n' Wild eye shadow palette in Petal Pusher
Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner in Perversion
Loreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense
Loreal Voluminous Full Definition mascara in black
Sigma Brushes
MAC Lovecloud powder blush
MAC lipstick in Japanese Maple
MAC Cremesheen Glass in Imperial Light
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural as foundation (not shown)
Sigma Brow Kit (not shown)

not a sponsored video


  1. Great look! I'm so going to get Sweet As Candy and Walking on EggShells...Just saw some more!

  2. Very nice tutorial! Definitely I'm gonna try this!!


  3. What a beautiful look :) Tiffany you are an extremely talented guru!!

    xx Veronica


  4. I love the 2 wet n wild tutorials! Since it is so affordable I can buy the exact colors and follow right along with you! I love your blog and have been obsessed for the last few months. You have made me excited about makeup again! Sometimes everyone gets in a beauty rut and you gave me inspiration when I needed it!!

  5. i love this but whenever i do a smokey eye i look like i got punched in the face :( i think im just doing it wrong i stick with a natural look
    thanks for posting i love this look so much i just wish i could do it on myself
    will be checking out that palette i love the one light purple color ive been looking for that type of shade for awhile never would have thougt to look at w'n'w!

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    2. laurenv - I know exactly how you feel, lol! The same thing happens to me. No matter how much I practice...nice to know I'm not alone lol Beautiful on Tiffany though!!

  6. wow. this is soooo stunning on you! i love the dark well done look, eyes pop

  7. Wow! Your eyes look so amazing in these pictures!!

  8. Gorgeous!!! Love this look and wish I could pull it off as well as you do


  9. Nice!! Can't wait to try this look!!

  10. Love this eye look, soooo beautiful !!!

  11. Hi tiffany, I just created a new youtube account and I was wondering if you could let me know how you got your banner. I would really appreciate it if you could find the time to get back to me at victoria.lynn.megan.elizabeth@gmail.com. Thanks!

  12. This tutorial is absolutely stunning! Tiffany, you have amazing talent and you're so beautiful!


  13. I love when you do the back-to-basics tutorials.... brief intro and then straight to the makeup with great descriptions of each step. Thanks for using drug store brands too.

  14. The minerasl powders can be use a fundation and a finish powder as well? I don´t get what is their very use, can you help me o get the difference.
    Dramatic look by the way, looove it.

  15. Wow beautiful look. I just found your blog and i see you very talented.
    Where did you buy the rings? i loved them.

  16. I love this effect!!! It looks really awsome :D. I just bought some cosmetics from http://www.yves-rocher.com.pl/ and the minut I get them I'm gonna try to make it :D

  17. Very pretty! Do you have any tips or tricks for preventing eyeshadow fallout? I love experimenting with deeper shades, but a little of the shadow always seems to end up under my eyes, even after tapping the excess from the brush. Is there any way to avoid this? I have dark circles as it is! Thanks, Karen

  18. Hy can you do tart tutotreal.thx

  19. Went out and bought this palette just to try this look! Looks great on you!
    xo, Ann
    Glitter and Glaze

  20. Omg, that is SO beautiful. I can't even breathe.

  21. LOVE your makeup tutorials. MORE please!!!
    I love when you feature MAC e/s but I also have a lot of Nars eyeshadow duos and would love for you to feature them sometimes as well. They are very pigmented and I'd love to see how you use them.
    Tx, Amy

  22. Love this look. Re-created it last night but I actually softened it gold shadow -- not too heavy though. Tiffany, I noticed your Sally Hansen nails!I tried those last week in a different print and had the HARDEST time applying them AND getting them to stick. Seriously. Only lasted for a day and two fell off and the tips chipped. What did you think??!