MAC Heavenly Creature Collection

MAC Heavenly Creature
Available July 5th- August 19th

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE the whole "planet look" of the Mineralize products in this collection. So fun. 
So fun, in fact, that MAC needs to create a HUGE collection based on space. Just my thoughts...

Anyway, this collection is anchored by the Mineralize products- Mineralize Skinfinish, Mineralize Eye Shadows, and Mineralize Blush.  With some lipsticks, Cremesheen Glass, and random re-promoted skincare products and brushes thrown into the mix. So if you're a fan of Mineralize products (particularly the eye shadows because they are GORGEOUS) then go ahead and get all over this.
 Personally, the Mineralize Eye Shadows are not my favorite thing.  Not because the quality is bad or anything, but just because I wish they were more pigmented. They are just made to be more sheer. Especially the ones (like in this collection) that are very swirly with several different colors that make up the eye shadow. So when it's all blended, it usually turns into a shade that is nothing like what it looks like.  Not that that is a bad thing.  I just crave for them to look like the actual shades in the pot. Yes, you can use a (very small) brush and carefully get each color onto your brush.  But let's be real, that drives me CRAAAZY.  My favorite Mineralize Eye Shadows are the ones that have larger shapes of color within them that you can actually work with separately or the super dark ones that contain very few colors swirled together. Those are just easier to work with and provide the best color payoff in my opinion.

As for the Mineralize blush, I've always been a fan. Just love them.  Same with the MSF's. Just love.

Here are the products I received from the collection.  There's lots more of the collection to see so be sure to check it out when it's released!
Also, to make things a little easier, I added a little star next to the names of products that are my favorites from the collection.

Mineralize Skinfinish in Star Wonder
(would work best as blush, or layered over blush)

Mineralize Blush in *Supernova 
 swatch: Star wonder MSF on left, Supernova blush on right

Mineralize Eye Shadows: (l-r) Aurora, Universal Appeal

Cremesheen Glass: (top) Celestial Kiss, (bottom) *Meteoric

Lipstick: (l-r) Cut a Caper, Fire Sign

Products provided for consideration by MAC with no obligations or agreements to feature on my blog or videos.


  1. These colours look extremely pigmented! :)

    xx Veronica


  2. The mineralised blushes look so pretty!

  3. everything looks so nice! do they have an "ERATH" inspired something? -LovingSunshine

  4. Wow, I'm really disappointed with the lipsticks! I thought the red Fire Sign would look fantastic but it's sooo sheer. Too bad it wasn't more opaque, but I guess it is Summer so they must be going for a more natural look.

  5. Love everything!!! So gorgeous, really good fall colors in there I think :) Great post Tiffany! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. They are amazing!


  7. the blushes are gorgeous!


  8. Love the blush! Will definitely have to get in store to check out the rest of the collection. Agreeing with you though, will give the Mineralize Eye shadows a miss, never been a fan. Would like to hear from anyone that has been able to make them work though.


  9. when I got the email for this I actually didnt jump, just because im not a big mineralize person, i usually go for sans shimmer. or at least im ok with the shimmer as long as it doesnt translate that way on my face lol. Kinda interested in supernova.... hmmmm :)

  10. These colors are absolutely stunning! I love all of them!!

  11. If u want any mineralized skin finish or eyeshadow more pigment just put the colour on the brush and then spritz with fix+ they can all be used wet and are amazingly pigmented and metallic :)

  12. Such pretty colors! The swatches look great!


  13. love the swatches! this collection looks great! :)


  14. Hi TiffanyD,

    The colors look very natural and nice.



  15. Such happy wearable colors I think :)

    Please check out my new blog:


  16. cut a caper lipstick looks amazing. x thanks for this


  17. I love the look of Fire Sign glass! Will definitely be picking that one up :) xox

  18. loving colors my GOSH It is amazing....... Www.mahrukhhayyat.blogspot.com

  19. It seems like MAC just rereleases the same types of colors but only in different packaging. These are very pretty, but nothing spectacular in my opinion.

  20. Uh yeah! MAC should create a collection based on space, that would be fantastic!

    I think I'm in love with Supernova...

    <3 Rubiiee

  21. i am going to get a few things from this collection. i need that blush for sure!!

  22. MAC needs to slow their roll with all of the collections. God damn, who can keep track!?!

  23. Hmm, I already have colors similar to most of them. I'll probably pass on this collection. But thank you for the swatches!


  24. I love the way the supernova blush color looks on your skin I can't wait to try it! Thanks!


    1. I bought it... You hve to use it with a super super light hand else it's very easy to end up looking like a clown...

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  27. I just purchased one of the eyeshadows (the red with yellow) and I LOVE IT!

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  29. Mac heavenly creature collection is shown on the post here. Read all about it