Updated CLOSET TOUR & Organization Tips

Call me crazy, but I'm one of those people that are deeply fascinated by closets. Especially other people's.  Considering I started my YouTube channel from our first walk-in at our previous home and filmed in there for a few years, that's probably no surprise to you.

So I'm girly, nosy, and I love closets. Big surprise.

However, I'm also a bit of an organization freak. It calms me to organize things and be in an organized environment. You definitely DO NOT have to spend a fortune on a custom closet to have an organized one.
Check out my video below for a tour of our walk-in at our current home and hopefully pick up some organization tips along the way! ;)

Video FAQ: (basically, where things are from)
-rug: Pier 1 (no longer available....womp womp.)  *Similar one from West Elm, here.
-tufted storage ottoman: Overstock.com
-shoe racks: Container Store
-other little stool: from an antique store
-hangers: Huggable Hangers (or find similar ones from stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and TJ Maxx)
-closet systems: Lowes or Home Depot, customizable closet systems - see the video for more details, not sure of the exacts

Let me know if I left out anything!  Also, what are YOUR biggest closet organization challenges? Any great solutions?



  1. I am so excited that you have finally done this video/blog.. but now I want your closet haha. Super jealous :) Wish we had storage stores like what you have over in America.

  2. Oh my gosh, your closet is amazing! I totally agree with what you said in the video about how having too many clothes stresses you out. I feel the exact same way and probably have the same amount of clothes and accessories as you: not an extremely excessive amount, but enough that I can achieve the varied and versatile style I'm after. Thanks for the organization inspiration...from a fellow perfectionist!

    - Samantha

  3. So jealous, I live in one of those lovely older restored "farm" homes that has tons of rooms but only one tiny closet in the whole place! It can be incredibly frustrating.

  4. Great post Tiffany! I love seeing how other people organize their closets! :) I have been watching you on youtube for years and recently started following your blog. You seem like such a sweet guru! You are kind to your readers/viewers and I really appreciate that! If you don't mind I would LOVE if you check out my blog! Hope you are having a good day!


    xx Veronica

  5. You should do a makeup organization video!!!

  6. I've always loved closets too! In fact, I asked Santa for a closet organizer when I was 10 years old. No joke. :)

  7. Girrrrl! If you saw my closet, you'd freak. It should be declared a natural disaster. Seriously, I love it. Send that organization spirit my way.


  8. Can I play in your closet...would that be weird? lol Jk...your closet is really cute...great post and video

  9. Hi Tiffany,

    I became a follower of your blog not that long ago, but fell in love with it since I am an American ex-pat living in Spain and fellow new beauty and fashion blogger.

    I loved your entry on closet organization. The Container Store is definately one of my all time favorite places to get amazing things to sort my life out.

    I gave your blog a prize and hope you will stop by my corner and pick it up :) I'd love to have you as a follower if you find any of it interesting!

    Take care,

  10. My biggest closet challenge is how to store my floppy hat so it can keep its shape

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  12. Do you know what the wall color is in the bedroom you do the video in? Love it!

  13. I love the huggable hangers! Jeans are always my weak spot. I have too many. I keep them in drawers in a tower, but now I'm going to sort them by style!


  14. Great closet, I'm dying for a walk-in. One suggestion for the left front side of that wall above that stool could be a few hooks, so you hang some of your statement necklaces on.

    Just wanted to throw that out there!


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  16. your closet is amazing!!! just like you :)


  17. Love this video! This is the biggest "albatross" in my world right now. My hubby and I share a walk-in and I am at a loss on how to organize it this well. You gave me some hope and great tips!

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  19. Hey, you have a lovely closet and a good collection of clothes, footwear etc.
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  22. I love the way your old closet was organized, but I can't WAIT to see the new one in depth :)


  23. Awesome! I love that you post more than pictures-you actually post a video! And your organization is great. I am with you, I love to see all of my storage in Chilliwack organized neatly. We just moved in to a new apartment, and we finally have a walk-in closet! I am going to be doing some organization in your style. Thanks for the post.

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