IMATS 2012!

I had such an amazing experience this year at IMATS! Such a great time that I had to make two videos to document it all.
So let's start from the beginning. IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) is held multiple times throughout the year at different locations. The biggest and best one in the US every year is IMATS Los Angeles. I've had the pleasure of attending the past three years and they seem to only get better!  It's basically a huge convention where tons of well-known cosmetic companies set up a booth to showcase their stuff, do demonstrations, and generally sell their products at a discount. Tickets are sold for the show and it's open to the public.  Which is AWESOME because every year, I get to meet hundreds of my subscribers. It's such a surreal experience.
This year, I did makeovers at the Sigma Beauty booth (which I also did last year) both days of the show. Again, SO fun and so very exciting to be able to connect in person with so many of my subscribers and readers! Not to mention getting to hang out with lots of my fellow beauty guru buddies. IMATS, to me, is just a big old pile of lovin'.
So I attended the show both days, as well as the Sigma Beauty Brow Kit Launch party on Saturday night. Again, SO fun. 
So as I said, I put together two videos from my experience during IMATS weekend. 
One on my main channel, MakeupByTiffanyD, where I talk all about the experience and show a little slideshow of my personal photos from the trip at the end.
I also put together another video that is put together like a typical travel video of mine. Clips from our trip, and all of my OOTD's from the weekend on my other channel, TiffanyDtv.

So be sure to save the date for IMATS 2013! It's in JANUARY next year!! How crazy is that? So excited we don't have to wait a full year again for more IMATS magical-ness.... 


  1. so cool!! I wish I could had attent! but I am in Spain! thanks for sharing!

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  4. IMATS looks like so much fun! I hope I can attend the one in Toronto but I heard it's smaller than the ones in other cities. Have you been to the Toronto one before?

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