Jewelry Organization & Storage

So, I've got a lot of jewelry. With all the new trends, outfits to coordinate pieces with, (and my recent Bendel obsession) it can get to be a bit much.
Those of you that saw my recent closet organization post know that I love to be organized. Not for the sake of being organized, but because I feel that if I have a collection of nice things, it becomes useless if it's all jumbled up and unorganized.  So I like to keep things arranged in a way that works best for me. Not only because it makes life easier (and because I HATE clutter), but because I actually get more use out of all my pretty things if I know exactly where to look for them and can see them all easily.

So I filmed a little video showing you guys my organization method for all of my jewelry.
Which kind of turned into a "tour" video.  But that's ok. Tours can be fun.

So be sure to check out my new Jewelry Organization and Storage video for all the juicy jewelry details.

FAQ: (aka, where things are from)
mirrored jewelry box: ZGallerie here
domed necklace holder: Pottery Barn here 
bracelet bowls: were candle holders from Target years ago
dress form: PB Teen here
mirrored jewelry armoire: Pier 1 here



  1. Thanks Tiffany!! I have been looking for new ways to organize my jewelry!! These are great ideas!


  2. I love it Tiff! :) I definitely want the bust! I have been looking for a nice one for years after seeing yours once!

  3. I love that everything has a place to go. Mine seems like a total disaster. HAHA

    <3 Rubiiee

  4. Nice collection. everything are so beautiful. keep it up.
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  5. I like that necklace holder..it reminds me of where the flower was kept in beauty and the beast lol

  6. Thanks for sharing! I love the necklace holder!


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  10. thanks for sharing! can you pleaseeeee tell me where the white frames are from? LOVE!!


  11. I love your decor! Can you please tell me where you get the white frames with the black mat from? Thank you so much!

    1. I wanted to know what as well.

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  17. Hi Tiffany, everything looks beautiful! I've watched this video so many times for ideas.. One quick question...where are the white frames from above your dresser?

  18. i'm a fan of what you did there. great job

  19. This is a great idea to organize you accessories and keep them handy. I was searching for articles to buy closet jewelry organizer when i came across your post. Very creative! Keep posting similar stuff. Many thanks once again :)